La Boca

Published: March 8th 2012
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I realise I haven´t written anything on La Boca, a district home to El Caminito and its wonderfully colourful houses, a place I suspect might be the birthplace of Mr Blobby. We visited this on the Sunday, passing the Boca Juniors football stadium as we went and... (look, let´s be honest, you´ve probably all read Will´s more detailed post on La Boca already. Like 4 days ago. I´ve completely missed the boat on this one and I apologize if you feel as if you´re being backtracked. I honestly won´t be insulted if you close your browser right now. Go on, do it! If you do want to carry on reading then thank you, I won´t let you down. Now where was I?)... yes, La Boca. It´s very colourful. Although if I´m being honest, although it was genuinely great and it´s definitely something you can´t miss, it did feel a tad theme-park-ey, just because there were so many tourists and there were these funny cartoon statues in the windows. Nevertheless it was a very cool thing to see. The walk back took us through what we later found out was a pretty dodgy, dangerous area. Not that it would have been a problem if we´d been hassled due to our years of undercover training in Argentinian gang warfare.

Anyways, as much as it saddens me to disrupt the perfectly chronological order of my posts so far, I´m going to have to put a spanner in the works and slip this one in from Sunday 4th March *Shivers in a Mr Burns like way*.


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