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24th September 2015

Mikki, I am so jealous. I've always wanted to go diving and now I want to even more! It sounds like you are having such an amazing experience. Excited to hear more :-)
13th August 2015

Fear means False Evidence Appearing Real and you didn't let fear rule your life or keep you from an amazing experience. I'm a diver and serenity for me is on the ocean floor, blowing bubbles with the fishes. So happy to read your adventure. I'll be going back to read more of your blogs. Please keep blogging and sharing your experiences. Thanks
14th August 2015

Thank you for reading, i'm so glad you enjoyed it! I'd love to know your favorite diving spots so far...
8th May 2015

Want to follow your adventure!
Have a wonderful time!!!
From Blog: Thailand!!!
23rd August 2011

hahaha I actually did not cut you out of the picture, that's how it was taken, come on now we had sour issues but not to that extreme!
From Blog: Mancora
20th August 2011

haha, you cut me out the picture !
Haha, Mikki. I know we were not the best of friends to say at least but to cut me out of the picture ? Hilarious ! Still loved our verbal jousting. Neil From Holland - www.aroundtheworldin80girls.com
From Blog: Mancora
19th August 2011

Love this sweetheart.... chatter chatter chatter lol :) can't wait to see you again real sooooooon! xxx
From Blog: Mancora
19th July 2011

you have no idea how jealous i am of you! i'm so happy you're having such a great time.
6th July 2011

I love your stories
Hi honey I love how you tell your stories. I really love your photos! You are very good with your new camera!. Ah Miami what a great place your pictures make me want to go back soon. I think I have some of the same pics from our trip that you don't remember. You silly girl. I love you and miss you everyday. Kisses and hugs love mom

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