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where in Guayquil to find last minute galagos

where do I need to go in guayaquil to find travel agencies to find last minute Galapgos deals?
12 years ago, January 25th 2009 No: 1 Msg: #61299  
I am flying into Guayaquil on Feb. 6 early and would lñike to know where in the city I should tgake a taxi to get to travel agencies offering last minute Galapgos deals. Also, will there be a problem booking a flight the day before I leave (I assume the travel agency will do this). If I do not find a last minute cyacht cruise, I may just ply into Santa >Cruz and look for a deal there. Is that possible? Can I then book a flight later out of San Cristobal if I do not finds a cruise and then just do land tourS? aNY ADVICE IS GREATLY APPRECIATED! Reply to this

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