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South America » Chile » Antofagasta Region » Antofagasta March 10th 2014

Are we in Harley Heaven or what? Over the years I have made many dumb decisions and also a few bright ones, but the decision to ship our Harley over to Chile was one of the brightest, these motorcycles are just made for the long wide winding highways that run the length of Chile. Leaving Tongoy after three days was hard, but we needed to ride, so we said our farewells to Marcella and Jamie and headed North to Copiapo. The usual challenge of the truck traffic, north of La Serena, was not there, and then I realised it was Saturday. It was a good run our lunch stop and a refuel at Vallenar. After lunch we were able to travel relatively trouble free with virtually no on coming traffic until we reached a long hill, ... read more
Tongoy for lunch
Liquer Shop in Tongoy
A Bloody huge oyster

South America » Chile » Antofagasta Region » Antofagasta March 10th 2014

7 March 2014 – Friday – Iquique to Antofagasta, Chile On the smooth, long bus ride from Iquique to Antofagasta I finished reading Isable Allende’s Of Love and Shadows, a novel set during the Pinochet years in Chile. It is a bit melodramatic and the writing about sex is embarrassingly over-the-top, but the storyline holds together well and the characters are interesting even if they are sometimes mouthpieces for political points of view. The historical and fictional elements blend well. Very enjoyable and Highly Recommended. The 300 kilometre coach journey consisted nearly entirely of dusty brown desert mountains to the left and the sparking blue Pacific Ocean to the right. There were small mining villages about every 60 kilometres or so that consisted of a few dozen temporary shack dwellings and a dirt road into the ... read more
Antofagasta I 035
Antofagasta I 037
Antofagasta I 042

South America » Chile » Antofagasta Region » Antofagasta January 16th 2014

Geo: -23.6413, -70.3994or did I catch up with it?...Hmmh...not sure who got their first...The only thing I know is that right about 100km before Antofagasta I met a group of Germans with German registered cross bikes (huh...that must have been expensive to bring those all the way from Germany to Chile and back...why not just spend that money and buy a brand new one?)... Those Germans told me that they are here only for the purpose of following the Rally Dakar from stop to stop...Cool idea, why not...As I was driving into Antofagasta I was welcomed by big ads on the roadside...Rallye Dakar Chile 2014...Holy crap...The major stop of the Rally was in Antofagasta just one day after my arrival...Interesting indeed to watch it in reality... As I arrived in Antofagasta, Met up with the Germans ... read more
On my first evening in Antofagasta
Yes...I did miss that..hopala
The corner where my hostel was located

South America » Chile » Antofagasta Region » Antofagasta April 14th 2012

The bus descends down from the hills and drop into Antofagasto which on first impressions is Spanish for 'Ghastly unholy mess' . Oh my giddy aunt. How can i best described it? Even the word Ghastly is in the name somewhere. Imagine waking up one morning following a really good night out. Maybe a really decent curry washed down with Indian beer, or fine dining washed down with an equally impressive wine. You sit on the toilet and you know you are about to evacuate something pretty spectacular.(come on, we have all done it) You then stare into the pan and gaze at your achievements. A battleship royal of a turd lies in the pan Huge and magnificent, one that fills you with pride knowing you have produced a fine healthy specimen. If you had a ... read more

South America » Chile » Antofagasta Region » Antofagasta April 13th 2012

Am sat in the bus to Antofagasta, six hours north following the Pan American highway along the coast all the way there.My intention is to stay the weekend, say hi to Janet, who I met in Santiago, have a look round and then head to San Pedro de Atacama Monday. Trouble is I booked the window seat on the opposite side of the bus so instead of the view being the mighty south pacific rolling into the desert shore, my view is a whole heap of nothing. Just desert, and lots of it, interspersed with the odd cardboard built house and other similarity impressive constructions. Time to catch up on my book. Leaving the village we drive past the stinking osiones factory in the dusty portside industrial estate. Memories of my nutty collectivo driver flood back. ... read more

South America » Chile » Antofagasta Region » Antofagasta April 11th 2012

Did you ever have one of those days when you wake up with a spring in your step and that the day ahead was going to be something special? Well today is that day. Well almost. My credit cards are en route from Santiago to me and there is still a nagging within me that Chile Express will let me down. I pen this entry sat on a white beach where the desert meets the sea in a tiny coastal village called Balia Inglesa. Hot sun and little cloud. The South Pacific waves gently lapping the shore. There is hardly a sole about. Some cafes lining the shore are open but for the most part the village is shut for the autumn/winter break. A village of 200 inhabitants during the off season and 6000 during the ... read more
Our nutty driver
Loreto beach
Aki and I

South America » Chile » Antofagasta Region » Antofagasta March 22nd 2012

The overnight bus was basically awful. The first driver would floor it and slam on the breaks and threw us around turns constantly. We did not sleep much. Upon arriving in Antofagasta, and after much discussion of pros/cons/budget, we decided San Pedro de Atacama would be our next destination. We had heard so many good things about the place from other travelers and seeing as it is Chiles number 1 tourist attraction, we could not just pass it up. So, a few hour break at the Antofagasta bus station and we were off to San Pedro. About 4 hours from Antofagasta we went through the town of Calama. It is a big mining town. They have tons of quartz and copper. And my guess is, with copper being as expensive as it is, there is a ... read more
Barren landscape
Snow capped volcanos

South America » Chile » Antofagasta Region » Antofagasta February 17th 2012

Hola amigos y amigas! Please take a look at my new photos and 3 videos...sorry for sounding like a total valley girl in the video from my friend's balcony...I had a lil vino blanco before at lunch :) MANY more to come as I am reading over what I wrote and realize that I left so much out! Just don't want to overwhelm all at first! xoxo We have officially made it through our first week in Anto. It has been really amazing so far. Getting here was definitely quite a chore as we had 4 flights on 4 different airlines--AND we were routed through Toronto, which is kinda crazy considering we left out of Kansas City! But was a cheaper site so it was worth the lengthy trip to save a bit of cash. ... read more
1st Anto 056
1st Anto 050

South America » Chile » Antofagasta Region » Antofagasta November 1st 2011

Lazy morning as there wasn’t much to do in La Serena. I walked to a lookout point in Parque Santa Lucia in the north part of town. La Serena isn’t much to look at but there is an army regimen there with an old tank and some canons on display. An army guy said something to me but I had no clue what he said. Thankfully smiling is a universal language and he smiled back. We boarded the Tucan overland bus shortly after 2 pm. It’s a massive vehicle and actually quite a luxurious ride. As we drove out of town everyone was looking at us. By 8 pm we got to the town of Caldera looking to get something to eat. It was hard to maneuver the vehicle around town and we ended up at ... read more
Parque Santa Lucia
Parque Santa Lucia
Parque Santa Lucia

Finally found an internet stop after drying through some of the most barren land I´ve ever seen! We left Santiago on Saturday and have been travelling North through Chile. We initially headed through a tiny little fishing village (which happily had an artisan chocolate maker with a stall!) and ended up in the Elqui valley. We went to the observatory which was absolutely incredible. Apparently it´s the best place in the world for looking at the stars because of the low humidity, low rainfall and lack of cloud. For this reason the Europeans and Americans are funding a range of large telescopes - currently the largest is the VLT (very large telescope ingeniously enough!). Anyway, the one that we went to was for tourists so was a mere 45cm telescope. We got to see some pretty ... read more

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