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Travel in June 2014

Is weather a factor?
6 years ago, April 3rd 2014 No: 1 Msg: #180353  
Myself, 47, and my three daughters, 15, 13, & 12 will be traveling to New Zealand this June.
We honestly are having such a hard time planning this trip. We don't know much about the country.
Since we are traveling during the winter, are there restrictions because of weather? The south Island? The glaciers? LOTR tours?

We are mildly active, hiking yes, skiing no.

We currently have a week in NZ, 3 weeks in Australia, and week in Fiji planned, but after reading about New Zealand, should we eliminate our week in Fiji and extend out NZ time?

ANY advice is welcome. Thank you. Reply to this

6 years ago, April 7th 2014 No: 2 Msg: #180410  
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Hi Minda,

Welcome to TravelBlog!

Should you bypass Fiji in preference to NZ? i say yes, but I'm biast as I am from NZ (live in Auckland). One week in just either the North or South island even would be very rushed.

Travelling in winter shouldn't be a problem, and I'm pretty sure the LOTR tours are year round, but you'd be able to email whichever company you're considering using and confirm it with them.

I've added a few links below which should be useful. Let me know if you have any other questions :-)

Department of Conservation - National Parks

Automobile Association - driving distances and times

Average temperatures Reply to this

6 years ago, May 10th 2014 No: 3 Msg: #181363  
In response to: Msg #180353 Hi Not sure about Fiji never been there NZ fantastic place 2 weeks and you will see some great places enjoy.Australia is a big country where are you planning to go to?
Bill Reply to this

6 years ago, May 10th 2014 No: 4 Msg: #181368  
Hi Bill & Jackie,
So we did extend our time in New Zealand to 15 days and we have 4 weeks in Australia. We are going to Cairns, Sydney, Katoomba, and Canberra.
So looking forward to this trip. We are so thankful for the information we have gained from this site.
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6 years ago, May 11th 2014 No: 5 Msg: #181471  
Hi Minda your itinerary is awesome so much to see and do in all those places.Not to be missed in Cairns is the Karunda railway and the skyrail and of course snorkeling on the Great barrier reef.If you have time a visit to the Cairns hinterland by car will have you spellbound by the shear beauty of the rain forest.Sydney is a big city a bit busy for me but with some iconic places to visit. Katoomba you will love, the scenery is magnificent. Camberra is a great destination that so many visitors miss off their itinerary so much to see.
Enjoy your visit to Australia and New Zealand.
Bill Reply to this

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