Galapagos and Beyond: day 11 - Shabbat onboard

Published: June 28th 2018
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The yacht stopped for sightseeing at two spots on Santiago Island during the day - Egas Port on the west coast and Sullivan Bay in the southeast. Caroline and Max again saw black sandy beaches, uneven areas of volcanic rock, and various wildlife on land and in the water.

We stayed on board the yacht to rest through the sabbath day until sundown. We relaxed and read, and chatted to any other passengers who were around. In truth we did not feel we were missing much Galapagos viewing. We had come to feel that while the islands certainly hosted some unique evolutionary creatures and plants, there was in fact little bio-diversity here. The extreme saltiness of the environment caused nature to breed species which could survive here but not very many different ones. After visiting a few islands we felt that we had experienced most of what the Galapagos had to offer. Of course intrepid explorers might differ and climb through more of the landscape, but it sufficed for us. So instead we enjoyed our weekly shabbat rest.

That night the boat held a farewell party and a talk on how to tip the yacht crew and the ranger guides.

Before bed we reviewed our collection of photographs and videos. Most were posted within their daily blog. Here are three remaining videos, all of which were recorded on the morning of Day 9 during our Zodiac ride by Vicente Roca Point off the Isabela Island coast.

VIDEO 1 : Sea Lions fishing - the source for the still picture above

VIDEO 2 : a brief view of a Sea Turtle swimming past our Zodiac - short so if you blink you miss it

VIDEO 3 : Galapagos Marine Iguana swimming - focus on the rock at the edge of the water in the center of the screen where the iguana swims from rock to rock



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