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South America » Peru » Cusco » Cusco February 18th 2018

GÜN 17 18 ŞUBAT PAZAR: Gece uyuya, uyana saati 08:00 ettik. Kağıt üzerinde kahvaltı var ,ama Allah kabul etsin.. Ne var ki, bir kahve yapmışlar… Vallaha içine nal atsan, yüzer… öyle bir şey.. Kahvaltıdan sonra şehri turladım .. Şehir dedimse, semt yani.. Bugün bir festivalleri varmış .. Adı zor olduğu için, kısaca festival diyorlar.. Festival, bir hayli sulu bir festival, zira içi su dolu küçük baloncukları birbirlerinin üstünde patlatıyorlar ve ıslattıkları veya ıslandıkları için karşılıklı gülüşüyorlar.. Nasıl ? yaratıcı değil mi ? Bu numaraları, en son 1967 de okulda , terk ettiğim için, biraz tedirginim ve kimseye bulaşmamaya çalışıyorum.. O tarihlerde, yurdun 6 cı katından aşağı su bal... read more

South America » Peru » Cusco » Cusco February 17th 2018

GÜN 16 17 ŞUBAT CUMARTESİ: Sabah 05:30 da ayaktaydım.. 06:00 da dünden ayarladığım taksim geldi.. 20-25 dakikada alana vardık. Lima’da ,alandan şehre toplu taşıma aracı olmadığından, taksilere otel parasının neredeyse yarısını kaptırıyorsunuz.. Uçağım bir saat gecikti. Her hangi bir bağlantı olmayınca dert etmiyorsunuz ama aksi söz konusu ise domino etkisi yaratıyor. Stresiniz ayrı bir sorun.. Cusco’ya varınca, kondor (Akbaba) taksicileri sollayarak, ikinci sırada meydanı terk etmekte olan bir taksici ile 10 PEN’e anlaştım. Beni zor da olsa otelin kapısına bıraktı. Bir kere ,Cusco inişli çıkışlı bir yer ve otelim oldukça tepede. Booking Com’a baktığınızda, haritada merkeze çok yakın görülüyor… ge... read more

South America » Peru » Cusco » Cusco July 16th 2017

Most of us felt some effects from the altitude, I was a little dizzy and it felt as though the airport was swaying, rather like the feeling you have when you first land after a sea voyage. We left Cuzco to go to the market at Pisac,; unfortunately we had to take the longer route there to avoid the Teachers’ strike as they were demonstrating in the streets. Pisac was a pretty little town nestled in the Andes with a bright and colourful market. We were told by our guide that all the artifacts were locally made although the market goods would not be of such good quality as that sold in the galleries. I bought a lovely blanket, part Alpaca, to take home. We then went to Ollantaytambo an old Inca fortified city destroyed by ... read more

South America » Peru » Cusco » Cusco May 16th 2017

On our last day in Cusco we once again organised for our lovely driver, Mario, to take us to some more of the interesting historical sites in the area. We began by visiting the remains of the Inca capital - called Sacsayhuaman - which sits on a hill overlooking the present town of Cusco. Some sections were built by the Killke culture around the year 1100 who had occupied the area since the year 900. Sitting at 3701 metres, it was added to by the Incas from the 13th century. Only around 20% of the original area remains since the Spanish used some of the huge rocks to build Cusco. In 1983 Cusco and Sacsayhuaman were added to the UNESCO World Heritage list. Sitting as it does on a hill overlooking the present day Cusco it ... read more
The young honeymooners

South America » Peru » Cusco » Cusco May 10th 2017

Our last day in Bogotá was rained out to some extent which meant that we gave the plan to visit the Botanical Gardens away. Never mind we had lots of packing to do anyway. Nevertheless we still managed a couple of excursions, the first one being lunch with Marian, JD, Sienna and Marian's parents - Gloria and Alvaro - at El Dorida which is the most popular eatery in Bogotá. It was good to spend some time with Gloria and Alvaro who are lovely people; we hope it won't be too long until we get together again. Then in the evening we went with Marian and JD to their favourite French Restaurant in Bogotá. The four of us then caught an early flight to Cusco, Peru where we were met at the airport by what seemed ... read more
Cusko airport waiting for all e tourists to arrive
Meal at Greens Restaurant, Cusco
Church in Cusco's main square

