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South America » Peru » Cusco » Cusco August 13th 2018

Visiting the Moon Doorway: The moon doorway is known by locals as Killarumiyoj in the province of Anta, the site is only one hour from Cusco driving van, its interesting because it displays a beautiful semicircular carving on a outcrop of limestone with seven steps, it seems to be a calendar and renders the direction of the milky way during the winter solstice, this is the key of ancestral believes and Andean spirituality, since it renders the celestial river movement that every evening sinks into the underworld fulfilling a whole cycle of day and night. During the sunset, the Sun sinks into the underworld as well, to be connected with the cosmic sea to drink its water as well as from the celestial river, that it will give its power to the Sun to be enough ... read more
Miky way
Moon Doorway
Moon Doorway

South America » Peru » Cusco » Cusco July 30th 2018

¡Buenos dias a todos! After a couple of good days in Lima, Jurick and I boarded out flight to Cusco. Flying overhead the Andes mountains gave us stunning views of snow-covered peaks of above 6000m. We arrived in Cusco mid-afternoon and made our way towards the hostel. The city has about half a million inhabitants and lies at an altitude of about 3300m. We immediately felt the air is thinner but we were okay with it, since we walked and did everything slower in order to avoid complications. A warm cup of coca-tea or having some coca-candy helps a lot against altitude sickness! These are commonly found all over the place. And yes, I am talking about the leaves used to make cocaine but it is not cocaine, they are just leaves! Cusco is very touristy, ... read more
Andes mountains, between Lima and Cusco
Stunning view of Machu Picchu
At Machu Picchu with Jurick

South America » Peru » Cusco » Cusco April 27th 2018

Today was almost a vacation day. We were allowed to sleep in as the four of us decided to skip the morning optional tour and opted for our own privately booked tour this afternoon. For experienced travelers you should be aware that there are options to the expensive tours offered by your tour company.Gate 1 is an excellent tour company with well trained guides, knowledgeable day guides and a well organized team of professionals. But, as all things in life there are options. One option is to book a private tour. Sounds expensive right? Actually no. For example, Gate 1 offers a tour in Cuzco which covers the major attractions, Colonial Cathedral,Temple of the Sun,Sacsayhuarman,and then off to the market for an hour of shopping. Cost $75 dollars. We contacted a local tour company via the ... read more
Cuzco Cathedral
Spanish Church on Inca foundation
Sacsayhuaman Fort

South America » Peru » Cusco » Cusco April 22nd 2018

How shall I begin? Was it a fascination of the unknown, the intangible or a ‘fortunate series of events’ that culminated in a journey of a lifetime? As a wide-eyed 7th grader in India, I was fascinated with South America, the faraway continent from the other hemisphere! - the Andes, the Amazon rainforest, the Incas, Lake Titicaca, the highest lake in the world, not to mention the intrigue behind the Andean peaks Mt Aconcagua and Mt Ojas del Solado - everything enthralled me as I remember lapping up new names to add to my memory bank. Fast forward to 2018 and here I was on a milestone birthday headed to Machu Picchu, the citadel of the Incas. Our flight to Cusco was routed through Bogota and the passengers aboard were from different corners of the world ... read more
Cappuccino Cafe
Plaza De Armas
pisco sour

South America » Peru » Cusco » Cusco April 10th 2018

Sunday was lazy – in between watching the US Masters and Arsenal sadly beating Southampton, I went to the Cathedral in Cusco. The square was busy with processions of all sorts - I assume just a normal Sunday in Cusco. Definitely less busy than when I was last there during their Easter celebrations, but still a hive of activity. In the Cathedral you’re not allowed to take pictures unfortunately, but I can say it is probably the most impressive Cathedral I’ve ever been in. Really highly decorated with gold and silver everywhere, and lots of artwork covering almost every inch of the walls. There is also a giant painting of the Last Supper with a cooked chinchilla on the table, for an Andean twist. Nice. Talking of food, later I ate pollo a la brasa. Which ... read more
Cathedral on the left

