Bolivia: Copacabana

Published: September 20th 2016
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25/03 to 26/03 - Copacabana:

As the main road from La Paz to Copa was blocked (farmers, military, etc... who knows), we had to go through the border town Desaguero, then through Peru for 1 hour and out at Yuynguyo for re-entering Bolivia at Kasani where we found no taxi due to the strike and had to take a slow boat to cross the Lake Titicaca to finally arrive at Copacabana where we wanted to take a boat to the famous Isla del Sol. This never happened as the strike did continue for few days. We only hike the Cerro Calvario and admire the view and the sunset from the top.(3966m)

Copacabana is a famous religious city specially during the Semana Santa (Easter week). Locals and people from La Paz come for a pelgrinage during this week.

To get out of the city, we had to walk a good 8 km with the bagpack separating Copa to Kasani where we took a ride for Puno and then waited for our night bus for Cuzco.

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