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What do you collect?

Do you collect anything in particular?
11 years ago, May 14th 2009 No: 1 Msg: #72800  
B Posts: 4
There so many souvenirs sold everywhere in the word!
Do you collect anything particular? Like magnets, keychains, figures?
Do you have a big collection of it?
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11 years ago, May 14th 2009 No: 2 Msg: #72807  
Camel souvenirs - of course! Soft toy camels, stone or wood carved camels, keyring camels and the list goes on - I try to grab one in each country.

I also collect frog souvenirs too.

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11 years ago, May 19th 2009 No: 3 Msg: #73241  
Hello Darina 😊

I collect the clothes that my mother in law makes for my daugher. I keep them even after they are too small for my daugher for the memories, and if I ever have grandchildren I can dress them up in those clothes because it will remind me of when my daugher was their age.

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11 years ago, May 20th 2009 No: 4 Msg: #73349  
I'm a patch guy, myself... I know, I know... its getting to the point of a 'look where I' ve been shrine' but I've come to revel in the search for the little guys. Just recently, I was wandering the back alleys of Beijing looking for something that would qualify- it took me to places I would've otherwise passed right on by. I came up empty handed, so I guess I'll have to go back !!!
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11 years ago, May 20th 2009 No: 5 Msg: #73352  
I collect magnets from all the places i go and Chaz collects keyrings, we haven't got a clue why!lol,just shows where weve been when people look at are fridge or keys!lol.

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11 years ago, May 21st 2009 No: 6 Msg: #73476  
B Posts: 38
My travel buddy Ryan collects oil paintings, depicting the essence of places the paintings came from.

Meanwhile, I'm still struggling with what I should be collecting. I started out with patches while living/traveling in Europe. Then I thought it would be cool to collect pottery from all over the world, but soon enough it was a hard thing to do with a backpacking style, so I only have a vase from Mexico, an urn/mate from Uruguay, and a tea cup from Macau. Also tried a wooden figures for a while, which are abundant in Asia but so much in anywhere else, perhaps some in Africa (and ended up with a massive didgeridoo from Australia).
And now, kind of shifting into collecting rocks/sand, but hard to find an authentic one while visiting big city (where to get a true rock from New York City ... ?). Not so keen of the idea of collecting some knick-knacks tho, although I've purchased some fridge magnets and cheesy souvenirs from places.

Two things I always do while traveling: writing journals/scrap booking (i.e. cutting brochures/pics and glue them to my journal book) and sending a postcard or two to my mom and dad back in Indonesia. So at least I have a stack of postcards from places I've been, although technically they don't belong to me.
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11 years ago, May 21st 2009 No: 7 Msg: #73509  
Fridge magnets here as well! My son must have one from every city we go to, as well as a 'local' nic nak or two 😊 Reply to this

10 years ago, June 23rd 2009 No: 8 Msg: #77439  
i collect shot glasses and bottle caps! Shot glasses aren't always sold in every country, so sometimes that gets difficult. i also like to save ticket stubs, metro passes, and brochures to stick/staple into my travel logbook. i'm kind of old fashioned. Reply to this

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