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South America » Ecuador » Galápagos June 27th 2017

15/16th 06/17 London - Bogata - Quilagil - Baltra (21hr journey...) Job quit, a load of crap sold / op-shopped, belongings chucked into boxes and distributed among friends, moved out of house, car dropped off at Kev's parents, 2 weeks in the UK catching up with family and friends and finally after months of talking about it we set off on our big Winter trip! This journey felt waaay longer than the Perth to London trip. We had a tough time getting through Guayaquil immigration, we had a short time between flights so it was a bit stressful when they started asking a million questions about what we were doing there. On arriving at Galapagos (Baltra), we got our first taste of things to come, with requests for tourist cards and permits meaning we were US$240 ... read more

South America » Ecuador » Galápagos » Puerto Ayora December 9th 2016

Guayaquil was a pleasant step off to the Galapagos archipelago but it is time to go, the airport was only a short distance away and we were soon standing in front of the Galapagos window to get an immigration pass before we could check in our luggage. The airport is new so it is clean and comfortable and our two hour flight left on time, no entertainment though. Ruth took some photos from the air as we approached the airport island of Baltra and soon we were on terra firma, first step immigration followed by the national park fee then onto a bus for the short ride to the ferry. Here we saw our first Sally lightfoot crabs, our first marine iguana, frigate birds and brown pelicans. We then boarded the ferry for the three minute ... read more
Spitting Sally lightfoot crab
Yellow warbler
Vegetarian Finch

South America » Ecuador » Galápagos December 4th 2016

My trip to the Galápagos Islands was definitely one of the best things I have done so far this year and I have been looking forward to writing about it and having the chance to reflect on all that I did and saw. However it was so jam-packed that it is going to take a bit of work now, almost two months later, to remember it all in the correct order! I shall embrace the challenge as I chill out in the cooling evening air in Honduras. Day 89 - Monday 28th November - Arriving and Las Bachas We had been advised by the lady who ran the hostel in Guayaquil to get to the airport to fly to the Galápagos Islands in good time as there are two things that you have to do before ... read more
Blue footed boobie
Galápagos magic

South America » Ecuador » Galápagos » Santa Cruz Island October 21st 2016

Buenos dias DK! Ja, så kom vi sørme også forbi Galapagos, som absolut ikke har skuffet! Man har jo altid hørt om Galapagos som noget med Darwin og nogle store skildpadder, men hvad de nærmere går ud på har jeg ikke vist så meget om. Nå, men Galapagos er en gruppe vulkanske øer ca 1100km vest fra Syd Amerika. Øerne er meget forskellige i udtryk, farve, højde, vegetation og hvem der bor på øerne. Hvis man vil have det fulde indtryk af øerne foregår det fra søs, via et cruise rundt mellem øerne. Ellers når man ikke at få forskellighederne med. Desværre er alt der vedrører Galapagos væsentlig dyrere i forhold til alle andre ting i Ecuador, man kan godt fornemme at de øer er noget helt specielt for dem (med rette), og der bliver gjort ... read more
Frigat puster gør sig til
Blue footed boobie, kendetegn for øerne

South America » Ecuador » Galápagos » Isabela Island August 17th 2016

Starting with a 3am start we headed out to the airport for our flight to Galapagos. We had to have our bags checked to make sure we were carrying no seeds or animals!! Ironically apples were ok to take to the Galapagos but not to take into Mexican customs!! We arrived on the island of Baltra, an Island dedicated to the airport from here we headed across to Santa Cruz for lunch via bus, boat and bus again before getting a 2-3hr boat to our first island stay. Our first island, Floreana introduced us to seals, red sea iguanas and giant tortoises. We did some snorkelling and saw some amazing sea turtles, completely oblivious to humans!! This island is home to only 150 people and some giant tortoises which we also saw. Our second island, Isabela ... read more
Santa Cruz 'port'
Reg Iguanas on Floreana Island

South America » Ecuador » Galápagos July 30th 2016

The Galapagos Islands I was always in a dilemma over visiting the Galápagos, Charles Darwin himself said 'I loathe, I abhor the sea and all ships which sail on it.' And personally I couldn't agree more, in fact it's only my hated of selfie sticks that matches it really, I feel sickness just looking at a wave and wouldn't exactly classify myself as a keen bird watcher either. But then it's THE Galapagos plus my inner geek goes weak at the knees for anything associated with Darwin as he's one of my all time heroes so it was something of a homage to come. He better appreciate it. A geography lesson We flew 2 hours west of mainland Ecuador over miles of uninterrupted ocean before finally in the distance some specks appeared dotted amongst the beautiful ... read more
Most of the women I sleep with have a look on their face like this female!
Puerto Ayora
Sierra Negra volcanic crater-Isla Isabella

South America » Ecuador » Galápagos » Santa Cruz Island April 26th 2016

Arrived late afternoon to our final stop of the Galapagos; Santa Cruz...most folks start here, a lot of the cruises leave from this most populous island of the archipelago and it certainly has the most infrastructure of the islands we saw...a few things planned but with only two full days here and it being the end of the line we certainly wanted to squeeze in a little more relaxin'... Having already stopped here in transit to Isabela we had a bit of the lay of the land which was great...on our previous stop we managed to take in the Charles Darwin Research Station which was cool, although a large portion of it was under renovations so the museum was closed and the baby tortoises had been relocated which was a drag...a couple of pens of the ... read more
Tortoises at CDRS
Waiting for Scraps...

South America » Ecuador » Galápagos » Puerto Ayora April 24th 2016

Columbia...... Bogota 2300 meters above sea level, so it takes a couple of days for you to adjust to the altitude. Bogota was totally great but tourist and visitors unable to go many areas in the city, mainly because of crime. People in the city are so proud of their town and are so impressed when you say that you had a great time. Although travel to other parts of the country is probably only safe via plane. We hope to return to Columbia in a couple of months to Cartagena and the national park. So Bogota such a large city the same as most, a huge university city. The mountains that surround Bogota are green and fertile. This time of year we experienced three to four seasons in one day like Melbourne. We needed warm ... read more
Bogota, Columbia
Bogota, Columbia

South America » Ecuador » Galápagos » Isabela Island April 22nd 2016

With a great introduction to the Galapagos on San Cristobal (and a stopover on Santa Cruz) we arrived at our second destination: Isabela. Largest of the Islands, and also the least populated (of the ones with folks on them at any rate) we approached this stop as a chance to chill out in between sightseeing adventures...decided on spending a bit more as well to be on the beach on a recommendation, and couldn't have worked out better... Arrived late afternoon to Puerto Villamil, and after a short taxi ride into town we settled into our digs for the next few days, Casa Los Delfines...great place, the woman who runs it is really sweet, we had access to a large balcony on the third floor overlooking the beach/ocean and the included breakfasts were delicious... Once settled we ... read more
Volcan Sierra Negra
How You Doin'?

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