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April 19th 2007
Published: August 8th 2007
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Santiago was first seen by European eyes in 1540. Northern terminus of the great Valle Central, Santiago is at once cultural, political and financial heart of Chile. Over 6 million people call Santiago their home, and even a brief visit to the city you can see why. Great weather, amazing views, restaurants, parks and museums. All the things a great city has can be found here, but with the backdrop of perfect Mediterranean weather and towering mountains. The roaring Mapocho River that runs through town is like the heart of Santiago itself, constantly in a rush to meet the future.

I had 4 days here after the 9 days in Torres del Paine and Puerto Natales. A time to relax, drive to the beach and visit the Termas Colinas hot spring in the Andes. Because my wallet was stolen in Torres del Paine with my credit cards and drivers license, I wasn't able to rent a car. Fortunately the most important things I could still do, see my friends!

My visit found me all over, but as usual I was camera shy in a city. Is it the people that make me nervous? the Traffic? For me the most
Santiago, ChileSantiago, ChileSantiago, Chile

Its very pleasant in Fall!
interesting things to see in a city are still waiting to be captured. I spent most of my time in Providencia with friends. I went to the Chilean Museum of Pre-Columbian Art and The Zoo. I saw Pablo Neruda's house in Bellavista and had a nice night out in Viticura. I took countless taxis and metro rides, caught between wanting to stay forever and go home to my life.

I happened on the roaring Mapocho river one night walking home and realized- this water is a constant reminder from the mountains and glaciers that they are never too far away. Here it was in the equivalent of a North American October, with dry and warm temps in the 70's and sunshine all day long on implausiblely steep mountains. One hour west, you are at the Mediterranean Pacific Beach towns of Vina del Mar and Valparaiso- One hour east and you can be at 9,000 foot ski resorts at the foot of 17,000 foot mountians.... *sigh...

Article about uncontrolled development in Santiago:

Indispensible Chilean tourism resource:

Cerro Plomo:

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Santiago Airport, SunriseSantiago Airport, Sunrise
Santiago Airport, Sunrise

The big peak in the distance? Cerro Plomo!
Las Condes, Viticura; Cerro PlomoLas Condes, Viticura; Cerro Plomo
Las Condes, Viticura; Cerro Plomo

In the 1950's an Inca Mummy was found near the summit of Cerro Plomo, 5424 meters. Las Condes and Viticura are Santiago's richest neighborhoods, shining gems of development and inequality.
The Santiago Front RangeThe Santiago Front Range
The Santiago Front Range

Highest Peak: Cerro San Ramon (3245m)
The Santiago Front RangeThe Santiago Front Range
The Santiago Front Range

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The Santiago mountain viewThe Santiago mountain view
The Santiago mountain view

Cerro Alter left, Cerro Plomo right

26th April 2007

sweet photos!
I can't wait to visit Chile - hopefully next year I can finally realize that dream!!!! :)
26th April 2007

Classic city. I like it and wish to go there one time in my life.
26th April 2007

I loved your pictures!!!!!
26th April 2007

You made it!!!
Hey Stephen, you made it to Chile!!! GOOD ON YOU MATE!!!!!
27th April 2007

Yes finally! 2 years seems like forever, it was good to be back. It only strengthened my obsession! A test I suppose. Spanish, B+. Obsession with Chile, A+
27th April 2007

mil gracias
Thanks a million Paula!
27th April 2007

Like the fun for everyone pic! Glad it all improved, nothing like a bit of civilisation, good company and a few drinks to make you feel better!
30th April 2007

thank you
It was so good of you to share your excitement about Chile with us. 23 years ago my family hosted a wonderful student from Chile and I have wanted to go there ever since. Finally, next November I will visit. Can't wait. Carolyn
30th April 2007

He estado tantas veces en esos lugares,... pero mis fotos jamàs seràn tan grandiosas como las tuyas...super, te felicito!
14th August 2007

nice words
"caught between wanting to stay forever and go home to my life". i know what thats like!!!
25th August 2008

Pleasant memories
I spent three childhood years in Santiago and got to know quite a bit about the city (for a 4-6 year old, that is). My two brothers were born there and my father helped hundreds of people fleeing the 1973 coup. I hope to get back for a visit someday--your pictures are a beautiful reminder of that great city and its people.
8th October 2010
Santiago, Chile

Photo permission
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21st December 2010
Las Condes, Viticura; Cerro Plomo

the right name is VITACURA....not viticura.....

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