South America » Peru » Cusco » Cusco March 30th 2018

On Wednesday I bought the Cusco tourist ticket, which gives you entry to loads of attractions, but specifically I needed it for a tour I had booked post-Inca Trail, and also Sacsayhuaman, an Inca (though parts of it pre-date them) fort which overlooks Cusco. It was an intermittently rainy day, so I opted to do some museums included in the ticket. First up, the Contemporary Art museum. Which was basically two small rooms – one of photographs of the parade I saw the other night (though probably not this year) and not all that impressive ones, and the other contained tapestries which were good but it seemed like a strange place. It is housed in what appears to be some kind of Government building, so you have no idea where you can and can’t go, and ... read more
Contemporary Art Museum
View from Sacsayhuaman of Main Square in Cusco
View from Sacsayhuaman

South America » Peru » Cusco » Cusco March 15th 2018

We've had a pretty short day today as we've been trying to rest up ahead of starting the trek tomorrow. We did take a Peruvian cooking class this morning which was good. We got to cook three courses and went to the local market to buy some of the ingredients which was an experience in itself and we learned lots about the different types of quinoa that are grown in Peru also about the fact they grow over 3000 types of potatoes! We also tried some special Peruvian juice drinks which are made out of purple corn. It looks exactly the same as corn on the cob but is purple in colour. CThe three courses we cooked were potato with a special Peruvian sauce which had some peppers blended with crackers and various other things! It ... read more
What we cooked
Pisco sour
The chefs!

South America » Peru » Cusco » Cusco March 13th 2018

I'm writing this on Wednesday morning as we had a very busy day yesterday and I started to feel pretty ill yesterday afternoon so by the time we got back to the room all I wanted to do was try and sleep. Yesterday we had the best and worst day so far on the trip! We woke up pretty early, had breakfast then wandered off to find the tour company office who we had the ATV tour booked with as we realised we had no details of the time we would be picked up from our hotel in the afternoon to go on it. We found the office but it was closed but ten minutes later a guy turned up and we got our pickup time of 1-1.1pm. It was about 9.15 by this point so ... read more
In a ruins at Sacsaywaman
Trying to get that elusive alpaca selfie
Walking back down to town

South America » Peru » Cusco » Cusco March 12th 2018

So the flight to Lima landed early last night about 10.40pm. We had to collect our luggage even though we were lying through on a connecting flight to Cusco at am. We managed to get totally lost in the small airport which was surprisingly busy at that time of night. People were shouting taxi? Taxi? At us whilst we were trying to find our way to the airport hotel without getting out outside. We found the hotel in the end and walked in to find a huge group of American retirees all checking in and having loud conversations with each other which echoed in the reception. We managed to check in and got complimentary drinks vouchers for either a lemonade or a pisco sour cocktail which is the Peruvian national cocktail. Normally we wouldn't pass up ... read more
Cusco Square
Cusco church
View from the pub balcony

South America » Peru » Cusco » Cusco February 20th 2018

GÜN 19 20 ŞUBAT SALI: Sabah kahvaltıdan sonra, en iyi turist iyi niyetimle Sacsayhuaman’a gitmeye karar verdim. Şekilde görüldüğü gibi isimde dahi meymenet yok… Burası İnca imparatorluğunun kuruluş yeri imiş.. Bizdeki karşılığı Söğüt… ama Osmanlı ya kurban olayım şehri gidip güzelim ovaya kurmuşlar bunlar sa “çıksam şu dağların tepelerine …kurtlar parçalaya beni” tadında … Peru isimleri diğer Latin ülkelerde ki isimlere oranla biraz tuhaf .. Benim aklıma da Peruca isimler takılıyor ..Örneğin Kutlupacha ,ya da Utanmazyu gibi .. Bu yaşımda, kan revan içinde tepelere tımandım.. Tepede bir kilise var ….görelim dedik ..meğersem Perulular burasını müze moduna çevirmişler, dolayısıyla Allahın Evine girmeye dahi para istiyorlar.. Kap... read more

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