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1 Month in Aus East Coat, Help........!

Hi guys myself and my lady are planning a 1 month tour on the East Coast of Aus in Feb and we are very interested in your views ect...
6 years ago, August 22nd 2013 No: 1 Msg: #174322  
1 Month on the Aus East Coast, help!
Hi guys myself and my lady are planning a 1 month tour on the East Coast of Aus in Feb. We have booked our Flights from the UK to Sydney (RT) and an internal flight from Sydney to Cairns. We are planning on flying from the UK to Sydney and connecting straight to Cairns and travelling back down the East Coast to Sydney then Flying back to the UK.

I am 28 and my lady is 25, we are both fun loving adventurous people who love the sun and beautiful beaches. We both still like to party (but in doses) and really enjoy diversity and taking in the culture of the places that we visit.

Below is a draft outline of our route and the places that we are planning to visit. I also add that we are planning on travelling on the greyhound busses. We are very interested on your thoughts as to the route, the places we intend on visiting (how long we should stay in each place?) and transportation, as well as any trips or experiences that may help us plan a better holiday.

I am aware that all opinions will vary but I am hoping that they all will help us plan an unforgettable trip so I am very interested to here them all.

Many thanks


Cape Trib
Atherton Tablelands
Townsville - Magnetic Island
Arlie Beach - WhitSundays Tour
Agnes Water
Rainbow Beach - Frase Island
Byron Bay
Port Maquarie

???? Much Appreciated Guys and Girls Reply to this

6 years ago, August 24th 2013 No: 2 Msg: #174368  
Hi, looks like a fantastic trip and you'll have a great time! That routie is a big tourist destinations so you will find lots of like minded people having heaps of fun. If you stay in youth hostels or campgrounds you will definitly find those people 😊

I've been to a few of those places so i'll add what i can about those.

Cairns is a great city and quite big so perhaps try and stay in the main city or check the bus routes if you dont have a car. We've always hired a car here. In the central city are foodhalls, accomodation, tourist places to send you on buses to things, ferry's to islands, pubs, then the fantastic man made foreshore with free lagoon. If youve got 4 weeks then id maybe spend 5 days or so in Cairns as it is a great central location to everything.

We went up to daintree for a day trip one year and it was very beautiful. I wouldnt stay here more than one or two nights as apart from looking at rainforrest, i'm not sure there are actual things to do. But if you do want to look at plants and birds etc then stay longer.

We also did a day trip out to the tablelands. I guess it might be nice to see something of Oz outside of the coast so might be worth a few days again.

Townsville is another biggish town but just really a normal town and in fact a massive milatary town. It has a nice foreshore and magnetic island is literally off the coast and very very close. I wouldnt spend more than a night or two in townsville itself but if you can stay on the island that would be pretty nice i'd imagine (havent actually been to the island myself) 😊

Airlie beach is a very fun backpacker style town. And really the gateway to the islands. You'll have a fabulous time here and youve said a tour so i guess stay for that amount of time - maybe 4 or 5 days???

The next city i've been to is Brisbane and the gold coast. Brisbane is a really nice clean city and you could definitly spend a few nights here. But...if you are going to sydney then sydney will havce everything brisbane has and more - museums, foreshores, beaches, cafes, shopping etc. The gold coast (1-2 hr south of brisbane) might be worth something different for tourism reasons. It is full fo theme parks but if youve been doing heaps of nature things it might be fun to spend a day at movie world. I have also heard that the Australia Zoo is pretty impressive (steve irwins zoo) which i think is 1 hour north of brisbane but i havent been there.

Sydney is amazing, i'd say stay here for at least 3 or 4 nights. You can hang out near the beach and relax or go into the city and enjoy museums, darling habour etc. If you catch the local ferry/transport you can get a cheapish tour of the habour and around the opera house and out to the beach 😊

Have a fabulous time!
Tam Reply to this

6 years ago, August 26th 2013 No: 3 Msg: #174447  
Hello Thomas and welcome to Travelblog!

Tam has provided an excellent summary above. There is only a little to add. When you go to the Atherton Tablelands, ensure you visit the Barron Falls. Due to it being the rainy season, they should be in full force.

Which brings me to the second point. It is rainy season, which means frequent afternoon storms. These are usually short and sharp, so plan your outdoor activities for the morning and be back to a dryer area by mid-afternoon. If in doubt about the rains, the locals will tell you when they think it will arrive.

You may need to adjust your plans a little if a cyclone is near - this is also cyclone season which means until you get south of Rockhampton (and near to the wonderful Rainbow Beach area) keep a watch if there are any heading to the Queensland coast. If a cyclone is on its way, it will bring plenty of rain for days on end and high winds. If a cyclone is causing your weather to be bad, you are best to drive south and get away and spend more time elsewhere.
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5 years ago, June 26th 2014 No: 4 Msg: #182911  
HI Everyone...Me and my would be husband are planning our honeymoon in October to Australia.
We are very enthusiastic about advanture, wild life, beaches and partying.
This will probably be our first and last trip to Australia and wanted to make the best of it.
Some of the places I had on my list after scourging through blogs and lonely planet are

1. Philip Island near Melbourne
2. Maragret Rive
3. Sydney Opera House
4.Great Barrier Reef
5. Cable Beach
6. Some great national park
7. Yarra Valley
8. Sydney Bridge
9. Bondi BeachGhost Tour
10 Crocosaurium

These are just a few things I figured. we are quite confused as to what should be the top things to see in Australia. Any help will be great. Reply to this

5 years ago, July 15th 2014 No: 5 Msg: #183416  
Hi apoorva, your list is from nearly all corners of australia and Australia is pretty huge. How long have you got and how much money? If you can fly (to get from melb/syd to perth expect to pay at least aud$400) you can do those things but it might be easier to select the east or west coast and travel there!?!
Im just thinking thst margaret river and phillip island are good 3 hour drives from perth sd melb respectively. Cable beach is a 2 hr flight and $400 from perth.
Tam Reply to this

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