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South America
January 24th 2010
Published: January 24th 2010
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From Hornopiren it was a long day or two short ones as I had seen on the map. The ferry at Puelche had to be reached before 20.00 otherwise you could not cross for that day to Arena. The day started out bad for the bicycle. A spoke had tore the wheel open so it was difficult to center the wheel. I tried an hoped for the best. I was already on 23k when the wheel did not turn anymore. Daniel a mountaibiker of Hornopiren and also working in the bikeshop in Hornopiren showed me how to reach Puerto Montt with the bad wheel so I could go on. The road was not bad but with this wheel condition I had to drive carefully which is more or less impossible on these roads because there is always a stone of a whole or a bump so praying maybe might help. The sun was warm, the hills were nice and the snow covered mountais were still in view. Lovely blue sea and nice coastline with een beaches on the way to Puerto Montt which I wouldn´t reach anymore. 72km was the max with some stops to adjust the spokes. I met Ignacio and Joaquin from Santiago who did 20 k in which I drove 30k with the bad wheel. They were without a watch and without computer and had started in Puerto Montt. They did not know the distance nor the time to Hornopiren so I advised them to buy a computer in Daniels shop otherwise the Carretera would be difficult to cover. I landed in the evening in a cabin on the sea which was nice to forget my small troubles.

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