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December 28th 2010
Published: January 1st 2011
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We've all heard of the Inca society and know about the Spanish invading this part of the world but there were impressive pyramid building societies throughout Peru long before the Inca. We visited a fantastic museum today and a couple of Moche archaeological sites where gold, jewels and intrigue to match Egypt's pyramids continue to be uncovered. The pyramids are constructed of mud brick and adobe so with the weathering look like hills which is why the Spaniards missed them and they had people living on them until 1987 when a greedy member of a grave robbing group was unhappy with his cut dobbed his mates into the cops and they told some archaeologists. Look up "lords of sipan" if you're interested.

The Lambayeque pyramids that we saw at Tucume were not burial chambers but religious and domestic buildings - very impressive site where we stood and watched the archaeologists working on revealing further secrets. Awesome!

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1st January 2011

Thank you for sharing
Very nice photos.

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