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September 16th 2008
Published: September 16th 2008
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my boys :-)
So this weekend was another wonderful time of lack of sleep and lots of fun!!!

Saturday I went and did some shopping with a couple of other girls from the states and bought some of the stuff i was wishing i had with me :-) and now i have it! Then I was supposed to meet my friend at an art show in the park, but she ended up getting sick so I went solo which was quite the, no worries, but still adventurous! There was lots of cool was kinda multi cultural so they had people from Peru and Paraguay and all sorts of different was very interesting. Let me tell you, if you like jewelry this is the place to be too. EVERYONE sells it lol there is BEAUTIFUL stuff that you can just buy off of these street vendors and probably like more than 1/2 of the people at this art thing were selling jewelry.

Saturday night I went out with my brother and all his friends again to MDM which was another night of fun stuff...I still haven't hit any salsa clubs up :-( but my sister and I are thinking we're

Mi Hermano lol We're already to the point where we are JUST like real siblings
gonna go on Sunday :-) And I have been harassing my brother to teach me some more cumbia because i don't like it but it is pretty popular here so I guess i have to learn it!

Sunday we spent the day at the autodromo (or something like that?) It's essentially sanctioned drag was pretty cool. One of my brothers friends raced. It was a pretty good time!

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ha if you can understand this picture you are more talented than me!

We ate at this resturant before going shopping...this pic is for you Wessam!!!

Fede changing the street tires to racing tires

Turko y favorite Argentine couple :-)

Maxi and me sitting by the tracks...there are these holes that you climb through and then like sit on the wall that blocks the street from the parking area

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