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South America » Chile » Tarapacá » Iquique January 30th 2014

Geo: -20.2208, -70.1485The earthquake hit with full force just weeks after I left...Anyway, now I am still here...Iquique is a nice city with a beautiful beach and the usual cold ocean current at any time of the year... Anyway, I was hanging around the beach for a couple of days before hitting the road towards...Arica and onwards to Peru and the Amazon...Nope...This will be done on my next trip...the Highway Transoceanico...This time I backtracked towards San Pedro de Atacama in order to pass over the Mountains into Argentina...... read more
@Iquique beach
@Iquique beach
The tiny one in the shoppingcart...

South America » Chile » Tarapacá » Iquique May 23rd 2013

Hasta Luego Latinoamérica We say "Adios" to Latin America as the Six Monthers prepare for the next phase of our travels.... read more

South America » Chile » Tarapacá » Iquique April 14th 2013

Aujourd’hui, après une nuit bien réparatrice, nous partons pour Humberstone, une ville minière, de production de nitrate de sodium et de salpêtre de la fin du XIXème siècle, désertée depuis les années 60 suite à sa fermeture, maintenant classée par l’UNESCO. Rien à voir avec le cote ‘Disney western aseptisé’ que peut avoir la ville fantôme que j’avais visitée en Californie vers Yosemite. Humberstone a accueilli jusqu'à 5000 personnes à son apogée, avec sur le même site la zone industrielle, les habitations (bien séparées : pour couples mariés, pour célibataires etc) et les bâtiments publics (hôpital, école, piscine). Il fait chaud, très chaud, mais nous arrivons a rester plus de 4h sur place, à déambuler et fouiner à l’intérieur des bâtisses désaffectées, avec quelques parties musée et objets d’époque très intéressants. Il n’y ... read more

South America » Chile » Tarapacá » Iquique April 13th 2013

Voyage de nuit pour arriver à Iquique à 5h du mat et on a eu de la chance, des lits sont libres dans l’auberge donc nous allons rajouter quelques heures de sommeil aux courtes nuits précédentes. Et comme j’avais en tête de faire du parapente ici, je m’inscris pour un saut à 13h, pas le temps de chômer, juste une petite balade au bord de l’océan déchainé et des apprentis surfeurs le matin. A l’heure dite, le minibus vient me chercher et j’ai droit à un briefing hyper complet sur la sécurité, le mal de l’air etc. Euh, il ne me semble pas que j’avais eu tout ca avant de sauter au dessus du lac d’Annecy, je commence à me dire que ça va être plus dur. Harnachée avec la combi, je n’ai même pas le ... read more

South America » Chile » Tarapacá » Iquique December 12th 2012

Another 8 hour bus ride through endless mountains of nothing but dirt (not even a single cactus!) landed me in Iquique at the biggest hostel that I'd stayed at to date. Backpackers Hostel Iquique was made up of two massive three story houses that were joined together and boasting an assortment of balconies overlooking the beach which was just over the road. After a night out with James and our new friend Ninny we decided that we'd walk back to the hostel along the beach. When we came across a lifesaver hut I decided that it looked very OC and that it needed climbing. James and I left Ninny on the sand to have a sleep while we went exploring. While we were up there this couple came wondering over and we were keeping an eye ... read more
la playa
$1.20 for amazing cake!

South America » Chile » Tarapacá » Iquique August 20th 2012

Day 307 Monday 13th August Up at 8 and after our breakfast we once again were packing our bags for a day of travelling. Checked out without a problem and got the hotel to ring for a taxi for us. At the bus terminal we had a choice of companies that would take us to Iquique and settled on one that looked okay and would leave at 11.30, which gave us a 90 minute wait. The last couple of bus terminals in Peru, Arica and this terminal we have had to pay a departure tax, and the irony of this, is that these terminals have been the most putrid. We are travelling with Norte Cruz today and to our complete surprise we were served lunch shortly after leaving which considering that we only paid 6000 Pesos ... read more
El Gigante de Atacama

South America » Chile » Tarapacá » Iquique April 26th 2012

Iquqiue is really Ique Ique. I learnt this fact whilst wandering about the regional museum today. It is the local indiginous word meaning peace and tranquility. I can see what they mean. With constant sunshine, great beach around the corner, the ocean sweeping in, surfing, paragliding it will be difficult to leave, but leave I must. I have visited so far 11 of the 12 regions of Chile, and have one to go before crossing the border with Peru. In the museum I also saw a small shark with two heads in a bottle of formaldehyde and pictures of folks who lived in the town during its heyday of nitrate mining. There was no door musuem, which was a blessing but in some of the photos of the folks, doors were clearly visible. But it turned ... read more
looks like drugs from class A-C
Piss-balls. the new cocktail
in one

South America » Chile » Tarapacá » Iquique April 24th 2012

So, as this is the best place to launch yourself off a mountain and land in a beach best give it a go. Mind you can think of one or two people who I used to work with, and I use the term work very loosely here, who I would gladly push of a mountain, and rather than a safe landing on a beach, a #ing hard landing on the head, the shute still in my hand as I watch them plummet. I won't mention any names but they know who they are. My companeros for this lunacy are Rich and Stacey, a brother/sister combo from Calgrey. Rich is a 24yr old lumberjack, and actually he´s OK. Sleeps all night and he works ... read more
down below
Rich the lumberjack, Stacey and Me.
ready, lets go!

South America » Chile » Tarapacá » Iquique April 21st 2012

Question: how do you get from 2800 meters above sea level to sea level in a large bus? Answer: very very slowly The journey to Iquique was a negotiation of the Andes and its valleys. Long a steep 'S' and 'U' bends. Outside the bus window nothing but dust and a railway track following the line of the road. Away in the distance mines producing valuable nitrates, bought down to the railway sidings and transported to the coastal port town of Tocopilla. Once at Santa Lucia the bus follows the coast. The sun actually sets this time making a fantastic journey along the coast. This time I am sat on the correct side of the bus. The colours of the sky as the sun disappears meant I just stared out of the window watching it turn ... read more
little and large
land of quakes and Tsunmai

South America » Chile » Tarapacá » Iquique April 15th 2012

Not a shred of green graces the highway out of Calama all the way to the Pacific Ocean as we head towards Iquique, the capital of Region I Tarapacá. The city sprawls along the coast, hemmed in by enormous sand dunes and desolate brown hills which tower over its white sandy beaches. After the dustiness of Calama and the high-altitude tranquility of San Pedro, it feels rather odd to arrive in Iquique, with its refined beach-resort feel and its opulent late-19th century architecture. What funded the city's handsome houses and public buildings came out of the ground - but it wasn't copper. Iquique owed its wealth to something more prosaic: nitrate fertiliser. More on that in the next entry. We take advantage of Alex's birthday and some gorgeous weather to indulge in Iquique's most exciting pastimes: ... read more
Paragliding in Iquique
Pre-jump posing!
Paragliding in Iquique

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