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Getting from Uyuni to Lima

I have to catch a flight out of South America from Lima and my last major stop before I depart is Uyuni..
13 years ago, July 11th 2009 No: 1 Msg: #79176  
Should I:

1) Get a bus from Uyuni to Iquique (Chile) and fly from Iquique to Lima?
2) Travel to Potosi and try and get a flight from Potosi to La Paz and then to Lima?
3) Go to Salta, Argentina and try and fly to Lima?

Any other suggestions are welcome!
Thank you in advance Reply to this

13 years ago, July 14th 2009 No: 2 Msg: #79380  
Very curious about the answers that are coming. I'm doing the same thing in 2010...

I will go to Calama, than from the San Pedro de Atacama to Uyuni.

Seems it's impossible to fly from Uyuni to La Paz. So will go on a bus and than catch a flight to Lima.

Hopefully someone will give us more insight! Reply to this

11 years ago, April 10th 2011 No: 3 Msg: #133423  
Hi there! I'm going to do this in May 2011, what were the results of your choices and the best way to get back to Lima? Thanks for any help? Reply to this

11 years ago, April 21st 2011 No: 4 Msg: #134328  
Probably the easiest option is to get a train or bus from Uyuni to La Paz and fly from there? That will also be cheaper than either going into Chile or Argentina. Reply to this

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