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South America » Peru » Ayacucho » Ayacucho November 9th 2015

We headed to a place called Autolujos to service our bikes. We had the use of the garage and tools and were able to buy oil from the owner, Genaro. We had the privilege of using the garage due to String's mechanical misfortune back in Florida where a helpful guy, Paul, assisted String in getting his bike back on the road. It just so happened that his father, Genaro, had a mechanical shop in Ecuador and he insisted that String contact Genaro when we got to Cuencas which Rosco and Gerardo arranged. Genaro and his wife Carmen were lovely and incredibly generous and helpful in getting our bikes serviced. The bikes serviced, Genaro, Carmen and a friend of theirs, Luis, were keen to escort us out of Ecuador. The road out was mountainous and rocky in ... read more
Historic centre of Cuenca
Historic centre of Cuenca
Lovely albeit brief stop in Tumbes, Peru

South America » Peru » Ayacucho » Ayacucho May 4th 2014

The Incas pulled together the pre-existing tracks in the region to create an extensive paved road system of 40,000 kilometres, stretching past Quito (Ecuador) in the North and Santiago (Chile) and Mendoza (Argentina) in the South. The roads were primarily used to redistribute goods, as different items were produced in different regions, and for efficient transfer of the Inca armies (which could number in the tens if thousands) to ensure their hegemony over the Empire. The Great Inca Road traversed 6000 km along the spine of the Andes and, en route, connected Cajamarca and Cusco. Today, it is not possible to make this journey without returning to the coast. Apart from flying the most direct route is to bus it from Cajamarca to Lima (13 hours) and from Lima to Cusco (24 hours). We took the ... read more
Yungay Cemetary
Yungay Cemetary

South America » Peru » Ayacucho » Ayacucho March 17th 2014

This journey I have been on with my mother has, in large part, been defined by my father. It was, as you know, supposed to be his trip with my mother, not mine. And the trips my parents undertook whenever visiting my brother always had a certain unalterable pattern to them, no doubt borne out of experience. It was a configuration they used when visiting my sister as well. The pattern was a way for them of allocating their time between travel and seeing family. The time was divided up equally between both. It was nearly always a two-four-two pattern, that meant two weeks with my brother/sister, four weeks on the road, two more weeks back with my brother/sister. But even the time spent with my brother or sister had a particular configuration, though not as ... read more
Pisco to Ayacucho
Pisco to Ayacucho
Pisco to Ayacucho

South America » Peru » Ayacucho » Ayacucho December 24th 2012

There are few real mysteries left to archaeologists anymore. Stone Henge is one, it wasn't made for or by aliens, that's just stupid, but it's real use is lost to antiquity. Sure, we (by "we" I mean actual achaeologists and hitorians, possibly Tony Robinson too, but not me or you dear reader) can have educated guesses, but that's all they are, guesses. Peru has the Nazca Lines fill the role of antiquity puzzler. These are lines, no more than 50cm wide, carved in to the surface of the desert. Some are shaped like animals or humans but most are straight lines. They are visible only from a height and are rather large. We decided against taking a flight over the desert; it's expensive, we'd had mixed reviews and the safety record of some companies is questionable. ... read more
Nazca Line - probably for water worship
Ellie Loves Sunsets

South America » Peru » Ayacucho » Ayacucho February 22nd 2012

After the heat of the jungle, it was time to head to the mountains for some cooler weather. This was a fine plan, except your correspondent had forgotten that he had not been at high altitude for quite a while and suffered accordingly when he got off the bus in Huancayo. Why, am sure you are wondering, has he suddenly mentioned this town in the Andes. The answer is simple – we were to stay here. Our accommodation was to say the least, quirky. Instead of spiders and mosquitos, this time we shared it with a dog, a cat and two parrots. One of the parrots would shout “hola” anytime the phone rang. Wendy looked on in astonishment as I tried to have a conversation with him, as did the parrot. He was obviously confused by ... read more
the road goes ever on
about to overtake this lorry on blind bend
your correspondent at work

