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April 17th 2007
Published: April 17th 2007
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Hola amigos,

Finally we write a blog, finally we are well enough to do so. As you can see from the title that our stomachs have been taking a beating, but all is well now, for now. TIP...DO NOT EAT PERUVIAN CHEESE SANDWICHES...not fun.

So far we´ve been having a blast, the first couple nights we stayed in lima at a great hostell right in the middle of the city, very nice. Didn´t do much, slept a lot, walked around the city and then got our drink on at night. Drank the Peruvian drink called Pisco Sours, very very dangerous, just ask Shane, the second night he slept hugging and kissing the porcelain, it was rather amusing for me. Had to get up the next day and get on the bus, not fun, just ask Shane!!

From there have been hitting up little beach towns, it´s been great. Went to a place called the Poor Man´s Galapagos, otherwise known as Islas Ballestas..see pics, it was an amazing boat tour.

We are in Huacachina now, its very hot, it´s rough let me tell you. This place is a natural oasis in the desert, with a natural lagoon in its center, its insanly beautiful. Our hostel has a beautiful pool with a bar, we went sandboarding and dunebugging yesterday, it was so much fun bit it hard on the sandboards ate a lot of sand, sand in places i never imagined sand could go!!

We´re off today to a bigger city to chill out for a few days, Cusco, hopefully it´s a bit cooler there cause its at elevation (not that were complaining) than off to Machhuu Pichuu, Than hopefully getting out of Peru as quick as possible cause people have been telling us such amazing things about Bolivia, Argentina and Chile.

Hope all is well with everyone, miss you lots, write when u get a chance.


Teri and Shane

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17th April 2007

Hostel ???
Are you sure that "s" is supposed to be there. I never stayed in a hostel with a pool. Nice! Bastards.
18th April 2007

So far u have been gone a short time, but from your journal and most of all those pics, I would do anything to be there with you. Enjoy every second, even the porcelain times!
18th April 2007

miss you guys!!
oh man guys! can i get any more jelouse sitting over here in a serious rain storm. you two look amazing. traveling agrees with you. soooo cute!!! sand boarding looks sweet but messy. haha. my dad is heading to chile next week. he says its sweet :) however im not too sure about this bolivia talk of yours?? have fun. stay safe. see you when you get back! i want pictures, pictures and more pictures! XOXO steff
18th April 2007

missing you both
Hello, It is great to hear from you guys, its looks like you are having a blast! I think even I would stay at that hostel, why oh why do you want to leave the heat for the cold mountain? We all miss you at work, not much has changed. Stef has been away in Calgary for a school interview but will be back on Tues, she is using the school in Calgary as a back up for BCIT. Remember how we we talking about me going to Victoria for Josh's hockey and how much i was going to hate being on my on for the week end? Well I loved it! I could do that again and again. The came in 3rd in the tourny... lost out in the semi's. I will keep you posted, take care of yourselves, have fun and stay out of the bush with a tarp!!!! Love Robbie xoxo
18th April 2007

nice work you two
Yea, fuck you too Shane. I been wanting to see the desert since you were suckling at your mother's teet. Looking good Teri, keep it up! I'm looking forward to the next blog entry. Oh, and add me to the blog list, too please, Oh, Law and Order is back on, gotta go! Vic
18th April 2007

My sincere apologies!
I can't get rid of my last comment...was ripped...thought it was funny at the time. OMG.
19th April 2007

canucks up 3 to 1 against Dallas
I assume that you are not up to date, so here: Game 5 starts tonight at 7pm. We could move on the the second round, probably play Anaheim or San Jose!? ok. vic, over and out.
19th April 2007

Dreaming through you!
You guys, you couldn't have picked a nicer vacation by the looks of it along with the rest of the comments Keep the blogs coming their great, Love You both and don't forget my rock! but I see only sand? what will you do? Have a few drinks and I'm sure you'll come up with some way of getting my rock and bringing it home, if that doesn't work have a few more drinks and I'll look forward to seeing what you two came up with for a rock! LOL Have Fun. Love From Me
19th April 2007

Cheese Sandwichs
Don't forget to watch out for canned tuna too Teri....:)
19th April 2007

I think we're going to have to start venturing out further in our travels and staying in hostels - what a fabulous hostel that you sent pics of. Sounds like you're having a great time - even if Shane has spent some of it in the toilet - ít's all part of the adventure. Looking forward to your next blog!
21st April 2007

Looks awesome! and sounds like fun. I wish I was experiencing this with you. Have a drink on me, shanee and teresita!! Love the snaps, and keep the sand out of your pants! XOXO
22nd April 2007

here we go again... :-)
so once again you leave me reading your blogs, seeing your amazing pictures, and wishing that I was anywhere but here! You guys definiitely look like you are having an amazing time and you have only started your trip. You better keep up with adding the pics to your blogs; they are phenomenal. Well I'm going to the telus snowboard festival this weeeknd and it won't be the same without you shane. Have fun and hope to hear from you both soon. luv, liana
25th April 2007

i named brian's zit sheri!
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH............... missing you guys like crazy!!! pics are amazing! fuck dudes, my heart's a racing...don't know why the rhyming, just really good timing. had a could monte cristos, then saw the pics of you hoes!! ha ha ha. bitches. love you long long long long time. keep it up with the bloggs...please...

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