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Extended stay in Uruguay......

I have not seen too many postings about Uruguay..........
11 years ago, June 24th 2008 No: 1 Msg: #39783  
Hello to everyone!
I'm planning the best I can a long trip to Uy.Starting
in Montevideo and then taking a bus from the bus station to cover the
whole of the country.Am I dreaming or it can be done?I understand that
prices have gone up somewhat(Can someone give some input o this?)
I'd like to take the trip in a very leasure way(in a relax maner and see
the country and its people)If I plan on staying about three month,is
it too much time?Can someone that is familiar with the place give an idea if I should be concern while traveling?I can speak the lenguage,
I'd like to stay in modest hotel(no dives,please..😉or stay with a family to help people while I know the county,city etc.Any book that may be able to give me more inside of the country,and places to visits and
places to stay?????Many thanks in advance for your reply....araucano Reply to this

11 years ago, June 28th 2008 No: 2 Msg: #40230  
Hi there,
We went to Uruguay for a while at the start of our trip to South America - see my blog. We really enjoyed Salto in the northwest - lovely thewrmal pools, water park and chilled town. And the best steak in South America!
Have fun,
Ruth Reply to this

11 years ago, July 4th 2008 No: 3 Msg: #40937  

I was in Uruguay for two weeks and could easily have stayed two more. Three months may be pushing it a bit, but if you're doing the whole country then maybe not. If you do get bored though you can easily hop on a ferry from Montevideo or Colonia across the river to Buenos Aires for a bit... which you'll not regret!

I found buses quite easy to get around on. I entered the country into a place called Paysandu (from Argentina) and got a bus from there to Montevideo. After staying a few nights there (think I was in the YHA hostel) I then got a bus eastwards to a lovely little fishing village called Punta del Diablo. It was practially deserted (as is Punta del Este and many other small villages at this time of year) but beautiful. I stayed in a really cool hostel called Diablo Tranquilo (www.eldiablotranquilo.com). Then I got a bus back via Montevideo all the way to Colonia del Sacramento where I stayed for a few days in the lovely Hostel El Español (Manuel de Lobo, 377) before heading to BA.

Hostel-wise, in addition to the three mentioned above, I was also recommended the 1949 hostel in Punta del Este (Esquina 30 y 18. Centro) and the Che Legarto hostel in Montevideo (Calle Plaza de la Independencia, 713). Sure they both have websites.

All in all a lovely trip. Bear in mind though it's much colder there now, so bring warm clothes and try and find places with heating and/or lots of blankets.

If you haven't already, check out hostelbookers and hostelworld.com for other great hostel locations. The hostels there are as good (sometimes better) as modest hotels.

In terms if buses, I don't remember what I paid, but do remember being shocked that it seemed so much more than in Argentina... but I think that's just because The Uruguyan peso is worth so little against the Argentinian peso. Vaguely recall the bus from Paysandu to Montevideo being around 350.

Hope that helps.

Sam Reply to this

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