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August 15th 2011
Published: August 17th 2011
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Before I left the states, I had a general route planned out. After hustling from city to city, conquering treks, exhausting my verbal communication and engaging in new experiences, I figured I would want to spend my last week or two relaxing.

When the time came I headed up the coast to Trujillo, which typically is supposed to consist of sunny beaches overcrowded by surfers. Truth be told, there was a beach but it was cloudy and cold, and I knew the minute I arrived I had to get my ass out of there! I decided to stay the day so I could sleep, when I woke up I met Libby, a earth loving california dreamer. We agreed Trujillo was robbing everyone's happiness and took an overnight bus to the infamous beaches of Mancora.

We stayed in Kokopelli Hostel which was absolutely perfect. It wasn't too small nor big, with a glorious pool, bar, hammocks and to top it off, eggs were a part of breakfast (It may sound simple, hard bread and jam becomes worthless very quickly). The downside was that we shared our room with 4 other girls from Lima, who on the outside, were beautiful and well mannered , but living with them was a completely different experience, because I was living with 4 little piggies.. The main problem being that they ruined our bathroom (I don't want to talk details, but plumbing was out of service) I don't know why I never learned my lesson, but one of the worst decisions you can make while traveling is to opt for an all female dorm because you hear and see things that you would never imagine. The upside of the dorm, was meeting Emma from England. Emma is possibly one of the funniest girls i've ever met. She is the type who is full of dry humor and in an given situation has limitless comments. I could sit next to Emma any day and all day and have guaranteed free entertainment. It must be said, that the two of us alone together equals a night of trouble. We believe our energy is at its strongest when Emma wears her hideous llama sweater. I don't know what it is, but when that sweater leaves the room with us, all hell breaks loose!

After a few more days we ran into Becky and Andy from Liverpool, and Neil from Holland. Becky and Andy are a couple that words can't explain. Becky is absolutely crazy, and will talk the night away. I should mention that I believe there are two types of "Chatty Cathies" the first one is someone that will make your ears bleed, the other is someone that goes on and on about anything but the stories and comments are anything but boring. I could listen to Becky all day long, she's absolutely hilarious. The two of them are great together because Andy is a lot more grounded but never fails to spit out his fair share.

We all had the pleasure of going to Punta Sal, which is a beach about 25 minutes from Mancora, it was really nice because it was very exclusive unlike the beaches right in Mancora. It was one of the best days of my trip, taking in the sun, eating ice cream sharing stories and wading in the water is hard to complicate. Ohhhh but wait, there was one minor issue: The previous night I got a hair wrap, the guy that made it for me was awesome, Emma and I chowed on Sumblime (the best chocolate EVER) and chatted away, to be blunt though, the dude was satisfying his thirst with cerveza and did a number on my hair. I was too busy flirting with little Diego ( a 12 year old kid that was making bracelets under the table) to notice. Diego was confident that he could make both Emma and I his girlfriends, while flattered, im not interested in obtaining the "cougar" title, but we were the talk of the block. Anyways I asked a girl in Punta Sal to fix it, and got some hair cut off in return. Splendid. Regardless, the day was like a perfect family picnic. When we returned I managed to collect a significant amount of hair clients in the hostel, I have to admit, it was a pleasure to be working again. After saving an endless amount of split ends we filled our stomachs and ended the night at an Irish pub, Ironic no?

The rest of the time in Mancora we layed like beached whales at various locations, while only taking a break to sleep or eat. Typical menu consisted of Chicarron Pescado (fried fish), Ceviche, fruit/yogurt, and plenty of ensalada., and I can't forget that there was a lot of ice cream and sublime's YUMMMY!!!

Mancora was the perfect chance to settle down and collect myself. I figured once I had lost concept of dates, time and unfortunately vocabulary, it was a much needed vacation from my vacation! It was also here that I realized that it's all the little details of traveling that transform a "vacation" into a panorama of various visions and prospects derived from the culture. I'm also learning to accept that it is impossible to document every detail, and most times, I just have to let it go and seriously enjoy the moment.

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19th August 2011

Love this sweetheart.... chatter chatter chatter lol :) can't wait to see you again real sooooooon! xxx
20th August 2011

haha, you cut me out the picture !
Haha, Mikki. I know we were not the best of friends to say at least but to cut me out of the picture ? Hilarious ! Still loved our verbal jousting. Neil From Holland -
23rd August 2011

hahaha I actually did not cut you out of the picture, that's how it was taken, come on now we had sour issues but not to that extreme!

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