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South America » Paraguay » Encarnacion January 3rd 2017

Time to say good bye to one of my favourite citys, will I ever get Duran Duran's song out of my head. We fly out of Santos Durmond which isn't far away so we had a bit of a sleep in before packing up and checking out. Next stop, Foz du Iguacu the step off point to the world heritage listed falls of the same name, we arrived in the rain making our way to our hotel. We have a few English channels so after visiting the supermarket we watched a bit of TV before bed. The next morning dawned clear if muggy and we walked the short distance to the bus station boarding a bus to the Iguacu falls national park arriving roughly 40 minutes later. We paid the entrance fee and boarded the bus ... read more
Devils throat
Iguacu falls
Iguacu falls

South America » Paraguay » Encarnacion October 18th 2015

It was now time to take my first bus journey of the trip - a ride of around six hours from Foz do Iguazu to Encarnacion, Paraguay. Paraguay is often overlooked by travellers, what with its lack of superstar attractions. Although this fact it recognised by my Lonely Planet, it nevertheless recommended visiting Encarnacion with its brand new riverside beach and its annual grande fiesta during Carnaval. Intrigued by a country that receives little attention and with a desire to tick another country off my list, Paraguay and Encarnacion also provided me with a stop to break up the long journey from Foz do Iguacu down to Buenos Aires and Uruguay. Not that the bus I was catching was straightforward. As it was to be my first bus ride I wanted a bit of security of ... read more
Catedral de Encarnacion
Streets Of Encarnacion #1

South America » Paraguay » Encarnacion March 29th 2015

So here I sit in Asuncion again, writing this update to not postpone the communication of this wondrous continent to you. The next few days I will visit the Chaco area, one of the most remote and impenetrable areas in South America. So farewell to civilization and wilderness here I come. But more to that later. After I spent some time in Ciudad el Este and experiencing the Iguazu Falls it was time to hit the road again. I have read a lot about the Jesuit ruins in the south of Paraguay and since it was only a 6 hour bus trip it would have been a shame not to go there. So on an early morning I made my way to the bus station and off I went. Now I have traveled many times in ... read more
Enconception by night
Jesuit ruins Santisima Trinidad del Parana
Jesuit ruins Santisima Trinidad del Parana

South America » Paraguay » Encarnacion April 12th 2014

D and T checking in once again to amuse you... The country of Paraguay... We took a bus across the international bridge between the Argentinian city of Posadas and the Paraguayan city of Encarnación, changed a few dollars with the sketchy money-changers on the street and became instant millionaires (in Paraguayan Guaranís at least). Encarnación is very clean and quite sleepy for a city. There’s a nice beach area by the river and plenty of cheap markets to get supplies! And there was good fruit in town, finally! Fruit had been quite rare in these here parts during our travels so we feasted on mango, papaya, guava, and the heavenly maracuya or mburucuya as it’s called here (not sure of the English translation – but it’s similar to a passion fruit). And the ice-cream wasn't bad ... read more
Trinidad Ruins
Jesuit Missions in Trinidad
Amazing Stonework

South America » Paraguay » Encarnacion February 27th 2014

Geo: -27.3398, -55.8664The abslute hottest trip I have ever taken...A few days ago a was freezing in the mountains between Chile and I am sweating like a pig...About 48 C in the shade, really true, while I was driving the hot air passed my face almost choked me...I stopped on the one and only gas station I have seen for 100's of kilometers...Argentinans where basiclly camping out their and doing their barbeque right on the gas station compound surrounded by large trees giving you the needed shielding from the sun...After about 3 hours I kept going and took the final trip...Passing right through beautiful summer rain...Well, more than just rain, it was basically a rain storm I have seen from about 50 kilometers away already and hoped I would not be hit but well...A nice ... read more
Welcome to Encarnacion

South America » Paraguay » Encarnacion November 7th 2012

Crossing a border to a new country is always a little bit stressful even if you have done it hundreds of times. In the end it is all new, starting with people and their attitude, money that you have to change and get used to, price levels and orientation. Little did we know about Paraguay except for the fact, that it is by far the most unacknowledged by travelers part of South America. Information you find is a little bit confusing as on one hand it is supposed to be the most secure country in SA and on the other hand Brazilians would swear it is deadly dangerous. One can think that this coming from them is a big statement. The bridge linking Brazil and Paraguay is also supposed to be a dangerous place to walk ... read more
in Asuncion
here we are
main chapel

South America » Paraguay » Encarnacion November 23rd 2011

Hello all! This time an update from Encarnacion, Paraguay (Now in Buenos Aires, Argentina), where the people are friendly, Guarani is the shared first language with Spanish, Terere is commonly drunk, horse-and-wagons roam the streets in tiny villages, things are generally cheap, and bribes can be necessary when you´re in the country illegally. Please, walk with me as I explain... I finished my last entry in Porto Murtinho, where I planned to take the boat. Locals told me the boat was to leave on saturday sometime between 6 and 7 in the morning, but that it would be good to get there sometime before in case it arrived early. Accordingly, I got up at 4, took the boat to the Paraguayan side of the river, and sat waiting. As dawn approached about an hour later, a ... read more
View Brazil 2
Johan & me on Boat
From Boat

South America » Paraguay » Encarnacion October 21st 2011

Across the river Paraná - nearly a mile wide at this point - from Posadas, in Paraguay, lie the crumbling ruins of missions founded in jungle by Jesuit priests in the 17th and 18th centuries. Here, in the baking heat and sweltering humidity, thousands of indigenous Americans, mostly Guaraní, lived in large communities presided over by Jesuits from Europe. Descriptions of the missions vary considerably depending on the viewpoint taken (from paternalistic Christianisation to philanthropic assistance) but the oddity of finding intricately carved baptismal fonts and large, red-brick churches bang in the middle of the Paraguayan forest is undeniable. The two 'Missionary Reductions' (their official name in Colonial times) we visited - Trinidad de Paraná and Jesús de Tavarangüe - are now part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The ruins are well preserved but, unsurprisingly, ... read more
Missionary settlement of Trinidad
Missionary settlement of Trinidad
Missionary settlement of Trinidad

South America » Paraguay » Encarnacion March 9th 2011

At the Northeastern tip of Argentina we had Brazil to the north and Paraguay to our east. Freedom of opportunity took us on a whim to Paraguay for the weekend. We exalted at the possibilities of travel, it's not everyday you get to choose between crossing a number of different borders. Unless, of course, you live in Switzerland. Going to Paraguay for the weekend did involve, however, a twelve hour overnight bus journey from Buenos Aires. Cheap long distance buses were a thing of the past as we battled with our wallets to pay the £90 it took to get us both on board. The deal was made considerably sweeter when we were served beef stew followed by pudding on the journey. Brilliant! This was still the cheapest ticket we could buy. The meal was a ... read more
The Sambodromo
Beautiful brickwork at Jesuit Missions
The themed floats

South America » Paraguay » Encarnacion November 2nd 2010

Trinidad, a small village near to the Encarnacion city and few kilometers from the Argentinian border. It is know because of the Jesuit settlements which has been added to the list of world cultural heritage of the UNESCO. In total, there were seven Jesuit settlements in Paraguay, but the Trinidad is the most complete of them. The nearby Jesus (12km) is also very well preserved.... read more
at the border
the basins are the hit!
arrived to Trinidad

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