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South America » Peru » Ancash » Huaraz July 22nd 2005

First, Hi to all the new readers, Erika (twenty one and looking great!, can I see your student card please?) Kirsty (also 21 but just a few days older than Erika and looking great), Lucas (how´s your girlfriend in Cusco?), Helene and Nicole (Sorry I did not get to say goodbye at Machu Picchu, I had a great time with both of you!), Rowan and Marco (the hike up Wannu Picchu was stunning) and Emerick (great to meet you and your mom on that long taxi ride) Get that coffee going, it a long one. Final moments in Cusco and then.... Well, one last night in Cusco proved to be quite spectular. The Boys and I met Kirsty and Erica at MAP Cafe for what turned out to be an amazing dinner. The place, as you ... read more
Erika, Kirsty and the Boys from SF
The Inca Trail(head)
Lunch Tent

South America » Peru » Ancash » Huaraz July 2nd 2005

Hello, Well we have been in and around Huaraz for the last 8 days. Huaraz is the center for hiking in Northern Peru. It is next to the Cordillera Blanca which has the highest mountains in Perú and the largest concentration of glaciers in the tropics (most of which are receding). The town is full of tourists coming to do treks and climb mountains. We weren´t sure if we would go trekking when we got here, but peer pressure prevailed. Everyone else is doing it, so we also had to. We are staying at a nice bed and breakfast called Olaza´s. It has an awesome rooftop terrace with great views of the peaks of the Cordillera Blanca. The owner, Tito, is super-friendly. The rooms are very well-maintained. And the breakfast is terrific. Huaraz is an OK ... read more
View of Huascarán from hotel
Hotel Rooftop

South America » Peru » Ancash » Huaraz July 1st 2005

Trekking in the high andies 'Well darling, if you insist…' I muttered despondently as Claire declared that she and her mum Pat were off to see the Nazca lines (see The Monument Baggers) and it was too expensive for me to go along as we had already been there. What was I to do?.. stuck on my own in the town of Huraz in Peru, surrounded by the (arguably) best area for trekking and mountain climbing in South America - the Cordillera Blanca, home to most of the Andes highest peaks, which easily top almost everything in the northern hemisphere. An opportunity not to be missed, as although Claire loves the walking, it’s the sleeping under the stars bit that isn’t quite so popular. So with a little trepidation given my 'advancing years' and state of ... read more
Intrepid trekker, shame about the hair
Team trek at the top, 15700ft
The view down into the Santa Cruz valley

South America » Peru » Ancash » Huaraz June 16th 2005

תופסים גובה אחרי טיול משגע באקוודור ונסיעות מורטות עצבים הגענו סוף סוף להוואראז עכשיו נגמר הנופש ומתחילים לעבוד והרבה טרקים יום חמישי 16/6 הגענו להוואראז בשבע בבוקר מצאנו מקום נחמד לישון ביום זה בעיקר נחנו כך שאין יותר מדי סיפורים יום שישי 17/6 היום לא עבדנו קשה מדי, טיפסנו עד לנקודת תצפית עם צלב ענקי בגובה של כמאה חמישים מטר המשקיפה על העיר הוואראז קצת התאקלמות לגובה, שמירה על כושר והתכוננות נפשית לבאות בערב היתה ארוחת שבת מצויינת עם הרבה ישראלים נחמדים במלון המפנק... read more
עוד הפסקה במקום גבוה
רוכבים ונהנים
המחנה המשותף הנמוך ביותר

South America » Peru » Ancash » Huaraz » Mount Huarascan June 10th 2005

The Cordillera Blanca.. I figured i´d go big and then go to the Beach!! I attempted Mt. Huascaran (6655m), the highest point in Peru is the South summit (6700m) but it is impassable this year, so we attempted the north summit. Didn´t make it, but had a beautiful 5 days on the mountain..and cold, and hard to breath. Spent 2 nights camped on the ice at 5400m. Hard to sleep up there!! ... read more
My burrow
The burrows
The burrows 2

South America » Peru » Ancash » Huaraz May 19th 2005

this is without spell check and was written a blistering speed so please excuse the numerous errors. We just watched the sunset over Lake Titicaca, colors painted rapidly before our eyes. New shades with every sip of beer. It´s our second sunset here, and our second in Bolivia. And we are enjoying being on top of the world. Although, we have felt this high (13000+ ft) at least for the past few weeks.... After leaving Cusco and the excitement of the Inca Trail we headed way down to sea level; Lima. We spent a few days enjoying the city and the oxygen. But it was a little weird to be in a big city again. We toured the San Francisco church and saw huge old catacombs! We walked through a museum where tortures were held during ... read more
alana in miraflores
our first night in cordilla blanca
more mountain shots

South America » Peru » Ancash » Huaraz May 11th 2005

I arrived in Huaraz in that spaced-out state that is becoming so familiar. A bumpy night of fifty ten-minute naps, it´s like blinking incredibly slowly, a strobe-lit vista out the window. Abruptly spat out in the early-morning glare of new city to face the aggressive touts. As much as I stand out as a gringo, I still feel ultra-conspicuous trudging through unfamiliar streets with my big bag, all turtled-up. It was even worse with my newly-acquired limp, I could almost see the jackals trotting along behind me and vultures taking interest from three hundred feet above. It must sound like an incredibly negative way to spend my first moments in a new location but I put it down to a healthy paranoia that has allowed me to hang on to all of my stuff where so ... read more
You lookin´at me?
Say Uncle!

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