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November 1st 2009
Published: November 19th 2009
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Hi it is Nitzan
I am going to write a blog about a really fun thing we did after the pampas.

We went to an amish family and stayed there for 3 days.
They live 45 min. away from the closest town called Ixiamas, but they dont have taxis there, they only have taxis are motocicles that drive there. So we did not have another choice so that what we did.

They have 4 kids ,one boy that is 11 years old called Nelson, one girl 18 years old called Judith and one baby that is 1 year old called Daniel but they all call him Baby, and one girl that is married (Delila) and has a kid that is 8 years old. The mother Sarah and the dad Joe.

An amish family is a family that use no electricity and not modernal stuff.Most of there food is home made like the butter, the cheese, the jams, the bred, the cakes, the milk, the chiken, the pork almost every thing!!! only the medicines and few things they buy.

They dont have a computer, they dont have a car, they dont have an ipod, they dont have a cellphone, and it is not because they dont have money it is because that is the way they like to live.

They have a farm so the cows they milk by hands! It is pretty hard we tried but it is fun. Their pool is the river we bathed in it and it was a bit cold but it was still fun. one day my dad , my mom, and I went to the river to find some nice butterflys and we did take pictures of them.

They also have a garden where they grow fruits and vegetables. One day we went with them to pick some stuff, so we picked cucumbers, melons,watermelons, peas, and corn.

It was really fun staying at their house and eating with them their cakes and deliciuos food .

Photos from this exprience are in the same gallery as the photos from the Pampas at Amish visit photos
Miss you all Nitzan

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18th February 2010

Hi, We are Ilan's parents (you know, Ilan who is also travelling in South America with his family). I happened to look at your Bolivia pictures, and was stunned to see that you stayed with an Amish family for 3 days. It was a surprise for us to learn that there are Amish in Bolivia. This summer we are going to stay with (or rather, in a small town nearby) the Amish in Pennsylvania for 3 months. Benni, who is a political scientist, wrote an article about them, and wants to continue doing research. I am filled with awe at the guts needed to travel with three children for so many months! And, by the way, the sunset pictures are gorgeous. Enjoy the rest of your trip, Belina
19th February 2010

Reply to Belina
Dear Belina Thanks for your interesting and fresh comment. It was truly a very special experience. We would like to add, with regards to your comment, that there is a vast community of Amish OUTSIDE the US - In Belize, Paraguay and Bolivia. He may find different viewpoints and aspects of life within these families, who fled from the US for various reasons, all would be interesting for his study, if we may say. If your husband is interested in more details and/or information, we can share over our e-mail: Thanks again, Sapir Family

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