Lake Titikaka

South America
October 19th 2009
Published: November 9th 2009
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Hi it is Nitzan,

My brother Omer told you about Cañon Colca (Colca canyon) and I am going to tell you about Titikaka Lake.

We arrived to Puno the city that is right beside Titikaka Lake. The next morning we took a tour to 2 days in Titikaka Lake with a boat. The Peruvian part makes 65%!o(MISSING)f the lake, and 35%!i(MISSING)s the Bolivian part.

The first day we sailed to islands that are called Los Uros. They are the only 'floating islands´ in the world. they are called floating islands because they are made of plants and grass. The grass is growing by himsef in the water without touching the ground. Every month they have to cut the grass so it dosen´t grow to tall. Their houses are made of the grass as well. For the kids they have school there, the food is the fish in the lake and some they buy in Puno. They have boats from the grass and we even sailed in one. The people that live there showed us there houses from inside.

After visiting the floating islands we sailed to another island called Amantani. Each small group or couple from the tour got picked from a family that lives there and went to their houses. Then the family that hosted us gave us a room and then we ate lunch. At 4:00 p.m. all the group met and we walked to see the sunset, but it was raining!!!!!
So we went back to the house and ate dinner. There was suposed to be a party but nobody went because it was raining.

The next morning we went to another island called Taquile island. There we saw people with funny hats,the men wore them if the man wore a hat that is all red it means that he is married and if it is partly red and partly white it means he is not married. Then we ate lunch in the island. Then we sailed back to Puno. It was a nice sail trip.

That was our last city in peru, after one and a half months!!!!!!!!!!
And then we started off our trip to Bolivia!!!!!

I think that the next blog is going to be my mom´s and it is going to be the first city in Bolivia!

Miss you all Nitzan!

Los Uros gallery


10th November 2009

Los Uros
I especially liked these pictures! Pam
14th November 2009

Great fun!
Hi, It continues to be a great adventure. I personally envy you guys. You set the way and I hope we will follow in a few years. Kisses, Hugs and licks from Almo... Amir
14th November 2009

Shalev family
How are you? write us an e-mail with an update about you and how life in Barcelona continues. Its been VERY LONG since we heard from you, and we would like to also gt updates, so it will not be one sided.
26th July 2010

Great meeting such a nice family!!!
We met in the boat tour of Lake Titicaca, then we stayed in the same house in Amantani Island. It was a real pleasure to meet such a nice family. I am so glad we could meet again here in Sao Paulo before they went back to Israel!!!! I hope we can meet again next year when I go to Israel (april 2011). I am happy that the whole trip went well. Good luck in the new life back in Israel!!! A big hug!!! I will miss you all!!!

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