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Asia » Philippines » Bulacan » San Miguel February 1st 2014

Cross a makeshift bridge that looks like something you’d only see in circus, climb mountains, explore caves, go swimming, rappelling and cliff diving. All in one day in one park! That’s what Biak-na-Bato National Park has to offer. A day full of adventure! Heard of this place a long time ago but only just found time to go when the Chinese new year was declared a holiday. Only two hours away from Manila. We rode a bus to Cabanatuan, got off at Camias in San Miguel, Bulacan. Rode a trike for about 20 minutes to Madlum and we were at the jump off point of the Biak Na Bato National Park. A park that I've only heard of when I got there. I only knew that there were mountains to hike and caves to explore in ... read more
the counqueror
rappelling down the cave
it gets tight

Asia » Philippines January 29th 2014

Donnerstag, 23.01.14 Bereits um 07.15 Uhr startete ich meine Weiterreise. Zuerst war mein Ziel Paoay, doch da mich ein Polizist bis nach Magsingal mitnahm, schaute ich mir dort kurz das Museum an. Von dort aus weiter zu kommen war wieder einmal nur per Bus möglich. So dauerte es mit diversen Stops 1,5 Stunden, bis wir in Batac ankamen. Von hier aus nahm ich einen Jeepney, um nach Paoay zu kommen. Hier schaute ich mir eine sehr schöne Kirche an, das war alles. Ich informierte mich betreffend der Distanz und Transportmöglichkeit, um zu den Sanddünen zu gelangen. Ein Minibusfahrer bot mir an, mich mitzunehmen, sobald seine Gruppe zurück ist. Zufälligerweise waren es dann genau die Leute, die ich vorher schon wegen der Richtung gefragt hatte. Sie luden mich ein, mit ihnen mitzufahren. Zuerst fuhren wir zu den ... read more
zwischen Magsingal und Paoay
zwischen Magsingal und Paoay

Asia » Philippines January 22nd 2014

Donnerstag, 16.01.14 Die Nacht war erneut kurz und somit konnte ich keinen Schlaf nachholen. Bereits um 06.30 Uhr machte ich mich auf den Weg zum Flughafen, wo ich schliesslich viel zu früh ankam. Dummerweise weiss man ja nie, ob noch etwas dazwischen kommt oder nicht. Als dann der Flug auch noch eine Stunde Verspätung hatte, war die Warterei doch etwas nervig. Der Flug war zwar angenehm, doch er schien unendlich, weil ich noch eine Verabredung hatte. Simen, den ich auf meiner Reise durch Veneuela kennen lernte und in der Zwischenzeit schon einmal in Bangkok wiedersah, ist auf einer Geschäftsreise und fliegt heute abend von Manila aus weiter, so verabredeten wir uns bei meinem Ankunftsterminal. Als wir endlich in Manila ankamen, waren gerade mal zwei Schalter für die Passkontrolle offen für alle Passagiere eines Flugzeugs. Ich kam ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Panay » Kalibo January 19th 2014

It’s ten o’clock on a Sunday morning in January and the winds of Kalibo are blowing hard. “Can you take me to the town center?” I ask the tricycle driver as soon as we get out of the airport. Soon we’re zooming through the highway and snaking our way through small trucks with people clutching Sto. Niño, figures of the Infant Jesus. The town center is filled with people walking around narrow streets, filled with anticipation for a day that will later crescendo to a boisterous evening. The capital of Aklan province is celebrating the Ati-Atihan Festival. For about a week, the locals take to the streets in extravagant costumes, dancing spontaneously to the loud beat of the drums. The events climax on the third Sunday of January, starting with a slow-moving procession that goes around ... read more
Street Party
Group Picture
Cathedral of St. John the Baptist

Asia » Philippines » Manila » Ermita January 18th 2014

That old saying if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything is dancing around my mind as I write this. Quartermaines blog that went viral and suffered a vitriolic attack from outraged Filipinos has been one of the reasons I have struggled with do I write this blog or don't I? This is a rant at Manila, not the Phillipines as a nation or Filipino people. Why do i even write travel blogs? So when I go senile my great grandchildren can read me them and I can say...oh? really? I was in a Cambodian brothel? how sweet pass Gran a lolly. So here goes. Manila, when I arrived it was 4.20am and I was on the first bus to the Batangas at 5am. So I saw you fly past out of a bus ... read more


Asia » Philippines » Iloilo January 16th 2014

After the relief of the previous night and having thought we were finished, I was surprised to hear that we were doing another relief trip – this time going to Gigantes Island, or more specifically, Bantigue Island which is in the same area. It’s a tiny island of about 15 families all hit hard by Yolanda. What I was told is that the major relief organisations simply don’t reach areas as remote as this, similar to te mountains of Capiz where we were previouisly. To put it in perspective how small some of these islands are, another friend of mine told me that during Yolanda, some of them went underwater. I was actually looking forward to the trip as I’d seen previously how beautiful the Gigantes were. I made sure to confirm though that we’d be ... read more
Some of Yolanda's trail
Giving out supplies

Asia » Philippines » Leyte » Tacloban January 15th 2014

A wonderful day to you all. This is my first post about my trip that I'm setting off for on Feb 3rd 2014. I'm heading to the Philippines to work with Coral Cay Conservation on their reef project and around in the local community. More to follow.... read more

Asia » Philippines January 13th 2014

My goodness, this was quite a bumpy ride.. Being a little bit nervous going to Philippines not knowing what I'll encounter. Starting in Manila, which was fortunately just for one night. Darkness in the streets, beggars, dirt. Honestly I've seen worse, but somehow the negative vibe struck me. After some kids gifts shopping I was expected to be in the port 4 hours(!) for departure. After a boring wait, some snacks and an amazing book-as-a-pillow nap we finally boarded. My 'room' was a 132 bed room, perfect. After some beers at the deck with some very loud and painful 'in-your-face' karaoke, I slept great! Surprisingly of all the 10 tourists half of them were Dutch, what are the odds. One with mutual acquaintances even. Coron/ Busuanga my home for the next bit. I met the family ... read more
Dorm at ferry
Close to Coron
From my house

Asia » Philippines » Capiz January 9th 2014

Despite the above title and factual evidence pointing to this being the second day of the mission, I am convinced it was actually day 100. Really, that first day could have easily been 99 in disguise, judging by how much was crammed into it and how much perseverance it took me to get through. On day two I woke up in the tent in the AM, hoping the rain would have passed. It hadn’t. It was still pouring and the mud had risen even higher overnight. This would actually be last day in the mountains, but I didn’t know that, so I was wondering how the hell I was going to make it through the next few days. I’ll be honest, I slept in, but I couldn’t for too long because the doctors and dentists had ... read more

Asia » Philippines January 8th 2014

I must say, if I can get emotional for a second, I am writing this with a heavy heart. It’s sad to say goodbye to this place. Despite the warnings not to, I really did fall in love with this place. Looking past the sweltering humidity, pollution, and not least waiting for people on “Filo time”, but something about this place just sticks with me. I guess the simple answer to what that “something” is is the people. While not as overtly friendly as say the Thai, they are extremely welcoming and just happy. All the time. Even when their houses have been destroyed by Typhoon Yolanda, they’re still smiling and laughing. I can’t say that their amazing sights of nature didn’t play a part either. The Boracay sunset is the best I’ve seen in the ... read more

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