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South America » Venezuela » North-Eastern October 25th 2015

The Orinoco Delta Caracas airport looks like an aviation museum. I flew in something from the 1960s with engines bolted to the back of the fuselage just in front of the tail. Given the warnings on government websites about Venezuela (frequent kidnappings, violence, armed robbery etc) I had booked all cars, tours and accommodation in advance. This helped as I was met at every location and got around the country in private cars that blended in with ordinary traffic. The drive to the port at the edge of the delta was through flat, featureless farmland with only one distinguishing feature, it was abandoned and not being farmed. My driver explained that a few years earlier the then president, Chavez, claimed that the price of meat, around 2000 Bolivars ( $3US on the black market ) was ... read more
Approaching the lodge
Orinoco Queen Lodge
Orinoco Queen Lodge

South America » Venezuela » North-Eastern April 17th 2013

tacky beyond belief Aruba, Dutch Antiles Wednesday, April 17, 2013 Here 8-4:30 Tai-Chi at 8 Breakfast in our room 8-8:30 Slow day as yesterday was a arduous day on shore because Curacao is so walking friendly, but my legs still hurt Terry and I came in around 7, showered in cold water to lower our body temperature* and lay around the room (me with aching legs and feet) and ordered our favorite room service dinner. * we are thankful that we have our water soaked silica necklaces to wear in this heat. I am enjoying the left over coffee while I write this We have not booked ship tours except for Costa Rica: tram ride in the canopy of the rain forest and a cruise on some river and in Guatemala a 1 ½ hr bus ... read more

South America » Venezuela » North-Eastern April 16th 2013

Curaçao, Dutch Antilles Tuesday, April 16, 2013 Arrived at 8, enjoyed the sailing, lovely, colourful and prosperous A governor had migraines, decided that the whitewash was the reason for his problems and made a law that all the buildings had to be “not white”; imagine lovely Dutch buildings in pastel colours all different, lovely. Curacao is built on 2 sides of a small harbor with a floating pontoon moveable bridge. We are docked between these old and new sides within short walking distance of the pedestrian pontoon bridge. We walked the old side for an hour this morning, came home for a drink, I had to drown ¾ of a liter of lemon tea and wash some clothes: very hot. Terry is reading Shibumi for a little break( thank you MF). We are going back out ... read more

South America » Venezuela » North-Eastern April 15th 2013

Bonair, Dutch Antilles Monday, April 2013 Small and poor We snorkeled a dead reef saw some brain corral and about 8 different species of colourful and not so colourful fish theses islands are close to Venezuela and get their produce by boat( saw some floating markets) and also their beer from there Lounged on a hotel lawn chair and watched the glorious 6:45 sunset as we are only 12 °N of the equator Back to the ship via our trusted taxi driver and up to the Lido by 8 for BBQ Cost: 5$ ice cream and the for free internet access, 10$ x 2 for taxi to beach and back and 10$ for 2 beer at hotel: one Mexican, the other, Polar from Venezuela., Total 35$ Nice destination, been there, done t…..... read more

South America » Venezuela » North-Eastern April 25th 2012

Hola a todos Ya estoy en la cuarta semana aquí en la granja y me doy cuenta que todavía no he presentado el equipo. Somos: Keith el jardinero jefe, Alex su asistente, Hannah y Lizzie quienes son aprendices, Al el eventual (trabaja nada mas en primavera y verano) y Bridget y yo, los voluntarios. Así que somos 6 personas quienes manejamos 10 ha de terreno. Todos menos yo y Bridget trabajan 5 días a la semana, 7:30am – 4:00pm. Nosotros empezamos 2 horas después en la mañana, a las 9:30am. Aparte del personal hay un tractor y un motocultor que se utilizan para cultivar la tierra además de otras labores. Por el resto casi todo se hace sin maquinaria pesada. Todos los días hacemos las diversas tareas según el plan maestro de Keith. La semana pasada, ... read more
Azadon con rueda
Aflojando a la tierra
Echando el compost

South America » Venezuela » North-Eastern April 18th 2012

Hola a todos Estoy comenzando mi tercera semana aquí en la Granja. Todavía hace frío, pero los días están alargando y estamos preparando la tierra y sembrando. Sin embargo, como les dije, aquí siempre estamos haciendo de todo – sembrando, cosechando y haciendo mantenimiento del área del cultivo. Así que esta semana, les voy a hablar de la cosecha. Y lo que me llama la atención es que no se cosecha todo el cultivo de una vez como se suele hacer en Caripe. Por ejemplo, la siembra de ajo porro hemos cosechado como 5 veces ya y todavía queda. Cada vez seleccionamos solamente los ajo porros más grandes – siempre cuidando que no hayan florecidos ya que al florecer se pone dura e incomestible el tallo. Incluso quitamos las raíces y medio limpiamos los ajo porros ... read more
"Pre Emergent Flame Weeding"

South America » Venezuela » North-Eastern August 25th 2010

After being warned how dangerous Venezuala has become in the last years, my friends and I were ignorant as to how much these dangers had escalated in this country and ended up flying in Caracas! Arriving on the plane, all the locals were staring at us as if we were actually crazy to be going here. Three women insisted we fly to Colombia as soon as possilbe, we didn't really believe them actually how bad it was but stubborn as we were we stuck with our original plans. To make a long story short, we ended up being robbed at gun point on a beach in Morocuoy National Park. It was a Monday morning. Two guys approached us (no one else was around), took a gun out, and made us kneel in the trees while they ... read more

Another sunny morning thank God. Pure bliss - Jason Mraz in one ear, the sound of the ocean in the other, sunbathing surrounded by palm trees. But sure enough, the clouds rolled in from the hills and whilst it didn't rain this afternoon it wasn't the best weather for the beach, not without the bat and ball I was pining for anyway! Our final dinner here (I should note that our "posada" seems to be the only guesthouse serving food!) was deep fried prawns and a mixed grill of fish and seafood, plus of course one last cocktail and beer.... read more

We had intended to leave Santa Fe today or tomorrow, but were advised against it seeing as it was a public holiday and the buses and accommodation would be rammed. To our delight it was another sunny day, so we relaxed on the beach until lunch when Sonja and Fredrik left. Just as we had finished reapplying sun cream in our room I heard the noise I'd been dreading, sure enough, another tropical storm. The kids on the beach were undeterred but the parents retreated, all armed with cool boxes and bottles of rum. I've never seen rain so heavy; eventually driving away even the children. Upon trying to be productive and catch up on our blog in an internet cafe, we were plunged into darkness by the third power cut in as many days (there ... read more

So after our purchase of dry bread for breakfast (and lunch, again) we hung around for our boat to depart (South American 9:30 turning into 10:15). Four couples already in the boat, we coasted the shoreline until the boat was full to capacity (5 kids, parents and grandparents!) Today was the Saturday of the Venezuelan bank holiday weekend for Independence Day and the beach was full of national holiday goers. On our way through the waters of Mochima National Park, we soon caught sight of a dolphin, then two, then five or six of them swimming together. The children squealed and we tried (and failed) to catch a photo. Very happy with that. After an hour we were dropped at a beach, deserted, with water so clear you didn't need a snorkel to see the fish. ... read more
Sun Baking
Where's Our Boat Gone??

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