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South America » Argentina » Santa Fe » Rosario November 9th 2018

After nearly 2 weeks here I’m down to my last night and trying not to get too excited about going back to Buenos Aires tomorrow and having mates to go out with. It has been OK here, and Tiendas Naturales has been a lovely haven for cocktails and dinner, but it is nothing special. There is a fiesta tonight down at the flag memorial, organised by all the expat groups, but I don’t fancy walking back on my own with my phone/money. It would probably be fine but I just don’t have the energy. The last few days I’ve worked in a different venue every day, which has been great as I’ve seen a lot of different areas of the city. And learnt how to pronounce them. Calle isn’t cayé as in Spain, more like cadgé. ... read more

South America » Argentina » Santa Fe » Rosario November 5th 2018

Yesterday was a free day so I decided to make the most of the sights. I’d been looking in the wrong area apparently. The night before I trotted out for a drink to find the bar round the corner in Paraguay advertising Happy Hour was closed, and at 7pm on a Saturday evening. So I went along Cordoba, one of the main streets. My Argentinian colleagues had been persuading me to give it a go. It’s pedestrianised and has a lot of shops with a few shopping arcades too, none of which looked very appealing. There were people selling stuff on blankets on the ground, cheap stuffed unicorns, socks, sunglasses etc. There was a queue (I love a queue and have successfully joined them in the past without knowing what was going to be at the ... read more

South America » Argentina » Santa Fe » Rosario November 5th 2018

When the sun finally came out it was hot as, so I set off along Cordoba for the Flag Memorial. The shops looked much more appealing in the sunshine. There was a queue again at the McDonalds dessert window. Their ice cream must be super cheap! When I got to the FM the big flag was flying today and I have to say, it was a wondrous sight against the blue sky. I felt quite patriotic myself! But no chance of going up the big tower in the lift, all closed up for renovations. So I went over the delightful blue and white zebra crossing to the boat ticket office. It looked very much like it had done last week. Closed. No sign of the boat either. The sign read only Saturday, Sunday and fiestas. I’m ... read more

South America » Argentina » Santa Fe » Rosario November 2nd 2018

Finally I decided I really had to make the most of it here and not binge-watch Ru Paul’s Drag Race on Netflix, entertaining though it is. It seemed that the most exciting attraction was the flag monument. The flag is apparently really important here and every town makes a big thing of it. So I walked down Santa Fe from the hotel all the way to the river. I found the monument, a huge concrete thing but minus a flag. It was like stumbling into a fancy dress party and finding that everyone else was in jeans and T-shirts. It was the hugest anticlimax, although, to be fair, I wasn’t expecting too much. There were a lot of people hanging around and having their photo taken and I nearly fell flat on my face in front ... read more

South America » Argentina » Santa Fe » Rosario October 30th 2018

Yesterday was a travel day. I wasn’t particularly looking forward to it but it looked fairly easy. At least I’d managed to book my bus ticket online, after googling I used a comparison website called plataforma10 . There are a few companies doing the same route so I went for La Rosarina as the journey time was a whole 3 minutes shorter than the others. It was a double decker (as they all were) and I could choose my seat. I got the front at the top, seat 4, which was on its own. Perfect! The cost was £25 for a return 4 hour journey and buses go every 30 minutes. I ordered a Cabify, charged to the company and Pablo arrived in a tiny little car. He again didn’t speak English and gave me a ... read more

South America » Argentina » Santa Fe » Rosario October 30th 2018

When it rains here it really means it. Proper thunderstorming, set for the day, so I was very happy to be picked up. Breakfast was very good, except for the sadness of the bread, which wasn’t at all fresh. I made a sandwich to take away on principle, which may do for dinner, as in Argentina they give you lunch at work every day. After googling mate, the national tea they are all mad about and deciding to ignore the warnings of its carcinogenic properties (after prolonged use) I gave it a go. It’s not terrible. A slightly herbal smokey taste, but I guess when you get it in the special cups and made of real herbs it’s different. Maybe I’ll try that too. A taxi picked me up for work. The driver was encased in ... read more

South America » Argentina » Santa Fe » Rosario June 5th 2017

Suzanne here... Poor Rosario, it had a lot to live up to. Buenos Aires had been wonderful. In fact the last time we fell for a city as hard was Berlin, over ten years ago. That obsession has led to twice yearly visits ever since. As BA won't be nearly as easy to get to from the UK, who knows when we'll return? So frankly I was reluctant to leave at all. Which did not make me feel kindly towards Rosario. The bus journey was ok, but the route into the city was a little shabby, which didn't help me feel any more positive. We picked up our onward bus tickets to Cordoba before leaving the bus station, then walked the 30 minutes to Livin' Residence apartments. It was fine, but no Lemon Apartments. It was ... read more
Inside the cathedral
Plaza 25 de Mayo
Building on Plaza 25 de Mayo

South America » Argentina » Santa Fe » Rosario March 18th 2015

Wednesday 11th March 2015 to Sunday 15th March 2015 (days 20 to 24) After leaving Iguazu on Tuesday I arrived in Rosario on Wednesday morning. The bus I got this time was not as nice, it was a different company so maybe I just got lucky the last time.I found I couldn't sleep on the bus and anytime I did mange to sleep I woke up 15 minutes later with either a staff member or other passenger staring at me, so by Wednesday morning I was tired and looking forward to relaxing in my hostel. The hostel was 10 minutes walk from the bus station upstairs of a building. It was a very nice looking hostel. High ceilings with stone work visible and it is clean and not cramped and there are boxes to lock your ... read more

South America » Argentina » Santa Fe » Rosario April 12th 2014

7 April 2014 – Monday – Cordoba to Rosario, Argentina Today we journeyed by bus from Cordoba to Rosario. The trip took twelve hours. The countryside was flat, mostly agricultural, and water-logged from the heavy and persistent rain from the previous day. It rained nearly the entire journey. The bus stopped about a dozen times in the small towns en route. When we arrived at the bus terminus in Rosario we sought out the tourist office to acquire a map. There were two attendants, a female talking on a mobile phone and a male staring into space. We asked the male for a map and after a couple minutes’ search he found a few of them at the bottom of a cabinet behind him. We asked him if he could mark on the map the location ... read more
Rosario 010
Rosario 009
Rosario 005

South America » Argentina » Santa Fe » Rosario March 16th 2013

Arrived in Rosario, 12th March, following a 4 hour bus ride through flat, green and fertile agricultural land. After checking into our Hostel we went straight out for a walk down the pedestrianised central street down to the river for a walk and meal. You can not move for people jogging, cycling, skating and enjoying the public parks and walkways it gives the town a lovely atmosphere. Second day we saw the colossal monument to the designer of the argentine flag (Manuel Belgrano). He is buried beneath it, overlooking the Parana delta which Rosarinos are very proud of along with the fact that Che Guevara and Lionel Messi were both born here. Day three we found a wonderful Parrilla (steak house), which was taken over by the staff after the owners went bust and is now ... read more
Monumento del Bandero
Parana Delta
Fishing Pontoon

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