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South America » Venezuela » Guayana » Ciudad Bolívar May 18th 2017

Cuidad Bolivar, Bolívar, Venezuela Good Friday, April 2, 1999 Good Friday in Ciudad Bolivar, eastern Venezuela. My first time here. After travelling by por puesto (shared taxi) from Maturin, I check into the Hotel Colonial, a rambling edifice beside the Orinoco. The hotel has a first-floor restaurant with a view of the street below, so I order river fish and a Solera beer and consult the relevant pages of Lonely Planet. My tour begins with a stroll down Paseo Colon (Columbus Street), the broad street outside my hotel. It's buzzing with traders and walkers. The chief attraction of the Paseo is the river, which runs alongside. According to Lonely Planet, the Orinoco is "relatively narrow" at Ciudad Bolivar, but to me it looks mighty wide. In the rays of the setting sun, the brownish water shines ... read more
Angostura Bridge

South America » Venezuela » Guayana » Ciudad Bolívar July 30th 2012

Hello everybody, this is my last blog from my 4-week trip to Venezuela. I left Merida by nightbus towards Valencia. The journey was long and tiring. In the morning I arrived in Valencia. In Valencia I have several friends who I actually know through the internet (penfriends) since 1999 / 2000 and I kept in contact with them until today. Facebook helped a lot to maintain these friendships. Valencia is the third largest city of Venezuela with about two million people. It's also the capital city of Carabobo state. The city is quite big and it has a lot of industries in its outskirts. The current metro-system consists of one line with 7 stations and there are more stations in construction. A ride in the metro is cheap (Bs. 1). The city also has a small, ... read more
Puerto Cabello
Valencia by night
Puerto Cabello

South America » Venezuela » Guayana » Ciudad Bolívar July 6th 2010

We woke at 6:30 in an attempt to begin our day of travel before the sun got too hot, but even at 7:30 our 1km walk with 20kg packs (plus a few kilograms on our fronts) was very uncomfortable. Two loaves of bread purchased, we hopped on the 45 minute bus to Puerto La Cruz from where we would catch a bus to Ciudad Bolivar, the jumping off point for Canaima National Park and Angel Falls, the highest waterfall in the world at 983m. Typical South America - when I asked two of the men from the bus company how long the journey would be, I got answers of 3 hours and 6 hours. I give up, I can't wait to be back to English reliability and access to information (relatively speaking that it). Anyway, an ... read more

South America » Venezuela » Guayana » Ciudad Bolívar August 23rd 2009

After having such great times in Ecuador and Colombia Venezuela is a real disappointment. The people are OK and some of the scenery around Merida is nice, but the exchange rate problem makes everything either expensive, difficult or both. That's probably making us view everything else negatively, things that we would laugh off in a country we liked become another reason to dislike this one, and we don't like it here, both of us are looking forward to getting out. We decided to cancel our biking and paragliding plans in Merida and head straight to Ciudad Bolivar to see whether we could sort out a trip to Angel Falls. We did some research on the internet and found the best route was Merida - Barinas - Ciudad Bolivar. Stage 1 went well, we got to the ... read more

South America » Venezuela » Guayana » Ciudad Bolívar May 26th 2009

Tim Version: * Tried to leave Ciudad Bolivar quickly, looks like a bit of a hole, but plan didn't work. Stayed the night and found it actually has a very small nice section! * Got to see the Orinoco river, not so beautiful here but still I've seen it, then had a mission of a time getting a bus to Merida. The "ahhh so thats the Orinoco River! OK seen that..." version: Well I had a lot more time than I thought, and I planned on hiking and walking lots in Merida which was to be my next destination, but really I just needed to stop and relax... but Ciudad Bolivar is a bit of a hole so I went to the bus station. Doh, missed the direct Merida bus by 10 minutes and there was ... read more
The Orinoco river
Park near my hostel
My Simon Bolivar

South America » Venezuela » Guayana » Ciudad Bolívar October 28th 2008

Canima and Angel Falls After we had a great time with the girls in the Amazon we all decided to stay together and travel to Angel Falls. From Cuidad Bolivia we had to catch a local 5 seater plane to take the 1 hr flight to Canima. The views from the plane where fantastic of the winding rivers and all different types of trees as far as the eye cold see. Approx 10 minutes before we landed we caught sight and flew over a beautiful lagoon with a number of waterfalls which were spectacular from the air. This area was called the Aerea de Laguna y Saltos and you will see from the photos how amazing this place was. Apon arrival we immediately got on a river boat 3 hrs up river where we stopped fro ... read more

South America » Venezuela » Guayana » Ciudad Bolívar September 20th 2008

Boat trip down the Amazon!!! plus Angel Falls Last Thursday afternoon, all hot and sweaty, I jumped into a natural pool deep in the Venezuelan jungle and took a swim. The air was full of mist and a deep rumble echoed off the rocks around. From three hundred stories above a thick ribbon of water poured off a rock wall and pounded into the stones below. These were Angel Falls, the absolute highest in the world, and it was a long trip to get there. First was the trip down the Amazon in a cargo boat, then the busses north across the equator into Venezuela, then a small charter plane to the village of Canaima, and lastly a four hour ride in a motorized canoe and a short hike. And also I stopped just north of ... read more
sunset on the amazon
another river boat just like ours
hammock city

South America » Venezuela » Guayana » Ciudad Bolívar February 8th 2008

Dopo una settimana di sole e spiaggia, sono tornato sul continente (o in "Venezuela" como dicono quelli dell'isola) pronto a prendere la via del sud, quella che traversa il Paese da nord a sud, attraverso l'Amazzonia e più giù fino al Brasile. Ci sono voluti tutti una serie di autobus per raggiungere Ciudad Bolivar, il capoluogo della provincia amazzonica. Il peggior nemico durante questi spostamenti è stata l'aria condizionata che, mantenuta a livelli da cella frigorifera di macelleria, mi ha forzato a chiedere una coperta ai miei più avveduti (perché esperti) compagni di viaggio. Alla fine sono comunque riuscito a beccare un fastidioso raffreddore. Un saluto.... read more
Orinoco #2
Ciudad Bolivar
Una Strada

South America » Venezuela » Guayana » Ciudad Bolívar January 15th 2008

Another long bus journey of 28 hours took me from Brazil into Ciudad Bolivar, a smallish city whose only attraction is being a base for excursions to the Angel Falls. Although Cuidad Bolivar has quite a nice old center, is is basically deserted, and it is a struggle to find a restaurant there. The city, along with the rest of Venezuela, suffers from regular shortages of milk, sugar, or even toilet paper, balanced out with more than enough corruption. I was lucky enough to book a tour to the Angel Falls the day after arriving. The falls are in quite a remote area, so the only way to get there is by organised tours. This involves a one hour flight to Canaima in a small cessna. Canaima is a small village, beautifully located on a lagoon ... read more
flying to Canaima
Canaima lagoon
our Cessna

South America » Venezuela » Guayana » Ciudad Bolívar November 4th 2007

We had a day of manic sorting, more money exchanging and trying to get some flights and trips arranged for the next few weeks. We then headed further north to Ciudad Bolivar, the jumping off point for Angel Falls. After another 11 hour bus journey we arrived at our hotel at midnight. Not the best time to arrive in a strange city and it did feel a bit dodgy and it did get a bit worrying when the old guy on the door where we were staying wouldn’t let us in because it was too late! Fortunately with Michelle playing the girl card he let us in which was good as a car had already drove past us twice and I think if we were there a third time things could have turned nasty. The next ... read more
Ciudad Bolivar
Ciudad Bolivar

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