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August 2nd 2005
Published: August 2nd 2005
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Had to drop a quick note about what I did after work today.

My hair is getting too long (meaning, you can actually see it) so I had to go find a place to get a haircut (yes, Elisa, you were right). So I wandered the streets of Ayacucho for awhile, and dropped in on a few beauty salons, where all the women looked up from their soap operas to stare at me as if I´d just landed from Mars. Of course, I can´t speak Spanish, so I would just rub my fist along my head and make a buzzing sound. I got a lot of laughs, but no offers to shave my head.
Finally I came to a salon where the lady seemed to know what I was talking about. She sat me down in the chair where I could look at all the beautiful pictures of Ricky Martin, Shakria, and Leonardo DiCaprio, while watching a nurse cut the life-supply of her sister´s cheating husband on the Spanish version of One Life to Live.
As entertaining as this as was, I was wondering when I was going to get my head shaved. Finally she came from the back, wrapped my neck in a towel, put a robe over me, brought out her clippers, and proceeded to try to cut my hair. Unfortunately, this salon did not have electricity...and amazingly enough, clippers need this. So I had to leave with my long hair!
I finally found a spot that would cut my hair, and had electricity, and I got my hair cut. But after shaving it with a No. 1...she wet the back of my neck and around my ears, then rubbed a bar of soap around those areas, then took out a brand-new shiny razor blade, and proceeded to shave me with a straight razor! It scared the hell of out of me...but now I´m all cleanly shaved.

Anyway, thought you might get a laugh out of that.

The house is much quieter now. 22 people left on Friday, and only 7 showed up this weekend. So now I am really the ONLY guy in the house. Quite interesting, now I know what it would feel like to be married, have my wife´s mother live with us, and have 23 daughters!

We are planning to take the kids that live in the prison to the zoo on Friday...so that should be fun.

Well, hope you are all having a good week. Talk to you soon.

Kevin Martinico


2nd August 2005

Brave Man
Kevin your a brave man. Straight razor and living with 20 some odd girls. I will be in Ayacucho on the 14th, Will you still be around? I'm enjoying reading about your experiances and look forward to it ALL! ~Machelle
2nd August 2005

Hi Kevin, I really am enjoying reading your messages keep them coming they take me away from dirty Diapers for a few minuets out of the day. Did you know we had a Baby girl 7/20/05 Meghan.

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