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South America » Chile » Tarapacá » Iquique December 15th 2009

I'd been recommended to go to an agency called "space xx.." whilst in san pedro; the minibus came at 9pm, with 30 of us waiting, and drove at breakneck speed into the salar, about 15 minutes away. We were greeted by a frenchman under a very dull red light, and shown inside. I say shown, but it was even darker in there, with just a candle to illuminate our seats, arranged in a double ring under a wicker roof, with a 2m wide hole in it. The french fella then proceeded to charm everyone in the room for about half an hour. When we stepped outside he said it was possible to see 3000 stars and I could quite easily believe him! I don't remember ever seeing so many stars. He showed us 4 galaxies and ... read more
the ruins
biig volcano
the pacific coast

South America » Chile » Tarapacá » Iquique November 22nd 2009

Saluti........... Sunday morning and am in San Pedro de Atacama.......where else on a Sunday morning late in November!!!!! This place is incredible............firstly its 9.50am and temp in 90s.....but its a very dry heat.....I asked when the last time it rained and the hotel owner said four years ago!!!!!!!!! Back to yesterday .....I set off with the hire car to visit the ghost towns of Iquique early in the morning.....these are former saltpetre towns which made the economy prosper from the 20s till the 60's when they were abandoned because they were uneconomic as atrificial fertilizers took over. It took longer than I thought because I had to go across unmade roads in the middle of the desert, and at one time thought I had missed the towns and was lost.....but my trusty compasss came to the ... read more

South America » Chile » Tarapacá » Iquique November 20th 2009

Well well well what a day!!!! All started well at 5.30am when i got ready to leave Arequipa....Enrico drove me to the bus station to take my Cruz del Sur bus to Tacna.... The departure lounge was like a swish airline lounge.....apparently I was on the best bus line in Peru. Of we went and soon we were in this incredible desert landscape....the northern Atacama ( see images ) absolutely amazing. There were also two movies during the trip both excellent although in spanish....the first was with Morgan freeman and Jack Nicholson about life before death.....and the second was a terrorist thriller called Eagle Eye. The bus was scheduled to arrive in Tacna Peru at 12.30 but half way into the trip we were stopped had to all dissembark whilst all siutcases were searched..what a total ... read more
road from arequipa
road from Arequipa to Tacna

South America » Chile » Tarapacá » Iquique July 7th 2009

After San Pedro de Atacama we decided to break our journey to La Paz with a stop in Iquique. Turns out to have been a good choice. It was nice to be back down at sea level and to be able to have some warmer weather. The beach at Iquique is really nice with huge waves rolling in from the Pacific, the weather was perfect and there was a good choice of cafes and restaurants, it was great to have some fish after all the chicken and meat we´ve been eating lately. The highlight though was about 45km out of town. In the 1930s and 1940s there was a nitrate - I think that´s what it was, boom in this area. A processing factory - Santa Laura, and town - Humberstone were built to meet the ... read more
Fancy A Dip ?
Big Wheel
The Factory

South America » Chile » Tarapacá » Iquique June 8th 2009

Endlich Meer! Auch wenn hier eigentlich Winter ist, hatten wir uns vorgenommen, hier auf jeden Fall ein paar Tage Sommerurlaub zu verbringen und uns von dem ganzen Wandern und den Sehenswuerdigkeiten auszuruhen. Und tatsechlich war es tagsueber eigentlich warm genug, um an den Strand zu gehen. Auch, wenn die Temperatur vom Pazifik schon Ueberwindung gekostet hat. Das HI-Hostal, das wir uns ausgesucht hatten, war auch noch in einer Toplage: circa 2 MInuten vom Strand entfernt. Dazu wieder Fruehstueck inklusive, Fernsehraum, spitzen Gemeinschaftskueche, Billardtisch, Kicker, Tischtennis und Dachterasse mit Meerblick. Also perfekt, um sich zu entspannen. Deswegen haben wir uns dann auch entschieden, hier laenger zu bleiben, anstatt wie geplant die meiste Zeit noch in San Pedro de Atacama zu verbringen. Wueste und Berge hatten wir einfach schon genug und es war einfach zu gut, den ganzen ... read more
Oh Yeaaah!
Surfer-Tim am Surfen

