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South America » Uruguay » West » Colonia del Sacramento August 26th 2019

While still in Buenos Aires, Argentina before the wedding, I came with the idea to visit Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay. I was willing to go by myself if others weren't interested to join. I went with three of Gidi's friends: Stefano (Italy), Yaron (Israel) and Adrien (France). We took the ferry in the morning from Puerto Madero in Buenos Aires and crossed Rio de la Plata towards Colonia. The journey took about 1 hour on board of a comfortable, modern ferry. We spent the whole day in Colonia. It is was my second visit to Uruguay. Back in 2010 I did cross with a ferry and landed in Colonia too, but immediately took a bus towards Montevideo. Colonia del Sacramento lies at about 45km from Buenos Aires and has only about 30.000 inhabitants. The city is ... read more
City wall of  Colonia del Sacramento
Gate towards the historical inner-city of  Colonia del Sacramento
 Colonia del Sacramento

South America » Uruguay » West » Colonia del Sacramento February 25th 2019

Et nous y voici a ce 77ème pays... Une vraie surprise car jamais je ne l'imaginais ainsi... Les gens y sont plus que charmants... Les paysages très variés nous font faire de ah et de oh.... Je ne prends le temps que d'écrire ce blog à notre quatrième journée car le soir les yeux demandent vite un bon repos tellement nous avalons une nouvelle culture, une nouvelle découverte, un vrai plaisir d'être venus ici... Fabian a donc eu la gentillesse de nous reconduire à Buenos Aires pour que nous prenions le BUQUEBUS qui est en fait un ferry qui nous fait traverser le Rio de la Plata pour arriver en Uruguay... Nous vivons les deux dernières semaines de grandes vacancies ici.. Le bateau est donc bien plein, non seulement d'argentins qui aiment venir en Uruguay pour ... read more
la gare du Buque Bus : bâteau bus
beaucoup d'argentins utilisent ce bateau pour aller en vacances en Uruguay
notre bateau

South America » Uruguay » West » Colonia del Sacramento January 22nd 2019

Today we are going to Colonia del Sacramento in Uruguay. It’s not far; on the opposite side of the River Plate. But the river is so wide at this point, that it’s a 75 minute ferry journey. We check in, pass through Argentinian immigration then have to do a 180 degree turn to pass through Uruguayan immigration (which is basically an official in the same booth with her back to the Argentinian official). This means that we finish facing in the opposite direction to the original direction we were facing. The old man sets off back the way we came clutching his stamped passport, finally realising he is walking in the opposite direction to the huge pictures of boats and arrows, and walks back through passport control, which annoys the official a lot. Once on board, ... read more
Colonia Station
Argentina from Uruguay
Porton de Campo

South America » Uruguay » West » Colonia del Sacramento March 2nd 2018

GÜN 29 02 MART CUMA: Bugün, planımıza göre, Uruguay’ın Colonia şehri ziyaret edilecek. Dün dersimize çalışmıştık …sabah yürüyerek limana vardım . Sistem çok güzel çalışıyor. Arjantinden çıkıp ,Uruguay işlemlerine giriyorsunuz ve iki masa yan yana.. "Buquebus" Uruguay'a gemi kaldıran şirketlerden biri. Elbette başka şirketlerde var ama galiba en etkin olanı, bu şirket. Gemi tam olarak doldu…zamanında kalktı ve bir saat sonra Colonia’ya yanaştık. Rio de la Plata nehri, Atlantik okyanusuna çok geniş bir delta ile dökülür. Bu nedenle, Buenos Aires deltanın güney yanında kalırken, kuzey yanında Colonia, ya da yerel adıyla “Colonia del Sacramento” adlı Uruguay kenti yer almaktadır.. Hiç yapmam ama bilet olanaklarını incelerken ,... read more