South America » Peru » Ayacucho » Ayacucho May 20th 2011

I believe in Karma. I think if you do something horrendous, Karma will find you and she will kick you in the face. Hard. You cannot escape the sweet justice of Karma. She keeps the world in balance. Just like if you do something good, you will be rewarded. However, lets face it, us humans dont often stretch ourselves to do something nice. Therefore we only have real experience with the hand of retribution. Which brings me to my week. Here I will take a short pause to ponder....what the fuck did I do to deserve this week? Karma got beef with me. So let me begin.... Firstly....Barclays bank can go fuck itself. Ok, I forgot my pin number. But I forgot my pin number because some cunt of a person stole my bag before I ... read more

South America » Peru » Ayacucho April 26th 2011

When someone told us Ayacucho was holding Peru’s (and possibly South America’s) biggest Easter celebration, we were a bit sceptic, but intrigued none the less. So we decided to leave Pisco for the Easter weekend and arrived 8 hours later in Ayacucho on Thursday to find a fairly quaint place. However trying to book into a hostel, we realised that they were all completely full up and families were offering their rooms to rent for a ridiculous price. We found the most dingy hostel you have ever seen (but were thankful just for the bed), and then went to find a program of the weekends activities (which unfortunately was only offered entirely in Spanish). In my broken Spanish I understood that there was an “Easter” performance happening the next morning in the town square, so we ... read more
Art work on the street
The coffin

South America » Peru » Ayacucho » Ayacucho April 9th 2011

This is not easy to write so I do not know if it will be easy to read. Often when people heard I was going to Peru, they assumed that it was going to be a non-stop party. A way of escaping the monotony and boredom of life. I am the first to admit that I have no real aspirations career or money-wise. And I suppose many of you think its easy for me to leave behind England for a 4 month fiesta. Now, don´t get me wrong there are fun times and there are experiences I would never have if I spent all my life in England. I want to be here. And as such you have to take the good with the bad. Yesterday I attended a funeral for a 10 year old boy. ... read more

South America » Peru » Ayacucho » Ayacucho March 24th 2011

Hello again mis amigos! Yes I have deserted Old Blighty once again, for pastures Peruvian. So I am going to bring you all up to speed... I left Friday evening, and arrived Sunday morning in Ayacucho. Now look at that sentence again. Yeah...two days. Two days of my life either sat in a plane or in an airport alone. The journey was horrendous. The stuff of nightmares. First of all I had a 12 hour flight to Rio in Brazil. Now that was alright. It was a night flight so pretty relaxed. Then a 9 hour wait in Rio for my 1 hour flight to Sao Paolo. The wait was tedious, but better than the 24 hour wait I done in Lima last year. Then Sao Paolo...this is where the faeces hits the fan. I have ... read more

South America » Peru » Ayacucho » Ayacucho October 13th 2010

Omdat we tijd zat hebben en Peru groot genoeg is hebben we besloten dat het goed is als Thieu wat extra gaat reizen. Hij wilde graag Huancayo en Ayacucho bezoeken en dat kan mooi in weekje. Op zondag geprobeerd nog een vlucht naar Lima te boeken maar dat ging hem natuurlijk niet worden. Internet boekingen in Nl kunnen soms moeilijk verlopen, probeer het maar eens in Zuid-Amerika. Na 3 maal proberen te betalen met de creditcard heeft Thieu het maar opgegeven. Maandag maar weer eens proberen. Natuurlijk was het betaalbare ticket $136 op maandag alweer weg. Mocht hij nog willen vertrekken op dinsdag dan ging jhet $160 kosten voor een enkeltje. Het wordt tijd dat Ryan Air ook hier gaat rondvliegen. Dan maar kijken wat de opties zijn met de bus. Niet alleen krijg je dan ... read more
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