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Touring Oz

Suggestions welcome!
15 years ago, January 21st 2009 No: 1 Msg: #60828  
Hi everyone, just getting into travelling mode as we leave the UK for a year in Oz (and then a month in NZ) in April this year.
I've tried to plan a route for us and wondered if anyone had any comments / suggestions / advice that would enhance it further. There's a google map Oz Map which has our planned route on it.

Any sort of travelling advice is very welcome, right down to essential items to take!

Thanks for your help and time

Darryl and Sarah Reply to this

15 years ago, January 22nd 2009 No: 2 Msg: #61023  
Hello Darryl and Sarah 😊

Here is a thread which may interest you.
What to take to Oz

Mel Reply to this

15 years ago, January 23rd 2009 No: 3 Msg: #61077  
Thanks very much Mel, we've still got a little while to go until we leave but already there are items packed ready!

Darryl & Sarah Reply to this

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