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Campervan Australia

Ideas on price please, but worried about high excess costs just in case!!!
11 years ago, July 31st 2008 No: 1 Msg: #43812  
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I will be in Australia from mid october to new year, during this time i would love to hire a campervan and just stop and start wherever and enjoy the hundreds of possible camp sites along the east coast from cairns down to Sydney.
My question is that i have looked at lots of various websites to get an idea on price and things but the BIG worry is the excess that is always charged should an accident arise, has any one had any experiences where they have managed to secure a campervan with a lower excess charge? obviously an excess is required by the companies thats understandable but i am worried that however hard i scrutinise the campervan prior to departure for any marks/dents etc they are still going to be saying 'oh mate thats gunna be 3000 dollars for the dent or that scratch etc etc........is it just me being paranoid or can some one please put my mind at rest, are they out to screw you over or are they pretty fair!!!?
Any comments (useful) would be really appreciated, Thank you Reply to this

11 years ago, August 2nd 2008 No: 2 Msg: #43984  
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(1) Snap a few photos of the vehicle before you drive off the lot.

(2) A good travel insurance policy should cover rental vehicle excess.

Rental companies (like many travel companies) will nickel-and-dime you for everything they can. But the horror stories (like $000's for a minor pre-existing ding) are imho the exception, rather than rule. At least, it's never happened to me... Reply to this

11 years ago, August 2nd 2008 No: 3 Msg: #44039  
The drive from Cairns to Sydney takes are bus about 4 days/3 nights. Personally I would take a car, and if you are wanting to do the campervan, then Sydney to Melbourne or Melbourne to Adelaide, via the Great Ocean road, Grampians National Park and the Barossa Valley are the way to go.

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11 years ago, August 3rd 2008 No: 4 Msg: #44082  

Wicked Vans are very popular over here for people wanting to hire a van for camping/travel. I'm not sure how well set up they are inside, nor do I know the costs involved or insurance costs.
I agree you should take photos of the vehicle before you drive. My experience is that most rental companies walk around the car with you before you leave and note any damage.
Cairns to Sydney is a great trip, there are many wonderful places in between to visit. October will be very nice weather. Between Cairns to Brisbane (18 hours driving), Mission Beach, Hinchinbrook Island (you have to book to go over), Airlie Beach, Mackay is nice lovely quiet beach areas to camp at, of course the Sunshine Coast (Noosa to Caloundra), the Gold Coast, Byron Bay, great camping at Brooms Head, Forster/Tuncurry (Seal Rock).

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11 years ago, August 29th 2008 No: 5 Msg: #47192  
Is there any chance you could buy a van or a car out there? i am sure my friend said she bought a camper van for about £700, which i thought seemed ideal? anyone know any sites where i can look at this? Reply to this

11 years ago, August 30th 2008 No: 6 Msg: #47271  
Sydneys Kings Cross Car Market - http://www.carmarket.com.au/

This is where alot of people like myself have purchased a campervan - now you would do well to get one for anyless than $2000 AUD...anything cheaper would end up costing alot more after you get the mechinal work done.

Plus you are arriving near summer so the prices tend to get higher cause the demand gets higher

It depends on how many of you are planning on travelling..cause you can purchase a station wagon for anywhere between $1000-4000AUD and get all the camping gear included.

My advise would be to goto car market and checkout whats available..if nothing suits your needs then goto the hire companies mentioned above like Wicked or Autobarn

http://www.travellers-autobarn.com/ Reply to this

11 years ago, August 31st 2008 No: 7 Msg: #47427  
i have been told one in Sydney to buy would be the most expensive, looking to prob buy in Melbourne where i am looking to head first, think they mentioned they paid about £700 which would translate to about $1350 roughly do not quote me.

think Van will be best bet even if does cost me pretty penny, hopefully it will still save me cash on hostels etc. Reply to this

11 years ago, December 15th 2008 No: 8 Msg: #57503  

I'm just interested in what you decided on doing for you camper hire 😊 Reply to this

11 years ago, December 17th 2008 No: 9 Msg: #57795  
B Posts: 285
Hi. I just came back to Canada from Queensland in October. I hired a campervan from Brisbane to Cairns one way and it was about $2100CDN after all the dust settled. It was a brand new van from Maui, and my friend and I both had a berth to sleep in. She upstairs, me down. It had everything but a toilet and shower, but we didn't care, because there were extremely well maintained campergrounds all the way up. We'd stay at a big4 every few days to clean up and do laundry. We burned CD's from my laptop and played our music, we called our trip the great gas station washroom tour, as we hit just about every gas station from end to end to use their facilities. We went for the full insurance policy only because we had never driven in Australia, nor did we know what we were getting into. After seeing how safe and easy it was to get around and drive the Bruce Hwy we were wondering if we over insured. However, the worry about hitting a kangaroo (which didn't happen but evidence on sides of roads and other vehicles with huge bumpers tell us it could have easily happened) we were very happy we took the full insurance....the company was friendly and easy to deal with. The van because it was brand new, we didn't have any issues with any equipment. Except the folding chairs which were broken and the awning sucked. But no big deal. Hope this helps. It was the best way EVER to see this part of the world! Reply to this

8 years ago, July 13th 2011 No: 10 Msg: #140144  
"Great pics and thank you for sharing your trip. I look into following your trips. I've also started my trips om Australia. I found my campervan here: <snip> I believe it's great for anyone's need in finding a complete list of companies to hire on their trips.. have a safe trip everyone!" - Marc James
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