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Latin-America volunteer programs with training in the Caribbean

Volunteer jobs in Africa und South America!
10 years ago, May 12th 2009 No: 1 Msg: #72604  
In July 2009 volunteer program will start in St. Vincent to prepare
volunteers for going to Latin America and participate in Community
development projects.
The structure of the program is

-2 months of preparation in St.Vincent
-1 month bus travel in Ecuador
-4 months project period in Ecuador with poor families by improving
their living conditions
-2 months of evaluation period in St. Vincent concluding the experiences
The program is open for people older 18 years old, there is no previous
qualification needed. Previous Spanish knowledge is an advantage.
Be prepared for living among basic conditions, be flexible, hard working
and ready for challenges.
The program has a fee.
The participants are receiving food and accommodation during the
training, and in the travel and project period food, accommodation,
pocket money and health insurance.
Please visit www.richmondvale.org for more information or write to the
email address given with your questions volunteer@richmondvaleacademy.org
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