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April 14th 2007
Published: August 9th 2007
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Finally finally finally i´ve managed to get my email account back! So you´ll now no longer be receiving desperate pleas for money from me in Nigeria!! I only hope that no one actually fell for that....

Well as it happens this is my last full day in Buenos Aires, so I decided to go away to Uruguay if that makes sense... to a place called Colonia (3 hours by slow ferry and 50 mins by catamaran from BA). Well it sure seems like it might be a nice place - very tranquil and old worldy. Unfortunately the heavens opened today and i´m reduced to sitting in an internet cafe. I did see some incredbly large fossilised armadillo shells in a museum and did the entire spanish conquest of uruguay in 5 mins (on account that that museum was just about to close), so i´m none the wiser really. Still I have my uruguaian passport stamp! 😊

So the last week and a half in BA has flown by. I decided to stay the extra week as my spanish has improved so quickly thanks in part to the classes. Plus I was enjoying them in any case. By some strange quirk of fate (thank you) I was one of two guys out of about 15 students at the school, so I spent the last week looking after my ´hareem´ (er... if you are one of the aforementioned reading this please note that this is tongue-in-cheek=chiste) at lunch, dinner, endless shopping, etc... I would like to say that they appreciated this, but since they started calling me the abuelo (granddad) when they discovered my age, i suspect not.

So what else,,, TANGO. I ended up going to three highly entertaining lessons. It really was fun, and i found two perfect partners: my nariz parada brazilena friend (:P) and of course Jordi. Yes unfortunately the latter is a dutch guy i met here. Thankfully with a sense of humour as we spent an hour dancing fairly intimately together due to lack of woman at the class (like 7 men 1 woman). Anyway, it was all too short and sweet and I suspect I´ll forget everything i´ve learned in a week...

Tomorrow I´m heading north from BA to Iguaza, famous waterfalls. It´s going to be my first experience of cama class on long distance buses. We (me and my czech friend Lukas) are going to travel luxury (i.e. full cama-bed) which i think is justified for the extra 30 pesos! So, i guess i´ll be a bit sad to leave BA now that I feel like i´ve just got to know the place and some people there.

Right hopefully I´ll get some more photos from other people (all the late night drinking shots) up on my site soon!

Nick (most definitely in South America and miles from Nigeria!)


15th April 2007

; P
Great to hear you're alive and kicking and you've finally made it to the coolest country in South America-even if it was on a day-trip basis X D Take care and enjoy your trip!

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