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South America » Venezuela » North-Eastern » Puerto la Cruz August 15th 2007

The last two days have been awesome...We woke up at the crack of dawn on Tuesday to start our drive down the coastal highway..some lovely views and beaches on the way...venezuelans drive pretty fast for the crappy roads so we had to be a bit careful since the highway went through hills and was full of bends and hairpin turns.. after stopping at a couple of beaches, we landed up at playa colorada, a slightly touristy beach, but with safe parking for the car, and jumped into the water...after spending a few hours on the beach, we got a fisherman to take us to some nearby islands, where we snorkelled around la piscina and saw some weird coral (looked like a human brain) and cool fish the coral was so shallow that at parts you had ... read more
Kitted out
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South America » Venezuela » North-Eastern » Puerto la Cruz August 13th 2007

We spent the entire day today trying to organise stuff...Everything is really really expensive, like boat tours to the islands and stuff, and is obviously twice as expensive since we´re now drawing cash out of ATMs at the crappy exchagne rate. We spent most of the day trying to find a cash point that worked, and once we did decided to hire a car since it would be impossible to see all the little beaches along the coastal highway without one. Car hire was at the airport in Barcelona, a nearby town, so we had to get a bus there. Was a bit creepy on the bus, since the last stop was Barcelona city but he decided to drop us at the airport..The doors of the bus that were open suddenly closed and he started driving ... read more

South America » Venezuela » North-Eastern » Puerto la Cruz August 13th 2007

JOE WAS COMING TOMORROW TO MEET WITH OYSTERS AT A FART PARTY What I meant to say was I’M COMING WITH MY GIRLFRIEND AND MEETING THE OTHERS AT THE FESTIVAL Ahh language!…If one is, as I am, verging on the bereft when it comes to speaking espanol…even on the computer I can’t find the bizzo that should go over the ‘n’…then conversations on the telephone are nigh on impossible!…however, as some testament to endurance over competence I did manage, this morning, to get us into a marina….fortunately, as we approached this enormously expansive waterway with multi-marinas, our guy was waiting at the dock and sign language sufficed to settle us in….but, in general I am still grappling with the lingo…actually getting by pretty well…it’s all relative!….for general conversation I can hold my own but then, when ... read more
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The Wreck
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South America » Venezuela » North-Eastern » Puerto la Cruz August 12th 2007

We woke up to a boiling hot day, and stole a lot of toilet paper from the hotel we were in since they werent very nice to us. We then exchanged some dollars that we had for bolivares at about 3500 per dollar, almost 1500 bolivares more than the official rate. And that still probably isnt the true value of the dollar. Graeme confessed to me today that he suffers from panic attacks. This gave me a panic attack. And Caracas isnt really the place for panic attacks. So we decided to leave it, since we were constantly on the edge there. It´s a strange city Caracas, modern tube, highrise buildings and all that, but still very creepy - I didnt feel very safe there at any point, though maybe Graeme´s paranoia made me frightened! Anyway ... read more
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We were back in the big, bad city of Caracas, where the Dragoman tour ended. But I enjoyed it so much, I decided to stow away on board for the next leg towards Brazil! So it was goodbye to the old passengers, and hello to the new ones. Sally, Suzie and Tony were also staying on board, as far as Rio. On our way out from Caracas, we saw the slums on the outskirts, which was quite a shock. Hundreds and hundreds of basic cinderblock and brick buildings crammed together, literally on top of each other using every single available bit of space. Most houses have actually been contructed by the residents themselves. This "barrio" is called Jose Felix Ribas, and is one of the largest in South America, being home to some 120,000 people. Some ... read more
the most evil insect on the planet
kayaking in paradise
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South America » Venezuela » North-Eastern » Cumaná November 20th 2005

Dear All…Greetings from the tropics...oh I am sorry to say that I now have a lovely golden tan. Shame that my skin is also punctured with the wounds of bloody mosquito bites!! I think they know that one on the toe or elbow will annoy me the most and bite there on purpose. Santa Fe had intended to leave here after last e-mail but bumped into AJ a girl from London who was just finishing her 17 month trip through Central and South America....a great inspiration!! Pleased to report that she encountered no problems or bad things anywhere and also travelled solo. Had great things to say about Colombia and Brazil and has burdened me with her lonely planet Brazil copy when she saw I´d torn the pages out of mine to save on weightage, now ... read more
Sunset at San Juan de las Galdonas

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