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Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » La Habana December 23rd 2006

This is my first week in Cuba. Will put up the second week sometime, hopefully.... read more
At the beach.
My favourite guy in Cuba
Crazy windows

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » La Habana November 26th 2006

Hey Guys Viva la Cuba libre!! Cuba is so amazing, the music is fantastic, the art is incredible, the people are wonderful, the countryside is beautiful but wouldn´t you believe it, Havana smells really bad!. Food is very simple and found in the strangest of places. Phrase of the week ' No Habla Espaniol '. Made a quick purchase down a dark alley on Wills Birthday of a box of the top of the line Cuban Cohiba Cigars. Is beno! Must dash, love to all. Will include amazing images soon! Ciao ... read more
Cuban Cowboys!
Dog Man in Cuba

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » La Habana November 21st 2006

Habana Cuba as the first comunist country that Andrea and I visit was for bad and good, quite an experience. Habana Vieja, the oldest part of the city its a colonial jewel, and although almost all the constructions are very deteriorated, the beautiful spanish architecture combined with the fantastic energy of son savior music set up Habana to still catch your senses with an eclectic atmosphere of time stillnes, son, rum and sea. The Malecon (sea front) is where most of cubans go to take a sea dip, chill out, drink havana rum, meet with friends and at sunset it becomes a trully magical scenery. There is a double life in Cuba, one for nationals and other for foreigners. Since November 2004 Castro prohibited US Dollar currency and create the peso convertible to replace it. This ... read more
Malecon Sunset
Revolutionary look

Central America Caribbean » Cuba November 21st 2006

15.11.06 Gegen 07.00 Uhr standen wir auf. Giuseppe machte sich parat, aber ich hatte eigentlich noch keine Lust dazu. Zudem wussten wir noch nicht genau, wohin wir eigentlich gehen wollen. Dies mussten wir nun zuerst ausdiskutieren und es artete mal wieder ein bisschen aus. Irgendwie versteht mich Giuseppe wohl staendig falsch oder ich spreche sehr undeutlich. Nun ja, ich teilte einfach mit, dass ich auf jeden Fall nach Gibara gehen wuerde und mein Kompromiss war, dass wir danach gleich weiterreisen koennen statt nochmals eine Nacht in Holguín zu bleiben. Damit war er einverstanden. Wir packten also unsere Sachen und fragten Julio nochmals wegen dem Bus nach Gibara. Er rief kurz beim Terminal an und erhielt die Auskunft, dass ein Bus um 09.00 Uhr nach Gibara fahren wuerde. Es war jedoch schon 08.15 Uhr und zum Terminal ... read more
auf dem Weg nach Gibara
auf dem Weg nach Gibara
auf dem Weg nach Gibara

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » La Habana November 19th 2006

From the bus station, I got a (CUC) “colectivo” taxi to my next casa particular. I had asked Débora if she knew any casas particulares in which I could stay and she arranged for me to go and stay with her “great friend” Isobel. Isobel lives near to the Universdad de La Habana with her daughter and elderly mother. They all seem very friendly. I was introduced to Juanita, Isobel’s cousin who they employ as a house keeper. I had dinner at the house, then Isobel told me that today was the anniversary of the foundation of Havana, and everyone in the town went to walk three times round an old tree around midnight to make three wishes because supposedly if you do it then, they will all come true. Well, I was travelling, and up ... read more
The Malecon (Havana)
The Malecon (Havana)
Walking round the tree!


Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » La Habana November 17th 2006

alright people here are some photos of cuba, my home away from home !!! and thats not all, i just have to go to chichin itza now for a sound and light show buenos noches... read more
motorcycle diaries
la habana en la noches

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » La Habana November 15th 2006

all right loved ones, i know it has been a while and a lot of you are kinda worried...but you have to remember i am a fuerte mujere(strong woman). so what have i been up to the last couple of weeks? well alot!! Firts off Cuba is amazing and feels as though i have connected with a missing link within my soul. super strong!! after flying into havana on nov. 2nd i stayed one night and took the bus bright and early the next day to Trinidad...the photos will probably say more than i can. i stayed in Trinidad for 3 days...i went to the disco and are lobster and went horse backriding and found waterfalls and friends that i can´t believe i have lived this long without. Trinidad is a gourgous city, it only has ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Trinidad November 15th 2006

The bus arrived at 7am in the morning. I walked past the small gaggle of people promoting their casas particulares and walked to the address Sofía had given to me. I was met at the door by two very friendly old ladies who gave me coffee, then explained that they’d let the room that had been reserved for me because Sofía had warned them I had stayed at Guantánamo and so may not have made the bus connection. They brought their next-door neighbour round and I went round to hers. She seemed a real sourpuss and I felt rather depressed. This was the fourth time I’d stayed somewhere different than planned and I guess it’s just the way it is round here. I certainly don’t begrudge Sofía. Anyway, rather than resting in bed, I thought I’d ... read more
Plaza Mayor
Plaza Mayor
Plaza Mayor

Central America Caribbean » Cuba November 14th 2006

08.11.06 Um 05.30 Uhr stand ich auf und bereits eine Stunde spaeter ging ich aus dem Haus. Ich musste auch nur vier Cuadras laufen um auf den Bus zu warten. Der erste war leider schon voll. Der zweite zwar auch, aber ich schaffte es noch knapp. Wir wurden bis zu den Amarillos gefahren. Ich musste jedoch ueber 45 Minuten warten und verpasste auch noch den Direktbus von Astro. Gegen 08.00 Uhr gings los in einem Camion. Es war recht unangenehm und die Fahrt bis Las Tunas dauerte eine Ewigkeit. Dort musste ich mir eine Nummer holen und bei einem anderen Bus anstehen. Bereits nach 15 Minuten ging die Fahrt weiter, erneut in einem Camion. Ich war sehr froh, als wir endlich in Bayamo ankamen. Eine Frau fuehrte mich bis ins Zentrum. Dort musste ich zuerst meinen ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Cuba November 13th 2006

A few things to understand about Cuba before reading our blog, it´s a communist society (albeit not 100%, in fact there are many instances of commercialism & westernisation , just none of it is American driven), they have a fantastic education system & health system, one of their claims to fame is that the life expectancy of a Cuban is greater than that in the US. The average monthly wage is the region of US$15 but they do get rations, cheap transport & free health, education etc. etc. Castro´s plan is to grow tourism revenue to deliver 50% of the country´s total income by 2015. We reckon, his plan doesn´t cater for tourists coming to Cuba and doing it on the cheap like Siobhan and I, the main man wouol prefer them to come & go ... read more
"Imagine" Maurice, Siobhan & John
Che Mural, Havana
Look at those cars

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