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August 1st 2005
Published: August 1st 2005
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So I broke the first rule of traveling, I let the outside world affect my trip. I come to these developing countries to balance my life as much as to help the people here. These trips make me put my own life into perspective, and make me realize that the little things that get me down are really no big deal. But somehow yesterday I lost sight of all that. I let the combination of a few events overwhelm my emotions. Events that were really no big deal.
I thank everyone for their comments, and the people I spoke with yesterday for listening to me. Thanks for putting me in check!
Today, things are much better. I am back in Lima, and will be heading back to Ayacucho in the morning for an extra week of volunteering. I ended up having major problems with my flights and am now flying directly to New York for work training on the 7th.
I actually can't wait to get back to Ayacucho tomorrow and continue to do what I came here to do. I have quit taking the pain killers for my rib, and even though it hurts a little more, I feel a lot more clear headed and am in much better spirits.
On a side note, this blog has now been viewed over 1500 times! That just shows me how many people I have out there that care about what I am doing...and if that doesn't make me smile, I don't know what can!

Thanks everyone,


2nd August 2005

Glad to hear your feeling better!
Hi Kev, Glad to your looking at the positive side of things!!! Enjoy the rest of your trip... Love, Marie
2nd August 2005

Hang in There
Kev, can you send me those left over pain killers?
2nd August 2005

...just trying to keep it light. Travel safely and I'm glad that you're feeling better. I bet after the week of volunteering you'll get perspective on all that you've dealt with lately.

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