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Boat from Carribean to Venezuela?

venezuela through central america and carribean in 5 months? to much stress of a route? also is it possible with boat from Carribean to Venezuela? if so, is it expensive?
5 years ago, April 17th 2012 No: 1 Msg: #154883  

thinking traveling from norway into Venezuela, Caracaz, and travel from there further into central america through Columbia, then Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El salvador and further into Carribean, Cuba, Haiti, Dominican republic. from there take the plane back to Norway again, first question is if that route probably is to much stress in 5 months? and also, is it easy (expensive?) to join a boat from Carribean back to Venezuela? if so, where in Carribean is the best place to take the boat from? (Jamaica would be awsome if its possible:D )

is this route a requimended route or is it unrealistic in 5 months, or any difficulties with any borders here? Reply to this

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