Suzanne here... At around an hour and a half, the bus journey from Carmelo was much too short for my liking. We really enjoy traveling by bus. We'd seen a bit of scenery and eaten the cheese baguettes I'd made before we left. I then had just the tiniest little snooze, when David informed me we were nearly there. Bah. Hotel Perla del Plata was just a short walk from the bus station. It wasn't our first choice, but hotels in Colonia are rather pricey. Luckily it was actually quite nice. Small room but clean and comfortable, so nothing really wrong with it. Colonia del Sacramento is a very pretty little town with cobbled streets and a UNESCO listed historic centre. It's on the Rio de la Plata, the same river as Carmelo. At Carmelo it ... read more
The old Colonia estacion
Colonia Barrio Historico area
Plaza de Armes

After Montevideo, I figured it was better to sit in the rain in the country rather than in the city, so I headed back toward Colonia del Sacramento and the port that connects to Argentina. An hour before Colonia, I got off the bus in Valdense and El Galope horse farm (which is on Hostelworld) had a taxi waiting for me. The area is pretty ordinary in terms of scenery. It reminded me of Ohio, really, except with palms, parakeets, and functional towns (with a variety of locally owned stores). The farms gets its milk, cheese, honey, etc. from its neighbors. It was too wet to consider riding the horses, but the second day the sun came out and I went for a nice, long run through the farms and the nearby town. It was a ... read more
El Galope, with cold pool for after the sauna.
Colonia del Sacramento Lighthouse
Adjacent farm

South America » Uruguay » West » Colonia del Sacramento June 18th 2016

After a few days hanging out and seeing the sights of Buenos Aires I thought it would be fun and a little different to hop on a boat and travel over to Uruguay. No one really goes here and it seemed like a really exotic notion. So up at the crack of dawn, to beat the notorious Buenos Aires rush hour traffic, Jani and I headed to the port and were able to secure a ticket on a ferry for the one hour journey to Colonia del Sacramento. I was exhausted on the boat and slept for what I could, but once we arrived in Uruguay my energy levels shot sky high. It was so foreign and off of the beaten path to be here. I was super excited. Colonia del Sacramento is a wonderfully photogenic ... read more

South America » Uruguay » West » Colonia del Sacramento February 15th 2016

C: After our time in BA we decided to head across the water into Uruguay, not just for another passport stamp, but to visit the pretty coastal town of Colonia del Sacramento. It's only takes a couple of hours on the ferry from BA across the interestingly named River Plate which apparently, according to the history lesson my dad gave us via Skype, was the site of a major naval battle during WWII. Despite Argentinian and Uruguayan customs nearly causing us to want to start another battle, we made it across. (R: The popcorn lives on!). The town itself lives up to the hype. Set on a pretty peninsula and full of cobbled streets and attractive little buildings it was a nice place just to wander and soak up the atmosphere. It is smarter than BA, ... read more
Fisher men
Back streets

South America » Uruguay » West » Colonia del Sacramento November 1st 2015

Sinking my teeth into Uruguay...much like Uruguay's most famous current footballer sunk his teeth into Giorgio Chiellini. And Branislav Ivanovic. And Otman Bakkal. Hopefully the only thing I would be sinking my teeth into literally would be Uruguay's famous beef. As much as he is known for his controversial actions, Luis Suarez is a also a brilliant footballer with skill, pace, guile and a fiercely competitive spirit. The rest of the Uruguayan national team isn't too bad either, considering that Uruguay only has a population of 3.4 million - even less than New Zealand. What kind of a place produces such extraordinary talent that allows such a small nation to punch so far above their weight? I was hoping to find out. Mixing up the modes of transport I was taking, I was travelling to Uruguay ... read more
Playa de los Pocitos
Horse Cart, Colonia del Sacramento
Plaza Independencia, Montevideo

South America » Uruguay » West » Colonia del Sacramento July 26th 2015

Hello Family and Friends, Today we were leaving for Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay by ferry. We bought the ticket in the week for about £50 return as it was cheaper to come back to BA and then take a bus up to Iguassu, instead of taking the bus to Salto and then to Iguassu. Pablo and Romi kindly offered to drop us off at the ferry terminal at 7am (they are so kind!) the trains do run at this time, but as it was dark they said it would have been unsafe. As we drove through the city at 6.30am, the nightclubs were still busy with people coming out and even people still queuing to get in some places!!!!! Literally a city that never sleeps! We arrived at the terminal an hour before the ferry departed ... read more

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