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Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste June 22nd 2007

Cuba Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Cuba By MickB June 22nd 2007.... read more
University of Havana
Capitalio Building

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » La Habana June 18th 2007

Vibrant Cuba Central America Caribbean » Cuba » La Habana By cheryl_r June 18th 2007 Cheryl21st August 2006 - 27th August 2006 It's been a long time since I have updated my travel friends know why...but it's now time to get back online and get some updates onto my blog! Cuba...was truely amazing, such a vibrant happening city.....check out my photos.... read more

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » La Habana May 6th 2007

Tssssss!! Mango! Belinda! Etter en tur rundt Cuba både med buss og bil er vi nå tilbake til byen vi startet i - Havana. Heldigvis hadde vi en del dager på oss her, og det trengte vi. Her er noe gjorde i Havana de neste dagene: *Allerede dagen vi ankom byen dro vi for å se Capitolio, som vi kan se fra rommet vårt. Det er en kopi av the US Capitol building i Washington DC, men rikere på detaljer. Til 1959 var den cubanske kongressen der, men ikke nå lengre. Inne i Capitolio så vi den 17 meter høye bronsestatuen (som blir regnet som den tredje største i verden) og en 24 karats diamant. *Til Museo de la Revolucion dro vi dagen etter. Det ligger i den gamle delen av Havana. Før var museumet presidentens ... read more

Trioen paa tur :p Tidlig neste morgen var vi altså på veiene igjen fra Santiago de Cuba, mot Baracoa. Michael hadde leid seg bil og vi var så heldige å få sitte på. Vilde sovnet (selvfølgelig!) ganske tidlig i baksetet og gikk derfor glipp av alle stoppene som Michael og Kine hadde. Ved veiene står det nemlig masse folk som selger diverse mat og frukt, og siden det er sånn at det kjører forbi ca 2 biler i timen er de veldig ivrige etter å selge oss mat når vi først stopper. Vi hadde fått vekslet til oss litt av den lokale valutaen og fikk dermed alt veldig billig. Smakte på masse spennde frukt og småretter :) På vei til Baracoa kjørte vi gjennom Guantanamo, men så ingen ting til den kjente amerikanske militærbasen. Vel ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » La Habana May 4th 2007

Cuba Vi ankom Cuba den 13 april. Vi tok en taxi inn til Havana sammen med Inger og Svein (fra hostellet i Costa Rica) og to norske gutter. Inger og Svein har vært flere ganger på Cuba, så de kjenner en del folk her. Dermed skaffet de alle overnatting. På Cuba er det ikke så mange hoteller, og de som er der er veldig dyre. Det er bedre, og billigere å bo hjemme hos folk! Det kalles Casa Particulares!! Vi bor hos den koselige damen Aurora, med konge utsikt til Capitolet i Havana! Her skal vi også bo når vi kommer tilbake! Vi har også fått adresser til folk vi kan bo hos andre steder på Cuba:) Kjempe flott!!!:):) Det ble bare en natt i Havana nå, siden vi har planer om å avslutte med noen ... read more


Central America Caribbean » Cuba April 27th 2007

Cuba is a very difficult place to describe; you really need to go there to see it for yourself. Most of the buildings are old and in urgent need of maintenance but there are some renovated ones that seem to be quite presentable, the works are financed mainly by grants from UNESCO but they do raise some of their own from use of things like renovated hotels and restaurants. The people in Cuba seem to be quite content with their lot but most of them do not know of anything else. General health seems to be quite good; we noticed very few overweight people and were reminded of those on wartime rationing diets in UK. In some ways, the USA sanctions have been good for the population. They do not have MacDonald’s, Starbucks, Junk food, chewing ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » La Habana April 17th 2007

Hola! Well I have survived Cuba as well. I have just had 10 days in Cuba, and as you would expect I hooked in to the Cuba Libres everyday. I have decided that I may be a rum drinker after all. It was good training for the next 2 weeks. I was on a tour with about 10 60 plus year olds. Entertaining but not as much fun as the last group. No near misses with flights anyway. In the group we had a duck who is a travel writer and used to write for Gourmet traveller. I liked her the most!! Cuba was amazing and most of the time I thought I was in a movie from the 50´s. Everyone talks about the old cars in Havana, I thought I would see a couple but ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » La Habana April 12th 2007

After the rest and relaxation of Viñales, we returned to the livelier and more chaotic buzz of Havana. Returning by taxi with an Italian/Israeli couple was pleasant and we were delivered right to a decent, and cheap casa particular on the Malecon, Havana´s seawall. However, after one night in this only slightly dirty place, Laurence decided that it would be best if we searched for other accomadations. After a lengthy morning of visiting one casa after another we finally ended up taxiing to the first place where we had stayed in Havana upon our arrival nearly a month before. Unfortunately due to a miscommunication, our reservation was cancelled and filled by someone else leaving us high and dry. Nevertheless, by mid-afternoon we had found a nice casa in Havana vieja which was to everyone´s liking... ... read more
Plaza de la Revolcion
Che mural, at far corner of the Plaza de la Revolucion
Revolution sure is cute!

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » Varadero April 10th 2007

So. We arrived in Varadero and cheered up as soon as the coach started to cruise down a long palm and flower lined drive to our hotel the Internacional. At first we were like, "Where's the beach?" because in the one (unclear, b&w) aerial photo we had seen of the hotel it had appeared to be on the beach. Then as we approached the glass entrance to the lobby we saw out through the back glass exit and were astounded. There was an expanse of white sand with palm trees, and then the most beautiful turquoise sea. It was the most beautiful thing I've seen. Alex commented how great it would be if we had an oceanview room and, to our joy, we got one! With a balcony! We settled in then went to subathe on ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » La Habana April 9th 2007

is to start an animal sanctuary in Cuba. While communism ensures all the people here are healthy and safe, there is no such privilege for the animals. Cuba is full of stray and feral dogs and cats. While the people are often benevolent to the animals, leaving out scraps and leftovers for them, their lack of expendable income (and to some extent a very insensitive attitude) means that hundreds of animals are left to fend for themselves, suffering from skin diseases, festering wounds left open in the stifling heat, injuries and starving to death. It´s really heart'breaking. I want to do something about it. Maybe I´ll write to Brigitte Bardot :D... read more

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