South America » Chile » Tarapacá » Iquique May 22nd 2009

Days 1 to 9 - Santiago, Valparaiso, Vina Del Mar, La Serena, Pisco Elqui/Vicuna, Iquique Executive Summary (for VP's/Senior Managers and above) Status: Alive Current location: Iquique, Chile Notable incidents: Interesting re-immersion into backpacking life on first day in Santiago; best street name in the world (so far); foiled pickpocket attempt; breakdancing in the streets of Valparaiso, paying for two hostels in one night in different towns. Facial hair status: 3mm and itchy Detailed report (for all others) Santiago So, last time you heard from me, I’d just arrived at my hostel in Santiago and it was 8am. Well, to say that Hostel Don Santiago has an inconspicuous front would be an understatement - the only reason I figured I was in the right place was because I knew the address of the place (9... read more
Hostel Don Santiago - my first stop
The failed trip to the hot springs just outside Santiago
The Mapuche River - picturesque or what!!

South America » Chile » Tarapacá » Iquique May 8th 2009

Ben and Karli a very nice Aussie couple shared the taxi ride with me to the bus station from the Surfhouse hostel then, when we are paying for the bus to Iquique the lady asked for our passports and ben realized they left theirs at the safe in the hostel so he have to run and get it , he only have 30 minutes to spare. i was confused when I asked about the time schedule of buses I thought the lady in the counter said the next bus was 2:30pm then saw posted 12:30pm turns out i did not understand her thoroughly, I thought she said dos y media but actually dose y media with silent "e". but it all got sorted out in the end. Have to pay a tax to get on the ... read more

South America » Chile » Tarapacá » Iquique April 17th 2009

Iquique hadn't featured on my original plan and I'd rather ended up here by accident. Or you might call it a lack of planning ;0) Basically I hadn't booked the bus from San Pedro to Salta in Argentina in time (even though I knew it only went 3 times a week, derrr), didn't want to wait a few days for the next one and decided a loop around Bolivia instead sounded like a much better idea. Look at a map of the region or try the buses in Bolivia and you might challenge the wisdom of that one! In the end it turned out to be a great decision..... except of course it wasn't quite so straight forward. The easiest way into Bolivia is a 3day Salar de Uyuni tour from San Pedro itself. But it ... read more
Vicunas grazing by the lake shore, Lauca NP
The road to Bolivia
Sunset on the road

South America » Chile » Tarapacá » Iquique April 12th 2009

We went here with Collie and Darlene and ended up staying for 9days! Stayed in Backpackers Hostel which was overlooking the beach!! Surfers beach aswell, waves were massive!!! I got battered a couple times by the waves when i got stuck under a wave and it ended up smashing me against the sand and i got a bruised chin nd jaw!! Was afraid after that!! We were there for Darlenes bday and the place was full of surfers so the party was class!! Met a lovely couple called Dave and Linda!! Linda ended up making us a roast dinner and it was delicious!!! Plenty of drinking had at this spot!! Mostly ate in for ourselves.... We wrecked the place on the last night!! Owner wasnt happy!!... read more

South America » Chile » Tarapacá » Iquique April 12th 2009

After G reminded me that I was on the road to self destruction, I decided I was safer at sea level, by the beach. On the bus to Iquique, Chile, I sat next to a peruvian who was obsessed with all things Japanese. He was very goodlooking, which made trying to understand him easier. I took the overnight bus from Arequipa to Tucna (Peru), and then a collectivo (taxi) to Arica (Chile). Without warning, as soon as we crossed the border into Chile, the scenary changed. It was strictly desert. And by desert I mean I didn't see so much as a shrub or tree for 3 hours. I have never seen anything like it. Iquique is cute. It is basically the desert that drops into the ocean. There are loads of palm trees and hibiscus. ... read more
P1000797 - Iquique

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