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Airline Annoyances

What travel habits do travelers have that drive you crazy?
10 months ago, November 18th 2022 No: 1 Msg: #210017  
Flying is not as fun as it used to be. What have you seen in airports and on your flights that you roll your eyes over and take a deep breath not to say anything too mean?

Our examples:
Everyone wants to get on early so they have a place to put their carry-on luggage. We sometimes pay extra to board early. We hate it when people in group 4 are crowding the path and the group 1 & 2 people can't get by. Step aside until it is your turn.

There are limited seats in the boarding area and people put their bags in chairs and don't allow others to sit down.

People who will not get out of their seat to let you go to the toilet.... and make you squeeze past their knees.

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10 months ago, November 26th 2022 No: 2 Msg: #210055  
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While other passengers make flying not fun, it's what the airlines have done that really make it not fun. I suspect people are becoming more obnoxious mostly in response the airlines nickel and dimming everyone for every dollar they can get. If there were no baggage fees, getting on early to use up precious carry-on space wouldn't be an issue. If the person sitting next to you did not feel entitled due to paying extra to get that isle seat, they would be more likely to get up and let you pass. The list goes on and on. These days I fly Southwest almost exclusively, where this behavior occurs much less. The lack of endless fees can't be a coincidence.

The most annoying passenger behavior I witness, which is honestly not entirely their fault, is parents who can't manage their kids behavior, thus making things miserable for everyone around them. Reply to this

10 months ago, November 26th 2022 No: 3 Msg: #210057  
In response to: Msg #210055

Ezra, I agree with your comments.
The happiest flying experiences I've ever had were in the 60's and recently during COVID. I was working during COVID and had to fly for work. In the early months, planes were nearly empty. I often got upgraded to first class and would be the only person up there. Slowly more people began to fly until we were every other seat. The flight crew could not have been happier and more gracious. Planes were never cleaner. It was a pleasure to fly. I miss those days.

Flight crews have a stressful job and a great deal of responsibility. Travelers do not treat them well but I"ve also seen the other side of that where the flight crew were rude and dismissive. I'm always taken aback by flight crew members who don't seem to like people. Fortunately, they are in the minority.

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