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South America » Peru December 5th 1981

Geo: -3.37086, -71.9275We got up early and swam. Pebas. Indians. Canoe to cemetery.... read more

South America » Peru December 4th 1981

Geo: -3.37086, -71.9275It is a special feeling, waking up under a mosquito netting. For hours, I lay awake, listening to the sounds around me. Some birds had loud squawks, boisterous squawks. Others, cries of joy or sadness. One bird sounds as if it is blowing bubbles in still water; another as if it is made by Disney electronics, complete with clack of plastic beak.When I finally rose, the jungle had quieted. I pulled on a night-shirt, but soon was swimming naked in the Shishita River. The current is strong, and it is good exercise just staying in place. At breakfast, the Cutumandi, Isabela, came to visit us. She took to Ann immediately.We spent the morning in the hammocks, save a short walk through the garden.For lunch, we had the wild pig, anona, bread, etc.Afterwards, the Yagua ... read more

South America » Peru December 3rd 1981

Geo: -9.18997, -75.0152We rose to the sun. A few clouds to the east promised to provide shelter from the heat of the day, but nothing more.We found our small aluminium boat, then departed for Jessonia near 1000h.The Amazon is full of garbage -- natural garbage, flotsam, like fallen trees, bushes, etc. -- but it makes for slow going. We had to stop often to turn the flotsam out of the propeller.We made our first stop at Indiana, a village run by French-Canadian missionaries. There we visited a craft shop with carpentry, sewing, machine working. There is a natural plant that grows in the Amazaon. When peeled, it feels like styrofoam. Our second stop was Explorama Lodge, up a small river. It was a nice lodge, but I'm glad we didn't stay there. Not as interesting as ... read more

South America » Peru » Loreto » Iquitos December 2nd 1981

Geo: -3.7529, -73.1915Clear, hot, humid. Rain in evening.Rose sometime after 1000h.Late in the morning, we finally got up and wandered around town. There wasn't much. Lots of motorcycles, garbage, people, pets. We found a cafe al aire libre but-under-a-roof by the square and had lunch. It was quite good and inexpensive. Peech. Anyway, we found Jesson's nephew who runs a souvenier shop and, con el, practicamos el espanol. Ha ha. It wasn't really that hard. He spoke slowly, clearly, simply. We left him at the hora de descanso, so we returned to our hotel where I journaled. At 15.00h, Jasmin came for us. We drove around Iquitos for a while, then headed out for Quistacocha. Quistacocha is a government-run botanical reserve. They have many plants, some caged animals, most birds, monkeys, and funny rodents. We walked ... read more

South America » Peru » Loreto » Iquitos December 2nd 1981

Geo: -3.7529, -73.1915Arrival to Iquitos: 12:25amMs. Jesson met us at the airport in Iquitos and got us through customs without a second glance, just by picking up our luggage and saying, "They're with me" or something equivalent. She also had a taxi waiting. As we were driving thru town, she told us that it would be better if we left for Jessonia on Thursday, which gives us a full day in Iquitos. Then we got a flat tire from El Pothole Grande. We stopped somewhere and got it pumped up. We started up again, turned the corner, then the engine died. Fortunately, Jesson's nephew was passing by and offered to give us a lift to the hotel in his pick-up. Being game, Ann, Mum and I rode in the back with Jasmine and Pas rode up ... read more

South America » Peru » Loreto » Iquitos December 1st 1981

Geo: -3.7529, -73.1915So, here we are. We have just had an exceptionally satisfying continental breakfast. At least, I think we did. They gave us about three minutes to eat. But that is irrelevant. When we left home, Puma Frazier Darling Kitty-Cat was not overly pleased to go for a car ride, but he did have the enthusiasm to entertain us with a wide variety of meows and snarls. We descend slowly into Miami. The flight has consisted of Arthur and Beowolf. Arthur being the movie Arthur and Beowolf being the Anglo-Saxon poem turned modern English prose. Ah, well. We did encounter some slight turbulence over the Gulf of Mexico, but there was no reason to alert the media, so I didn't. But alas, I am once again being irrelevant.At the time this is written, I am ... read more

South America » Peru » Callao March 11th 1976

Geo: -9.18997, -75.0152My sister, age 11, wrote:When we got up we had to pack - that took until after breakfast. Then I went and found Sharon and the three of us played for a while and then went swimming. We watched us come into port and made our last good-bye and then got off. We cleared customs and took a taxi to the Hotel Crillon. Which was pretty nice. I slept with Mom and Dad.... read more

South America » Peru » Callao March 10th 1976

Geo: -22.9179, -77.8711My sister, age 11, wrote:We played with Sharon all day except when Mom and I had to pay the second game. She won but only by 6 points. We went swimming for about two hours at 72 degrees. We had a patio lunch and I had two pieces of watermelon again. After dinner we went to Casino Night. Ardie and I really gambled. We each started with $1.50 and I ended up with $22. Dad ended up with $167 in chips and won first prize. They could have gotten a really good weather meter thing but there was a tele-instamatic camera there and they had promised us one for our birthdays so they got us it. That evening we took as a first picture Ard, Benny, Charlie, the second steward, and me. When we ... read more

South America » Peru » Puno February 25th 1976

Geo: -15.1215, -69.9797My sister, age 11, wrote:We woke up at 5:30am and went down stairs with our luggage. We were then driven to the train station. We saw lots of interesting things on the ride. We had a continental breakfast and a chicken lunch. When we got to Juliaca, where we were supposed to get off then be driven to Puno because it was shorter, we were told that we had to go on to Puno on the train. So we did but about halfway to Puno we stopped for about a half-hour but we don't know why. We finally arrived and stayed at a hotel that was just a big house converted to a hotel.... read more
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South America » Peru » Cusco » Machu Picchu February 24th 1976

Geo: -13.1628, -72.5158My sister, age 11, wrote:We got up at 5:30am and had breakfast then went to the train depot. It was a three and a half hour ride to where we got the busses. It was a 20-minute switchback ride - 13 switchbacks! We ate lunch at the hotel there and then started out. We passed the terraces where the farmers worked. Then we went up to the Royal Tomb where we saw lots of pieces of rock sticking out for offerings. Then to the sun temple which was semi-circular building with places for idols and offerings. After that we went up to the guard house, which I figured out was the place they take that famous picture from. When we climbed back down we went to the main temple and after to the temple ... read more
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