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Gmail sucks!

Originally part of Gmail invites
Some people don't like google's new Gmail product. 1 gig pah! Give me a user interface that I can use the way I need to.
8 years ago, May 5th 2011 No: 21 Msg: #135554  
B Posts: 553
So I'm wondering...
1. Are any original commenter's still around on this thread?
2. Have you converted to Gmail?

I've rallied long and hard for Gmail, and Googles suite of products. Many have failed with bad implementations, but I've given all a shot. Gmail and Reader are among my biggest daily "Must Have's". With the introduction of Android devices to the world of SmartPhones (features that were a twinkle in the eyes of many of us back in 2004 when this thread started), I imagine there are just that many more Gmail converts.

Google support isn't what it should be. If anything, there should be a paid service offering broadening support... or better account recovery. Make sure if you do have an account that you have security questions entered, alternate email addresses and your mobile phone entered in, all of which can be used to "rescue" your account.
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8 years ago, May 6th 2011 No: 22 Msg: #135589  
B Posts: 5,186
Nice - 6 years on 😊

I use gmail daily - and I love it. The basic thing that distinguishes it from other mail accounts (unless they have adopted it) is messages are threaded as conversations. I see the whole thing in a stream - that combined with the best spam filtering out there has me and many others hooked.

But - the internet has changed so much in the 6 years since we first discussed this - now every browser has javascript engines running at high speed, and the reliance that gmail has on javascript is huge... that said - TB has almost that same level of reliance - can't log in with out it!

Good to see you back on the forums Savage 😊 Reply to this

8 years ago, May 6th 2011 No: 23 Msg: #135610  
B Posts: 11.5K
Yep, the message conversations definitely make things easier.

Another little feature I unintentionally found the other day was the attachment prompt.
"You said 'I have attached', but there are no files attached to this email. Do you wish to continue?" (or similar)

Haven't yet had a play with it to see how specific the wording needs to be...
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8 years ago, May 6th 2011 No: 24 Msg: #135625  
B Posts: 553
In response to: Msg #135589

6 years... 7 I think. All that scuba diving oxygen must be going to your head. :-p

Yes, the Internet has changed, tremendously. Google was a pioneer and ahead of their time with Gmail... but I abandoned all other webmail in favor of it (7 years ago!).

Now if you really want to get down to brass tacks... using Chrome AND Gmail. Ahhh... Chrome, my deal Chrome. I have dropped all other browsers in favor of Chrome, except when I need to test a sites compatibility with other browsers, or when I have to use our Corporate Intranet at work, and it's annoying reliance on all things IE.

Picasa Web... any Picasa love out there?
Picasa isn't the premier Photo Sharing site... so why Picasa?

Additional storage is DIRT cheap, even for a backpacker!
$5/yr (US) for 20GB
$20/yr for 80GB
and so on... 80GB is a lot of space!

Picasa Desktop software... it's awesome. Really, it is. I've been using it for years, and I still find new stuff in there. Facial recognition is good too.

Warning there though: High End photography, RAW only shooters, be warned. While the desktop software can process RAW files, Picasa Web will convert them to JPG's. Picasa Web is not good for archiving RAW image files.

Oh and yeah, it's nice to stop by and see what's going on! :-) Reply to this

8 years ago, May 6th 2011 No: 25 Msg: #135626  
B Posts: 553
In response to: Msg #135610

There are a lot of neat hidden gems in Gmail. Enable Labs if you haven't already, and play with some of the features in there. If you have time, keep the gmail blog on your RSS feed, or you "to read" list. You'll find all the neat little add-ons. Reply to this

8 years ago, May 6th 2011 No: 26 Msg: #135643  
I enjoy it when the old threads revive and you can see if things have changed....and in this case they have.
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7 years ago, March 23rd 2012 No: 27 Msg: #153646  
B Posts: 553
So Gmail has brought about many new features and looks since last posting. You can still make it look like it used to, while keeping the new features. I've really expanded my use of Contacts within Gmail, and use it all more and more every day.

Has anyone been so turned off by the new features that they left?

I recently helped my parents with some issues, and they use msn/hotmail... boy, what a mess that is!!! I just can't convince my parents to move to Gmail! lol Reply to this

7 years ago, April 21st 2012 No: 28 Msg: #155083  
B Posts: 1,464
I try to convince my dad to move to Gmail all the time, but he's stuck loyally to his email account. In the end, I'm just proud of him for being technologically literate.

I'm a solid gmail fan, though not so much of google+ (so far...on both counts).

I like that many of the features are optional and turn them on/off based on my taste, but keep it plain for the most part for efficiency and habit.

My only question is what will happen with gmail and google+ a few years down the line? It seems unlikely that it'll be the next facebook, but I'm sure plenty people thought this about myspace, friendster, and ...what was it called, geocities? Reply to this

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