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September 21st 2008
Published: September 21st 2008
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we met at the monument before heading to the party!!!
Well another week gone by....I can't believe it!!!!

Classes are going well. Things are coming together nicely...it's getting to be not so tough to understand. There are still a lot of words that I don't know in my history class...and half the time I dont really know what they mean in English either! Politics and I don't really seem to get along lol.

Thursday night we had a Tango Party. It was fun. There was dinner and a short lesson...I think i've decided that tango is fun to watch and do for shows but it's not much of a social dance....I still prefer salsa :-). Which leads into my lovely rest of that evening...after the lesson we had open dancing but they were then playing all tango since it was a "tango party" and no one dancing cause no one REALLY knew how to tango and it's blah for social dancing! So I was talking to my friend's friend (who is a local) about how i love salsa and stuff so he went and talked to the DJ and they started playing SALSA!!! It was wonderful and of course even if you don't know how to salsa you can

Scott and I learning to Tango
still fake it and spin around and stuff so everyone was out there dancing and having fun and as scott so loveingly put it "it turned into a hot mess" which was very fun!

Friday was a pretty chill day Maxi and I grabbed lunch at his friend's resturant and chilled. Then I went out last night with some friends from the program to a club which was pretty fun. Some techno, which i'm not a fan of, but also some cumbia (which is growing on me) and some other good stuff. It was a good time and Ashlyn and I just lied and told people that we were from Sweeden and I don't speak english or spanish lol cause I didn't really desire to be enwrapped by some random argentine man lol.

I stopped in at the dance shoe store to look for some salsa shoes...I was pretty proud of my espanol there! I didn't buy anything because it is just WAY expensive apparently shoes are one of those things here that are MORE expensive than in the states...it works out to be about $90 for a pair of dance shoes....it's $60 in the states! SO i'm

look how concentrated!!!
going to continue looking because I would love to buy some as I miss mine greatly...but I don't have that kind of money to drop on some shoes!

Tonight i'm going out with my boys like every saturday and then tomorrow to the races again!

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ha Alex, Steph, and Scott...how's that wine???


with a little marengue


5th October 2008

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Sept. 26? It's Oct. 5th. How about an update?

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