Published: March 8th 2012
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Tango is a carbonated soft drink sold primarily in the United Kingdom and Ireland and from 2010 in Sweden, Norway and Hungary as well, first launched by Corona in 1950. Corona were bought by the Beecham Group in 1958, and Beecham Soft Drinks were bought by Britvic in 1987.<sup id="cite_ref-britvic1_0-0" class="reference" style="line-height: 1em; color:� font-family: sans-serif;">In Scandinavia the drink is distributed by SMX Drinks AB.

So as you can see I´ve Wikipedia-ed Tango and I honestly had no idea that the show we saw in La Ventana Tango bar was owned by Corona. Interesting.

The show was in the swanky San Telmo district in a very atmospheric, fairly old but luxurious grand hall. We joined after dinner and were given our free wine and water, and also a cheeky Empanada (basically a Cornish Pasty). It was split into three sets (the show not the Empanada): the first was more traditional tango with a brilliantly humorous band that made the whole thing quite light-hearted and witty. The tango itself was AMAZING. So so quick and complex. I think, with my legs, If I tried the ´leg flick between your partners leg´ move, I´d probably break a few shins. Anyway, the second part, oh boy the second part, was frankly unbelievable. A new band came on. It was a more traditional South American group with pan pipes, ukuleles, guitars and a drum, but they too, whilst creating very atmospheric music, got the mix humour just right. Then another man comes on stage, does a bit of dancing and gets out some poys (ropes you spin in cool patterns). Not only does he do amazing tricks, but he taps them on the ground as they spin, perfectly in time with the music, and simultaneously makes rhythms with his feet. The result was astounding. It was so gobsmacking I almost felt the need to punch Will in the mouth. In celebration of his feats, here is a list of Poy puns Will and I have been working on:

Bad Poys II

Poysin Crispy Duck (or owl if you know of Brian Butterfield)

The Chris Poyles show

Poy sauce

Land apoy!

Poyk chops

Papoyrus leaves


Poys II men

Poys ´R´ Us

Please send your own puns to: Blue Peter Studio, BBC Television Centre, London, PO Box 26557

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9th March 2012

More puns
Hello Mr Tomnus, I am very much enjoying these marvellous posts that you are creating. I have some more poy puns after you asked your audience to reply with a few. Here they go: Steak and Kidney Poy Let's make some poyssss!!! Geoffrey Poycott Poy Soldiers That is all...
18th March 2012

Poy Puns
Just thought I'd add to the pun list: Poy oh poy, I was overpoyed by that poy performance

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