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Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » Varadero April 10th 2007

So. We arrived in Varadero and cheered up as soon as the coach started to cruise down a long palm and flower lined drive to our hotel the Internacional. At first we were like, "Where's the beach?" because in the one (unclear, b&w) aerial photo we had seen of the hotel it had appeared to be on the beach. Then as we approached the glass entrance to the lobby we saw out through the back glass exit and were astounded. There was an expanse of white sand with palm trees, and then the most beautiful turquoise sea. It was the most beautiful thing I've seen. Alex commented how great it would be if we had an oceanview room and, to our joy, we got one! With a balcony! We settled in then went to subathe on ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste April 9th 2007

Sometimes you need a holiday within a holiday.... Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Cuba By Smelly Notinoz April 9th 2007 Its been a tough 3 months living out of a back pack and travelling the world and so sometimes you need to reasses your life, take a step outside the life you are living and do something different to reconfirm to yourself I AM ALIVE!!!!...So why not book into a 5 star resort for a week to help wind down and relax from the hard life of a backpacker! he he! So that is exactly what we did in Cuba! Firstly we went on a 7 day bus tour of Cuba with about 20 other Dutchies. This was Rob´s mums choice, so we tagged along too... read more
Trinidad surounds
Around Trinidad

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » La Habana April 9th 2007

is to start an animal sanctuary in Cuba. While communism ensures all the people here are healthy and safe, there is no such privilege for the animals. Cuba is full of stray and feral dogs and cats. While the people are often benevolent to the animals, leaving out scraps and leftovers for them, their lack of expendable income (and to some extent a very insensitive attitude) means that hundreds of animals are left to fend for themselves, suffering from skin diseases, festering wounds left open in the stifling heat, injuries and starving to death. It´s really heart'breaking. I want to do something about it. Maybe I´ll write to Brigitte Bardot :D... read more

Central America Caribbean » Cuba April 9th 2007

We went down to our hotel lobby early am to register for the Cubacan bus between our hotels. Breakfast here wasn´t so yummy, there was strange coleslaw and potato stuff. Alex didn´t eat anything. The coach was purple, very cool with air conditioning, was patrolled by hordes of mosquitos and captained by a woman who babbled away incomprehensibly in indistinguishable spanish and English. We drove for about 2 and a half hours with a very eventful stop at a service station. We got off the coach and stepped out into the sweltering heat. Then we noticed a starving dog. He was probably the thinnest dog I´d seen in Cuba which is saying something because some of the Havana dogs were painfully thin. This dog was also almost bald with some skin disease, his movements showed that ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » La Habana April 8th 2007

We woke up to a lovely sunny morning. With uncharacteristic forsight we had packed our suitcases the night before as were changing hotels so we could relax and enjoy yummy breakfast. Alex bravely tried these fried ball things, one turned out to be pork (cubans love pork) and the other one was a mystery. Back in our room, the sun was shining beautifully onto our east-facing balcony. I decided to practice my salsa/cha cha cha/whatever on the balcony listening to my grandad's latin music collection that I had conveniently added to my iPod. Dancing was so much fun, I felt so Cuban and it was just a lovely way (and good exercise!) to pass the morning in the sun. Some tourists even filmed us! Alex wasn´t feeling the salsa beat but she joined in with some ... read more


Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » La Habana April 8th 2007

Hotel Vedado is so well'located for going out! We went for dinner in a restaurant praised by the Time Out Havana guide book(which is incidentally out of date, it says you can use USD in cuba BUT YOU CAN´T) Anyway Trattoria Marakas was a 50s american style simple Italian restaurant where crazy music videos played, muted, on a tv screen. We had pizzas which were quite good but the cheese did taste a bit weird (silly Cuban dairy products...). Then we went to our hotel bar for drinks. I´m becoming addicted to the light (and cheap!) cuban beers cristal and bucanero, decorated with palm tree and pirate respectively. We walked down to the seafront where loads of Cubans were hanging out. Then the guidebook led us to Club Tikoa just round the corner from our hotel. ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » La Habana April 8th 2007

After missing breakfast we decide to go and explore. We walked along the seafront and saw many cool things ' a huge monument with hundreds of black flags flapping noisily in the wind, a shiny black monument to a guy on a horse and so on. The amount of propaganda in cuba is amazing. Everywhere it says things like "Patria o muerte" and "libertad." I have never seen the word revolucion so many times in my life, and the cuban flag flies everywhere alongside slogans by Fidel. Their hatred of americans was particularly evident today as we passed a few anti-American billboards ' from the relatively unhardcore derisions of "El Plan Bush" ending with the slogan "Gracias, ya vivimos en Cuba Libre" and cartoons mocking Uncle Sam, to a mock film poster "El Asesino (the Murderer)" ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » La Habana April 7th 2007

In the afternoon we decided to go to a shopping centre. On our way we befriended two Cuban guys, Ernesto and Carmelo. Cuban people are friendly but quite bossy so we got bored of them pretty quickly. It's actually very hard to feel comfortable in their company because the cultural divide is so huge and you always feel like they want something from you. The vast majority stare you up and down, a large percentage of them try to chat to you, some of them shout "Taxi!" at everyone, of "Money?" and quite a few of them make this "Tsssth, Tsssth" sound at you, or the noise you make to call a cat, which we find really rude. I am quite disappointed with Cuban men in general, I expected them to all look like Che, but ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » La Habana April 6th 2007

Unlike many of the world's capital cities, the tourist centre of Havana is also home to a large proportion of the city's residents, with some of the poorest crammed into apartment buildings right next door to museums, hotels, restaurants & bars. It's hard to see how everyone is equal under communism when the standard of living varies wildly. Havana is incredibly charming, even though it is literally crumbling around you. Staircases wobble precariously and a la Kingston, there are holes in every pavement. Having said that, it was totally safe to walk around, even at night, and there were around 2 policemen to every street. The one thing you notice is that there are no ads, at all. It's hard even to pick out shops and banks because everything looks the same. The city is caught ... read more
View through window in Museo de la Revolucion
Going coco-nuts
Ernesto "Che" Guevara

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » La Habana April 6th 2007

So at like, 5am, Dad woke us up to drive us to Gatwick. Everyone was tired and grumpy, I soon fell asleep in the car. We arrived at Gatwick having checked in online the night before. We began to understand the full pedanticness of the Cuban government when Alex had to re-buy her visa because of one tiny, irrelevant misprint. Grrrr. Anyway we went to Starbucks with my parents, then after security we went shopping as usual. The flight was hideously long, like nine hours. We watched Borat (hahaha), played Who wants to be a millionaire?, and I watched the flight information map for hours. Finally we arrived at Havana airport. Cuba is such a completely different culture, the culture shock was huge. They are really eye-contacty people, everyone stares at you. The immigration guy just ... read more

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