Published: March 9th 2012
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I told Will not to open the big red door in the basement of the hostel. I said to him ´Jinkies Will it doesn´t look safe, it gives me the spooks´, there were ´no entry´ signs everywhere, but he had to have a look, and I felt I should accompany him. We went through the door, past some coats, through a random snowy land with an ice castle and a faun, and now we´re in Uruguay. Will´ll tell you we took the ferry after a change of plan so as to escape the hustleybustley BA for a relaxing minibreak in Colonia del Sacramento, but he´s lying.

I´m glad we did go through that red door though. Colonia is really very nice, its an old historic port set up by the Portuguese with tree-lined cobbled roads and a lot of retro cars (see photos (when i´ve put them up (I promise I´ll do that soon))). We´re basically just having a bit of a relax, seeing some museums, climbing a few lighthouses, writing some novels, you know those novels that we've been working on for three years? Its all really chilled here and has a great vibe. The hostel beds felt as if they were made of balsa wood however, so I chose the bottom bunk.

We caught the ferry back in the evening and decided to walk back from the port to the hostel. This proved to be a very good idea as we managed to see the Puerto Madero (big pedestrian bridge with a spike) at night along with La Casa Rosada (Prime Minister's house) lit up with glowing fluorescent pink lights. Very cool. When we arrived back at the hostel they had kindly managed to delete us from their system so we had to go to the other Milhouse for the night while they sorted it out. I actually much prefer Milhouse Hipo, the room we had was brilliant, really friendly people and a hilarious French guy who to be honest is quite difficult to describe. Just take my word that he was hilarious. He spent 6 months milking cows and does a very funny impersonation of an Australian.

The next morning, we get breakfast downstairs. By the way, I haven´t yet mentioned the extreme stingyness of this place. They try to get money out of you at every possible opportunity, you even have to pay extra to turn on the aircon. At breakfast they start clearing stuff away so quickly so that anyone who´s late has to buy their extortionate cooked breakfast. I left a cup of tea at the buffet while I carried my stuff to the table and went back and it was gone! Gee Wizz. Anyway, after breakfast we went to reception to organize our next night´s sleep and were asked to go back to the other hostel for our last night! Bit of a joke to be honest. Oh well, Patagonia on SATURDAAAAAY!


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