South America » Peru » Cusco » Cusco March 21st 2017

David here... We arrived back into Cusco around 12:30 at a bus station a 10 minute walk away from Net House B&B. It took us a while to find it as the doorway only had a little card on it and it was shared with another B&B. Once inside we found a clean, small, friendly and pleasant place, with a nice room and access to a shared kitchen. We had plans for the afternoon so dumped our bags and headed out. Our first stop was the Qorikancha site, which was small but pretty good. Some interesting Inca and pre-Inca artifacts on display including skulls that had been purposely deformed from infancy to show status, and others with trepanation holes. This, and all the sights and museums we would be visiting while in Cusco, were included on ... read more
Puca Pucara

South America » Peru » Cusco » Cusco March 10th 2017

The Classic Inca Trail – before you go! So, I am not the most organised traveler - in terms of, I like to turn up and see what I find rather than have my whole trip pre-planned. I like a little room for manoeuvre! Too much research sometimes plants too many preconceptions in my head! When it came to Machu Picchu, I basically thought that the way to get there was via the Inca Trail, so that is what I signed up for! In actual fact there are many many ways to get there, including by coach, by one day trails, two day trails, and seven day treks! The Inca Trail is the classic and most historical of trails, following in the path of the Incan people on their religious journey. I signed up for the ... read more
Walking sticks optional
Poncho was necessary!

South America » Peru » Cusco » Cusco March 7th 2017

Altitude is real! Jump on a plane to Cusco and you will step off at 3200m above sea level. That’s when it gets interesting! I’m a relatively fit person and I certainly felt it. I wondered if it would have made any difference if I'd have trained with an oxygen mask! To be honest, oxygen mask training is a bit extreme, but I was glad to have had some fitness about me for traveling at altitude. From the day I stepped off the plane in Cusco, I ended up spending twelve days above 3000 metres. Altitude can affect everyone, regardless of how fit you are - it's worth doing some research before you travel. Some people take medication (I didn't) and some people have no side effects. Others suffer from dreadful headaches and vomiting. It can ... read more
Fabric for sale
Steep and narrow
Traditional Dress in the city square

South America » Peru » Cusco » Cusco January 22nd 2017

Cusco My dream: I asked to see information about Peru, but was presented with a series of marginally related images, such as things beginning with the letter A because A stands for Alcoa which makes aluminum foil, and aluminum is from Peru. (Is it?) I woke up to discover the true source of my frustration. I couldn't breathe. Cusco is over 11,000 feet. I'd been drinking tumblers of chlorophyll for weeks in preparation for the altitude. To no avail. Even the slightest exertion, lying in bed asleep for example, might cause my lungs to suddenly claw for air. I was staying in a hostel in the Bohemian San Blas barrio of Cusco. It was the offseason, so I was the only guest. I was given the "penthouse," a charming room with a balcony that overlooked the ... read more
Coca Matte
Cusco roofscape
On the Edge

South America » Peru » Cusco » Cusco January 17th 2017

On ne s'arrête pas en si bon chemin ! Aussitôt redescendus du Machu, nous prenons une journée de repos à Cusco et en profitons pour booker notre transfert pour la Montagne Arc-en-ciel 🌈. Forts de nos expériences précédentes et des rencontres faites sur la route, nous ne voulons pas partir avec un guide et tour organisé car peu de services sont ajoutés à la sortie. Nous nous lançons donc en fin de journée à la recherche d'un transfert uniquement. Ça négocie sec, et on obtient le fameux transfert pour notre journée en montagne. Le lendemain, départ à 3h00 du matin de Cusco... Autant vous dire qu'on avait pas des supers têtes au réveil et qu'on ne sait pas fait prier pour poursuivre notre nuit dans le van malgré la musique péruvienne a fond !Après un peu ... read more
Rainbow Mountain 2
Rainbow mountain 3
Rainbow mountain 4

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