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South America » Uruguay » West » Colonia del Sacramento January 18th 2007

Here is the email I sent to all the Buenos Aires friends for my birthday on Monday...see what happens Hola Mi cumpleanos es eso Lunes (22 de Enero). Quero ir a Plaza Serrano para cena circa 9 or 10 en la noche. Despues vamos a la club para la cancion "Vamos a La Playa, A mi me gusta bailar". No se cual club todavia. yo envio email en sabado o domingo con mas plans Graham en ingles My birthday is this Tuesday (the 22 of January). I want to go to Plaza Serrano for dinner around 9 or 10 then head to a club. I do not know which club yet. I will send an email on Sat or Sunday with more plans Hope to see you there Graham ... read more

South America » Uruguay » West » Colonia del Sacramento January 13th 2007

When explaining my likely itinerary to people before leaving the UK, I don't think I mentioned Uruguay. I had assumed that I would dip into the country for a day or two and that would be it. As it turns out, Uruguay has plenty to keep travellers occupied for a good while. I spent 8 days there and could easily have stayed longer. Montevideo is probably most famous for playing host to the first World Cup Final in 1930, which Uruguay won. I visited the old stadium and the football museum inside it. The city remains an important port, where there is a large food market with so much succulent meat on display that it is impossible not to stop for a steak or sausage. I enjoyed the atmosphere of Montevideo - the city has plenty ... read more
Tower at Montevideo stadium
Piriapolis beach
Colonia del Sacramento

South America » Uruguay » West » Colonia del Sacramento January 3rd 2007

2nd january- 3rd January Colonia is a little gem...filled with colonial buildings and cute little things...kind of makes u sick after a while really as to how cute it was. we met some cool people there and had way too many drinks! all in the one night we were there! walked around the old town, admiring the colonial architecture. but admittedly, one day was more than enough. Its not as memorable as people make it out to be! but worth a quick stop if you are in the area! also lacking beaches....which was just as well we were heading to Punta del este ... read more
the cobbled hilly streets of Colonia
colonial buildings
view from the lighthouse

South America » Uruguay » West » Colonia del Sacramento December 19th 2006

So i have spent the last week in my spanish course i must say i didn´t learn heaps in a week but i learnt some basic grammer which i´m sure if i practise it will make a world of difference to my spoken spanish. All in all the spanish course was good fun and met some cool people as it was appraoching christmas time most of the residents that had been in the house for upto 6 months were leaving so there were a few farewell parties. I think it was wednesday night at the hard rock, Thursday at a greek resturant smashing plates and dancing... ...then saturday was a massive night at a place called sunset. It was a beautiful night, hanging out with one of the cute brazilians all night dancing, getting a cab ... read more
Colonia 2
Colonia 3

South America » Uruguay » West » Colonia del Sacramento December 16th 2006

It was just a short journey up to Colonia from Montevido and on the way, we managed to pick up a guy from Oz and the three of us headed to the hostel together. it was really nice (i will try to remeber the name!) and had big, clean dorms and a sunny courtyard. we went to sort out our ferry for the next day to Buenas Aires and found out that ´cattle class´didn´t leave until 8 the next evening which was good because it meant we had extra time to check out Colonia. What a pretty city it was! we easily spent the afternoon wandering around the small Marina and quaint little cobbled streets. There was also an Aquarium (which got me excited!) but alas, it was shut until the next day! That night, the ... read more

South America » Uruguay » West » Colonia del Sacramento December 14th 2006

With only a few days left before we fly to Ushuaia, and having done everything in Buenos Aires that interested us, we were ready to visit the surrounding areas. We had wanted to visit Uruguay and there were ferries that took you across the river (Rio de la Plata) to Colonia del Sacramento, an old smugglers port in Uruguay. So, leaving the Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires in the morning, we went to the boat station to find that the only boat bound for Colonia was not leaving until late in the afternoon and wouldn’t be arriving in Colonia until around 6 o’clock or so in the evening. We also found that the return boat from Colonia back to Buenos Aires was in the late morning. We had made the wrong assumption that there would be ... read more
fort gates

South America » Uruguay » West » Colonia del Sacramento December 4th 2006

Trapped inside a skeleton key house....I am writing about the beauty of Colonia, Uruguay. Another change of plans. That is a reoccuring them when traveling. Living life on a day to day basis. Swift, free, sometimes confusing. The weather in Buenos Aires was rainy and dark. A dismal day in Argentina. "Early" in the morning i was setting out for another passport stamp (I definately need it since my old passport somehow disappeared). Another glimpse of the world. i was meeting four strangers for the days event. A friend of a friend. The amorphous nature of friendships while traveling is splendid. After travelling on the subte, getting turned around during my first steps of the road (I get disoriented when i don't know where the ocean lies), dodging traffic on a thickly auto packed road filled ... read more
The roads canopy
Don Quixote

South America » Uruguay » West » Colonia del Sacramento November 29th 2006

These are pics from our recent trip to Colonia. If you're ever in Buenos Aires, it is definitely worth the hour-long ferry ride over to Colonia, Uruguay. Its very small and can be seen in an afternoon but I highly recommend spending a night there to get the full effect...... read more

South America » Uruguay » West » Colonia del Sacramento November 16th 2006

Wow, has the time ever flown by! It seems like only yesterday that we arrived in Buenos Aires, to our little apartment, yet somehow three months have passed and my 90 day tourist Visa was set to expires. I would need to leave the country, thereby obtaining and exit stamp which would then permit me to re-enter Argentina and obtain a new 90 day Tourist Visa. Given that, I needed to head across the border and the River plate into the country of Uruguay, made famous by Homer Simpson. I was going alone on this trip and was looking forward to a little adventure by myself. Passing through customs early in the morning, while still in Bs.As. I made my way onto the antiquated vessel that would slowly makes it was across the river separating Argentina ... read more
hhmmmm, CHIVITO
An old train in the middle of a field
Typical of the houses surrounding the historic centre

South America » Uruguay » West » Colonia del Sacramento November 7th 2006

Looking back (5/5) Two days in Uruguay I booked my ticket for the boat leaving Buenos Aires to Colonia (Uruguay) when one of my classes was cancelled and spent two days in the quiet country of Uruguay. After a pleasant morning boat ride, I arrived in the charming city of Colonia. As soon as I landed I knew I was in a different country: drivers stopped to let me cross the streets! After recovering from my amazement, I headed for the old neighbourhood of Colonia where I spent the entire afternoon enjoying the calm atmosphere, traditional architecture and colourful landscape. It was a true pleasure to walk slowly throughout the old streets... That same afternoon I left by bus for Montevideo; the bus ride was extremely pleasant as the road was lined with palm trees and ... read more

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