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Current Testing Requirements

For those of you who have traveled recently please tell us your personal experience.
27 months ago, November 23rd 2021 No: 1 Msg: #209467  
What country did you travel to and what was required? Was it difficult navigating the process? Reply to this

27 months ago, November 23rd 2021 No: 2 Msg: #209468  
In September 2021 we traveled to Spain from the U.S. and we were not required to get PCR tested before entry into Spain. We needed to show proof of vaccination and fill out their online tracking form. They provided us a QR code which allowed us easy entry. At the airport they did check our paperwork and take our temperature.

In the middle of our trip we flew to Portugal to meet a friend. Portugal required us to provide a negative PCR test and show proof of vaccination. All around Spain there are clinics and pharmacies offering testing so it was easy to obtain. Our cost was $125.

We went back to Spain after traveling with our friend and Spain required us to get PCR testing before returning to Spain. We thought this was strange as Spain didn't require a PCR test when coming from the U.S. which is barely 60% vaccinated but did require us to get vaccinated and Portugal is 90% vaccinated. The good news is that Portugal does not charge for the testing!

As the trip came to an end we needed to get tested before returning to the U.S. Fortunately for us they have changed the guidelines and are now accepting the rapid test which is much cheaper. It cost us $50 and is available in all pharmacies and clinics.

No stress about this if you are traveling to Spain and Portugal.
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